Exterior Palisade – Focus On The Advantages Of The Main Models Available

Want to structure the outdoor space while preserving privacy? An that perfectly complements the exterior layout, the palisade is a reliable and functional companion. Compact or imposing, contemporary or rather traditional, it is declined to infinity to meet all desires. Nothing like an outside palisade to delimit spaces intelligently and enjoy a structuring element as aesthetic as practical! Its versatility is quite impressive! Depending on the model chosen, this structure can act as an anti-noise wall, windbreaks and windbreaks. Want more details about the countless benefits of a ? Continue reading and discover a great selection of ideas for all tastes that Uhozz has prepared for you!

Outside Palisade – What is it?

The outer palisade is a structure, generally made of wood, whose main objective is to structure and delimit the . Resolutely aesthetic, a contemporary palisade can be made of any material on request in order to satisfy the desires of the customers. So, apart from the standard , a granite fence is already available, which participates in the of .

Want to set up your garden with an outdoor palisade that will suit you? Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of models both practical and decorative. Among the most sought after palisades, wood, pvc, bamboo, concrete and pallets are particularly distinguished. Obviously, the preferred model must match the environment, including available space and the existing d├ęcor.

The main advantages of an outdoor

Resolutely aesthetic, an exterior wooden fence demarcates the space by securing it, without however denaturing it. As for the wooden models, the latter are available to infinity to offer the best in terms of aesthetics and practicality. Among the many uses that an outdoor palisade has to offer, it is impossible not to mention its role as windbreaks and shelterbelts, its ability to structure volumes and to give a more orderly air to space. Moreover, the outdoor palisade is an intelligent solution to separate the garden from the neighboring one, while preserving the charm of the environment.

The wooden outer palisade is usually composed of planks vertically assembled on horizontal crosspieces. Depending on the quality and processing of the wood, the structure can display a more or less modern design, minimalist, design, rustic etc. Implantation of the blades plays an essential role in the rendering and style of the palisade. One of the great advantages of wooden models is their ability to associate with other materials such as metal, glass, pvc etc. A similar exterior palisade fits wonderfully well into contemporary outdoor spaces.


When it comes to concrete exterior fencing, it is not a massive and but quite the contrary! It is a structure composed of concrete plates that must come to our minds. These plates make it possible to easily make a customized palisade, adapted as best as possible to the constraints of the ground and to the available space. The main advantage of the concrete palisade lies in the fact that the plates have an optimal robustness which allows them to withstand shocks, resist weather, frost and heat. The concrete palisade does not require any special maintenance and it tries the buyer by its low prices.

PVC garden fence – what are its main assets

Lightweight, super aesthetic and versatile, PVC exterior fencing is the reliable companion to get your outdoor space. The PVC model proves to be an excellent solution to protect yourself from prying eyes and enjoy shelter from wind gusts. The PVC outer palisade is generally composed of assembled elements, laid horizontally or vertically. Depending on the preferred style, the model may also include stabilizing profiles, slides, mounting braces, blades, etc. Available in kit in stores, a PVC fence is very easy to install. Super aesthetic, the palisade valorizes the property by participating in the exterior decoration. It does not deform and break easily. Unaffected by UV and frost, She promises to make life easier for her possessors. Moreover, it is very easy to clean in comparison with other materials.

Aluminum fence for contemporary spaces

Offering a very high rigidity, the aluminum exterior fencing invites to the garden to define the spaces and tweak the decoration. Generally made to measure, the aluminum structure adapts perfectly to the configuration of the ground. Thanks to it, preserving the privacy outside is already achievable. Apart from its aesthetic aspect, such a fence allows to modulate the outdoor space according to personal wishes. The most contemporary models allow to choose the level of occultation to benefit from an optimal protection.

Do-it-yourself pallet fencing

A gifted handyman, you can embark on the DIY of your own outdoor palisade in . This idea is very simple to implement and requires hardly any work. To begin with, all you have to do is lay the pallets on the floor and create the demarcation. This simplistic design only works in cases where the floor is flat and the length is not significant. If these criteria are not met, consider adding sealed posts to the floor and attaching the pallets to the floor. A painting will suffice to customize the DIY structure by adapting it as well as possible to the whole.

Bamboo fence

Material of excellent strength, bamboo is increasingly used for the construction of various garden structures. By obtaining a good number of stems of uniform diameters, one can create a superb palisade as robust and resistant as decorative. Depending on the style chosen, the rods can be sealed directly into the ground or placed in a wooden frame. Depending on the height of the canes, a more or less high palisade will be obtained. To give the structure a more unusual appearance, one can put all the stems at the same height or make them vary by a few centimeters. An outdoor bamboo palisade offers many possibilities for personalization. With bamboo, one can give free rein to his imagination and choose the color of the stems, their diameter and their height.

Anti-noise fencing

Acoustic insulation remains very important, both indoors and outdoors. It makes it possible to improve the comfort of the whole family and to isolate itself from the noise discomfort of its environment (street, passage areas etc.). The good news is that an anti-noise palisade is delivered in prefabricated parts which greatly facilitates the installation work. Tested and verified in the laboratory, contemporary models guarantee the reduction of noise by more than 50% less.

Corten steel as a garden fence

Ultra modern and completely timeless, Corten steel finds its place in contemporary outdoor decoration. The charming patinated metal brings a particular charm and confers on the garden a resolutely original and noble attraction. A modern garden sculpture, an unusual palisade, a brazier or a cool planter, nothing like the famous patinated steel to infuse the vintage-minimalist charm with the outdoor space.