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Welcome to Home Decor Help, where we specialize in home decor trends and home interior design ideas, as well as solutions to problems relating to architectural issues in general.

Homedecorh.com is all about home decor, decorating tips, interior design help, room design ideas, how to design and house remodeling, with new and fresh content that is updated monthly.

I would like to introduce myself to you; my name is Samar Bolis. I am a long-experienced architect in the field of home design. I created Home Décor Help to share my passion for home décor with the world at large and in particular with the home décor community.

My Story

I became interested in home decoration many years back, before I even graduated from the Department of Architecture more than 25 years ago from one of the most prestigious universities of Japan. Although architecture is a big field with many divisions, I found myself particularly interested in homes and how to make them well laid out, comfortable, functional, cozy and aesthetically appealing to the people that live in them. So, I specialized in residential architecture and did post graduate studies in interior design of all kinds of dwellings; from estates up to small huts. After all, one spends most of their life inside dwellings; and in my opinion – they really should be comfortable, aesthetically beautiful and a pleasure to live in.

My Goal

The goal of Home Decor Help is to help you find solutions to your everyday home design and decoration problems.

This blog is a result of a long experience in helping clients live in their dream homes; as well as making the most of them. It attempts to resolve some of the most common problems that they have in regards to home design and decoration.

I hope that this site will help its visitors resolve their struggles with home décor in a most efficient manner.

I look forward to hearing from you and would really love to help you with your home décor ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at admin@homedecorh.com or fill the form below.

So also, in matters relating to copyright (DMCA Disclaimer), if you think that there is a violation on any of the contents of the articles on our blog, please let us know about it and we will immediately remove the image or the article in question.

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