Beautiful Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

Plants are one of those elements that you think of last. There are many reasons for that. On the one hand, they are not always essential for design. This is what most people think. Furthermore, it is the case that many of us have a bad experience with it.

Feng-shui plant living ideas indoor plants Palms types modern minimalist

Feng-shui plant living ideas Palms types modern minimalist

Sometimes it is not possible to take good care of them.

That is why we are pushing them into a hidden corner or for the most part dispensing with them. So we do not have to think about it all the time.

What is the case with you? Do the plants (still) take a far too small role in your interior setting? Did you perhaps think that they are not of such fundamental importance to ? Or perhaps you are just about to redesign your interior and want to learn more about the integration of the beautiful indoor plants?

Beautiful room plants colorful pots creative decoration ideas

Beautiful room plants colorful pots creative decoration ideas

The advantages at a glance

Before we begin, we would like to stress once again why it is good,  to have at home. Proven, they have the following advantages:

  • They make us happier
  • They make us more productive
  • They help us to recover better

The challenge: plants in modern interior design

The modern interior design is characterized by clear and simple lines. It is simple and has few, sometimes no superfluous details. Nature is different. She is wild, lush and chaotic. In any case, however, you should not conclude that the beautiful indoor plants have nothing to look for in modern design!

Indoor plant pots nursing room decor ideas

Indoor plant pots nursing room decor ideas

On the contrary, you are part of this layer, which is mandatory for every interior design:  easy care and beautiful houseplants complement the interior design so as do accessories. In addition, you get a very expressive and effective design without having to invest a lot of money in it.

The challenge: plant design

Plants can be expressive as a work of art. The reason is that the indoor plants also bring more life into the house in addition to their decorative effect. In the modern world, where communication and witty experience are becoming increasingly important, this is a great advantage. However, he also has a shadow page. With the plants we bring small creatures into the house. Nobody feels good when they are dead … This can have negative repercussions for the atmosphere at home.

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It is important to remember that the planting signal needs its time. Moreover, statistically speaking, the reason for spoiling is almost never at the nursing person. In most cases, the seller already delivers a poor quality.

Multifunctional zones as a storage surface for the plants

Modern plant pots Indoor Garden Feng shui dining room ideas

Feng shui dining room ideas

I now turn to the main principles of integration , easy-care plants into interior design. First, they should be introduced into modern multifunctional zones. This means that the pieces of furniture and vessels into which they are integrated fit themselves ideally to the interior design.

Let’s take the succulents as an example. They are minimalistic, can be combined with white sand and stones. The whole would fit wonderfully on a modern table or on a dresser.

Furthermore, all kinds of sculptural plants with beautiful leaves are suitable for modern interior design. They stand wonderfully in glass vases or in round transparent flower beds.

Purple planters plant pots yellow wooden stand indoor garden ideas

Purple planters plant pots yellow wooden stand indoor garden ideas

In other words, the modern integration nicer and easier to care for plants is an intuitive thing. You just have to understand exactly their role in the house design: They are living and characteristic accessories in the interior design. If you accept these ideas, your planting sign will work out as if by yourself.