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10 Best Cheap Home Decor Stores in 2022

The Low Budget Home Decoration shop

You will certainly take us for great optimists, but here at Homedecorh, we think that anyone can have the decor of their dreams.

Even if you think you don’t have the necessary budget… There are a lot of things you can do to transform your spaces, big or small, without even having to take out your wallet.

And when we talk about decoration, this also includes the furniture and arrangement of your spaces.

10 Cheap Decorative Home Decor Stores & Shops

This list can evolve, do not hesitate to share your recommendations by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. You can also set this list aside on Pinterest.



This is our favorite of the moment here at Homedecorh. We love everything at H&M Home: the decorative collections, the linens, the dishes, the small furniture… But also the very attractive prices, the new collections always on trend.


Low prices, durable and trendy, without overdoing it. We also like the collaborations between the designers and the Monoprix Maison brand. To really take advantage of the low prices, wait for the sale offers at Monoprix Maison.


It’s the bazaar of the web! We love to go there for cheap Christmas decoration. But the online store offers low prices accessible all year round, not just on the decor. You can also buy storage accessories, kitchen utensils, bed linen…


A brand not (yet) very well known in France. Here at homedecorh, we love their selection which remains limited, but which is part of the trend of well-being at home and sustainable.




A real cult-following on the web for this inexpensive decoration brand. Their website is also a great source of inspiration to decorate your interior in style, in the Hygge trend.



The BUT brand for decoration? You must have an open mind if you are looking for decoration on a small budget! Start by discovering their wall decoration department to give you an opinion.




An address to put aside to find cheap for the house, there is a bit of everything, depending on arrivals.



Discount stores are launching into decoration, and GiFi even offers a dedicated catalog with new collections each season.




Some #decoaddict on networks compare Muy Mucho to a Spanish Maisons du Monde. It is up to you to judge by visiting their stores. Unfortunately, the cheap decoration shop does not yet offer online sales.

10. IKEA


Not really a surprise to find IKEA in this list. If you have a small budget, you can count on the Swedish giant to revamp your house, from floor to ceiling. And if you want to change, discover this list of alternatives.


41 Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

In this guide, we have put together all of our advice, tips and ideas to help you decorate your house or apartment with a small budget.

Don’t expect quick fixes. There are no secrets or magic tricks to decorate on a small budget, and you will even discover that the first tips are not the most exciting….

We prefer to warn you! But these are important steps to finally decorate cheap and according to your desires, with a limited budget.

1. Declutter & CleanTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

The first step!


We will not lie, this is not the stage the most fun. But it may be the most rewarding, once it’s done!

A good decluttering followed by a thorough cleaning of your house will help you to see more clearly. And sometimes, it’s even all you need to give a fresh start to your decor!

declutter allows to start on a good basis for a simple and elegant decoration of the living room

No need to wait for spring to start a big cleaning. If this task seems too important to you, start with a room, and even a part of this room, like the dressing room of your bedroom.


Once you’ve cleared and cleaned up, you can even go a step further and sort through everything you own.

Do you really want to keep these items? To help you in this step, if you are having trouble separating yourself from certain objects, get the best-selling book by Marie Kondo La Magie du Rangement.

For all the things you don’t want to keep, you can give them away, or sell them! A good way to budget for possibly buying new things.

2. Define your objectives

By following this simple and effective way.


An important step to decorate on a small budget. You have to define what your goals are. The more precise, the better!

A good objective will be for example “I want to revamp my living room to bring it a style (to be defined) with a budget of (to be defined), before (date to be defined).

A precise and clear objective is the key to a good cheap makeover. Otherwise, you risk being scattered and discouraged, especially if you have several rooms to decorate.

To help you set and define a good goal, you can use the SMART model :

  • S pecific
  • M easurable
  • A reachable
  • R ealistic
  • T emporellement defined

By following this model, you set a precise and clearly defined objective.

3. Establish a budget

This is the key.

When you think about it, decorating inexpensively means absolutely nothing! From cheap to one person may be priced out of another. After defining your objectives, take the time to define your budget, according to your objective of course.

You will already see it more clearly when you have decided exactly how much you can afford to spend.


4. Start piece by pieceTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

To not feel overwhelmed.

To decorate your home on a small budget, you start with a room and avoid trying to do everything at once!

You may have the goal of redecorating your entire home. If this is the case, we recommend that you split this project into several stages, and start with a single piece.

This will save you from being overwhelmed by too many ideas, or from stressing over all the things to do!


5. Prioritize

From the start!

You already have a clearer vision, a goal and a budget. This is a very good start. You must now prioritize.

For example, if you want to revamp your living room, you can now decide which essential things you want to replace / buy and which are the lower priority.

Again, the objective of this step is simply to better define your goal, to achieve it more easily.


6. Take a close look

From the ground to the ceiling.

Room by room, from floor to ceiling, take a close look at EVERYTHING you already own. You risk discovering things or objects that you had forgotten!

And as you’ve already sort (step # 1), that are normally the objects decor you want to keep. Which brings us to the next step…

7. Create, recycle or buyTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Even if you are not a handyman, get started in DIY!


When we think of cheap decoration, we imagine shopping sessions and good plans.

This is part of it (you will discover below the shops that we recommend for small budgets), but for now, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions :

  • can i create this decoration myself ?
  • can i recycle the objects / furniture i already have?
  • do i have to buy new decor?

To create or recycle decor, there is no shortage of ideas. For all DIY inspirations, we recommend using Pinterest.

If you are not a handyman but want to get started, several solutions:

  • the YouTube channels of hobby and DIY
  • the tutorials on blogs
  • the DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin DIY organize workshops

If you’ve never made anything and think you don’t have the DIY skills to get started, start small.

You can for example put hairpin legs to make a table, or even replace the handles of your furniture with pretty leather handles, this is a detail that will radically change the appearance of your furniture.

Simple and inexpensive DIY ideas for restyling furniture, like installing new leather handles

8. Make a shopping list

It’s essential!


It’s already a much more fun step, if you like shopping! In digital format or simply on a notebook, now write down your shopping list.

A shopping list allows you to have a more precise idea of how much everything you would like to buy will cost. And once this shopping list is well defined, you use it to stick to your budget.

9. Buy smartTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Things to know to save money.

Storage operations


The decoration stores sometimes launch destocking operations, on an ad hoc basis. For example, stylish offers is the name of the Maisons du Monde clearance sale just before spring.

The stylish Maisons du Monde offers: a clearance sale on decoration and furniture to decorate your home on a small budget

To find similar good plans, we invite you to follow this page.Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Private sales of brands


In addition to specialized sites such as Veepee, Showroomprivé or Westwing, some decoration and furniture brands also offer private sales.

In the world of cheap decoration, this is for example the case with Maisons du Monde private sales, which are still very popular! To take advantage of these private sales, you generally must already be a customer.

Decoration stores like Alinea organize private sales for their customers. A good opportunity to buy decoration and furniture at reduced prices.

Alinea.fr and Habitat.fr offer private sales on decoration and furniture.


10. Decorate with timeless piecesTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

A timeless decor.

Trend yesterday, today and tomorrow. Bet on a timeless decor that will accompany you and will remain trendy despite the fashion effects.

A simple and refined living room, an idea of timeless decor that will be difficult to get tired of

If you are looking for ideas, inspiration or examples, see the article that brings together 101 timeless and timeless decor ideas.


11. Buy exhibition decorTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

It might interest you…

On the MadeInDesign online store, it’s a good plan that comes up regularly. We will try to inform you about homedecorh as soon as this offer is available.

The principle is simple, and allows you to buy cheap designer furniture, with slight defects (such as scratches for example).

The shop participates all year long in fairs and events, and since these pieces of furniture and decorative objects have already been used, Madeindesign.com offers discounts of up to 50%.


At Madeindesign.com: decorative objects and exhibition design furniture sold at attractive prices

At the moment, for example, the E27 pendant lamp by the Muuto brand is € 39.94 instead of € 69, because it is an exhibition model. The only problem with this good plan: it is unfortunately not possible to have details on product defects.

In the IKEA store nearest to me, there is a space dedicated to good deals, with furniture that also has slight flaws.

Do not hesitate to ask the sellers of the stores you visit, you can have very good surprises. When I was a student, my roommate had saved 50% on a slightly scratched table, on the underside of the tray, and therefore invisible!


12. Know the right placesTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

They are many!

Cheap decor isn’t just found in home decor stores, and that’s good news.

For example, for a few years, DIY stores have been launching decorative catalogs, which sometimes have nothing to envy from the collections of specialized shops.

You can also find trendy decor for small budgets on private sales sites, sites for announcements between individuals,… And even discount stores!


The brand Deco cheap help revamp the spaces without spending much money. Besides, discount brands are also getting into decoration.

Beware, however, of impulse purchases! Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy more than you really need or want.

Trendy but not expensive decoration shops

These shops are generally Dutch or Nordic, and when they land in France, they are a hit!


Their advantage ? Constantly renewed catalogs with lots of small decorative items at very affordable prices.

The SØSTRENE GRENE decoration shop: lots of objects, accessories and small furniture to decorate the inexpensive house

The Spanish decoration brand Muy Mucho is also developing very quickly in France. Unfortunately, it does not yet offer online sales.

Here is a list of the inexpensive decoration stores that we recommend:

  • HEMA
  • Søstrene Grene
  • Dille & Kamille
  • Muy Mucho
  • Flying Tiger

Favorite of the editorial staff homedecorh, the decoration shop at Monoprix Maison ( www.monoprix.fr/maison ). Accessories and objects both trendy and at very affordable prices. During the Monoprix sales, you can even take advantage of discounts of up to 70%.

Fashion brands getting into decoration

They offer accessible fashion catalogs, and embark on decoration, which is also accessible.

The H&M Home shop: a very complete catalog for the home (decorative items, linens, dishes…) and very accessible for small budgets


It is a trend that we see more and more in the world of cheap decoration, these brands and signs take advantage of their notoriety to launch collections for the house.

Some like Pimkie Home don’t last, unfortunately, but there are alternatives. Here are some boutiques, originally fashion, that we recommend to buy cheap and trendy decor.

  • H&M Home
  • Zara Home
  • Asos Supply
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Anthropology

These brands regularly offer new collections to decorate the house. The H&M Home brand has even launched a small furniture catalog, an interesting and accessible IKEA alternative for lamps, coffee tables, stools…

Discount stores


These brands deemed cheap and low end are also launching in the field of decoration and development. And some even manage to develop the highly anticipated catalogs by fans of deco.

At GIFI for example, their decor catalog is very successful with people looking to buy trendy decor without spending a lot of money.

At GIFI: inexpensive furniture and decoration for the home

The low-cost specialist Cdiscount.com also offers a very complete decoration department. Obviously, do not expect to buy decorative items or furniture that will last for years.


We recommend that you visit stores to get a better idea of the quality of the products, and thus avoid possible disappointments.

Here is a list of discount stores that offer cheap decor

  • GIFI.fr
  • Cdiscount.com
  • Centrakor.com
  • Action.com
  • Gemo.fr

Private sales sites

Private sales are certainly less popular than a few years ago. You can still find great deals there to buy cheap decor.


Do not forget the good plans and discounts from private sales sites to decorate and furnish your home on a small budget

There are even private sales sites specializing in the world of home, interior design and decoration.

Here is a list of private sales sites that we recommend:

  • com: formerly vente-privee.com, an increasingly important house section.
  • Bricoprivé.com: a private sales site specializing in DIY, home, and garden.
  • com: private sales on major Scandinavian decoration brands.

For more information, see the list of sites of private sales decor and furnishings, and private DIY sales.


Our advice before buying on a private sales site: compare the prices! Sometimes prices can be even lower on sites like Amazon.fr …

Copy-paste the name of the product, and its reference, and do a simple search on Google. It only takes a few minutes, and you might have surprises.

Some sites and online shops also regularly offer private sales on their decoration and furniture catalogs. For designer furniture from major brands, you can watch the offers at Madeindesign.com/ventes-privees.com

Do you like decoration at Maisons du Monde ? The brand also offers private sales to its Privilege customers, twice a year.


Shops that want to democratize design

At MADE.COM, the mission is to make design accessible to as many people as possible. The furniture brand offers new collections throughout the seasons, always more and more trendy while remaining within reach of small budgets.

Decorative objects and designer furniture are accessible at MADE.COM

If you are looking for a functional, designer, and inexpensive accessories and objects to decorate your home, we invite you to discover their MADE Essentials game.


Shops that often offer good deals

Some stores always seem to offer good deals, discounts, and promotions, for any occasion! Good sign or not, it is always interesting to be able to take advantage of the discounts.

La Redoute Interiors boutique regularly offers good deals on decoration, linens, dishes, and furniture

The following stores regularly offer offers on decoration and furniture:

  • Laredoute.com
  • Cdiscount.com
  • AM.PM

And the others…

In contrast, other brands offer promotions much more rarely. This is the case, for example, at Maisons du Monde, which can, in particular, explain the success of their private sale or sales operations.

If you wish to take advantage of Maisons du Monde private sales, do not forget to register as a Privileged Client.

Cheap decoration stores for the garden


As soon as the warm weather arrives, many of you are looking for good deals on inexpensive decor for the garden, terrace or balcony. There are plenty of ideas for decorating the outdoors on a budget, even using things you already have indoors. Then complete with some inexpensive accessories.

Chez Dille & Kamille: everything you need to decorate a garden on a low budget

13. Know when to buy what

From January to December.

Another way to decorate your home inexpensively is simply to know when to buy what, to take advantage of the best prices!


For example, stores generally offer great discounts on linens with the arrival of spring.

To buy a sofa, it is better to wait for the sales or Black Friday. If you want to make big savings on the Christmas decor, we recommend that you buy all the accessories in January! You are getting a lot ahead, but the reductions are very interesting.

If you are coming or planning a move, you can take advantage of an operation like Black Friday to buy everything you are going to need. A new mattress, a sofa, household appliances,…

You will find a summary, month by month, in our guide on when to buy what.


14. Follow the news of good plansTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Do not miss anything!

Here at home decor, since the launch of the site, we have been trying to find and regularly share good decor plans. We try because it is not an easy thing!

Promotions are no longer limited to sales. From January to December, the consumer is bombarded with offers, discounts, and promotions.

Good decor plans exist. Throughout the year, it is possible to find discounts and promotions at Zara Home, H&M Maison, GIFI, HEMA, La Redoute Interiors…


For retailers and shops, everything is now a pretext for offering discounts. The new year, spring, vacation departures, back to school, brand anniversaries,… Not to mention the big promotional events such as Black Friday or new initiatives to compete with it, such as the French Days.


For the consumer, it is ultimately less and less clear to know exactly if they are really good plans or not. And even in our case, it is sometimes difficult to sort out.

But good plans exist! The only thing to remember is not to rush into overly enticing offers. You will always have the opportunity to find a similar offer.

To follow the news of all these good plans and know who offers what at the moment, we recommend that you bookmark this page. You can also consult our tips section.


These are 2 good resources to keep you regularly informed of current discounts and promotions.

Good plans exist, but to follow them is already more complicated. You can subscribe to all the newsletters from your favorite decoration stores, but you certainly don’t want to receive even more emails!

Here at home decor, we search, sort, and select the good plans that are worth the most. You can follow them in several ways:

  • the good deals section: brings together all the articles and guides on this subject
  • the good deals page: updated daily with the best offers of the moment
  • the balances section
  • the Black Friday section

15. Buy used

Forget your prejudices!


10 minutes from my home is an association that works on the same principle as Emmaus. This place is huge!

There is a choice, but you have to sort it out, to sometimes find nothing at all. But we can also come across very good surprises, things to recycle and transform.

A while ago, I was looking to buy a metal shelf from the HAY brand. At over 200 €, it was out of budget. And during my visit to the association’s warehouse, I found 2 shelves with a very similar look. They were just a little rusty, on sale for 45 € both.

I take note to make the measurements at home, and when I return to the warehouse, the shelves were sold! All that to say that sometimes, we can have good surprises, but it is better to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.


You can also do online scouting to buy second-hand. Sites like LeBonCoin or eBay are to be consulted regularly.

If you have a Facebook account, the marketplace section is also a good source for finding and buying cheap decor.

Here is a list of sites to buy used decor :

  • Ebay.fr
  • Leboncoin.com
  • Brocantelab.com
  • Zeeloft.com

16. Invest when it countsTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

On certain things, it is important.


We have already spotted sofas under € 100, with the various offers and promotions, for example during Black Friday. The price is necessarily tempting, but you also have to face the facts.

Decorating and furnishing your home inexpensively as possible, but for certain rooms, such as the sofa, it is recommended to focus on quality, and therefore invest a sufficient budget

For some rooms and especially furniture, it is sometimes wise to invest more money so as not to have to replace it a few months later, or worse, simply regret your purchase.

Investing in what really matters is a matter of common sense and experience!


17. FTE: Be Always Ready

And on the lookout!

The best way to come across a beautiful and inexpensive decorative object is to stay in the research phase every day.

Always be ready to find the small piece of furniture or accessory that will make the difference in your interior.

It is advisable to keep an open mind and especially to understand that beautiful decor is not only found in the shops everyone is talking about.


18. Negotiate

You just have to get started!

It costs nothing to ask. The next time you spot a decorative item or piece of furniture that you like, but would like to buy but is out of budget, simply ask the seller for a discount.

You will of course suffer a lot of failures, I prefer to warn you, and I speak from experience! But you can have good surprises.

The seller can for example tell you that this object will soon be reduced, or that there is an older and cheaper model …


19. Ask

You may have surprises.

Sometimes what we want to buy at any cost is available in the attic or cellar of our neighbors. If you do not ask, nobody will know that you are looking for a new vase, a frame, a coffee table,…

Just ask around you, your friends, your colleagues and your family.

20. Hang & hangTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Wall decor in action.


We all know that wall decoration can transform the atmosphere and decoration of an apartment or house. In the living room, but also in the bedroom and even in the bathroom or kitchen.

An art gallery or wall art transforms spaces, but such a project can be expensive to set up if you consider the purchase of already framed pieces.

Wall art to transform the atmosphere of the show. A decorative project that can become expensive…

Fortunately, there are solutions for small budgets. Buy posters in digital format, then you just have to print them :

  • at home: if you have access to a good printer
  • in print stores: come and ask for a price estimate for your project

To find these posters to print, we recommend sites like Etsy.fr, the choice is immense, for all budgets, all styles, and all desires.

Don’t limit yourself to posters and photo frames. There are many other ways to decorate your walls in a trendy and original way, on a small budget.

The wall decoration also brings personality to your interior.

Discover in the following article 30 new trendy ways to revamp your walls. If you lean more for the low price, consider the cheap wall decor stores.


21. PersonalizeTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

A space of your own, which looks like you.

Do not be afraid to personalize your decor, this is what will transform a house into your home.

Customize your decoration with photos, travel souvenirs…

Display your personal memories to create a unique atmosphere, in which you will feel really good and comfortable.


22. VegetateTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Outside inside.

We think the green trend is here to stay, there is certainly a reason why everyone seems to want to green its interior.

A green and trendy decor with a small budget for a vegetable atmosphere in the house

With the green trend, spaces are transformed and come to life!


Whether you choose fake or real plants, a touch of green in your interior brings a new atmosphere to your decoration, without changing everything or spending a lot of money.

If you prefer dried flowers, we found lots of ideas in our article ” 15 ideas to adopt dried flowers in decoration “.

23. Decorative & functional mixerTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Aesthetic and practical.

In the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom, if your decor budget is limited, bet on objects that are both decorative and practical.


We think for example of the baskets, which allow storing all the belongings everywhere in the house, but also with all the accessories of the daily newspaper.

A wall jewelry holder that is both decorative and practical

A jewelry holder, for example, can be both pretty and super functional. By searching carefully, you can find lots of similar objects to decorate and simplify life at home.

24. Decorate with everyday objectsTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

You already have these items, highlight them.


Use your chopping wood to decorate the kitchen. Simple, efficient. And it’s not the only trick of its kind!

A simple wooden cutting board turns into a decorative object for the kitchen

This inexpensive decorating tip could also be the subject of an article in its own right. Even a matter as trivial as the storage of shoes in a bedroom can become a source of inspiration and decoration.

It is enough for example to expose your most beautiful pairs in a recovered window, or to place the shoes with heels under a glass bell…


Another example to illustrate this tip, is the UMBRA wall shelf that gives the impression that your books are floating in the room.

In the kitchen, discover these 20 decorative and functional utensils.

25. Build on the little things that make a BIG impactTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference.

It’s a trick that works in any room of your home, whatever your decor style.


A simple pendant light can transform the atmosphere in a room. A little decorative idea for a big impact

If your budget is limited and you want to decorate trendy but not expensive, favor the little things that will have a big impact. They can be called easy wins.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • work on the ambiance with lighting or painting
  • change the linens (for example changing the covers of the cushions to revamp the sofa )
  • play with textures and materials (plaids, rugs, etc.)
  • bring a personal touch (memories of your travels to display as a wall decoration).

26. Don’t forget the little details

They count too!


Always add a few personal touches with decorative objects, trinkets, and souvenirs from your travels… All these little details will make the difference and they do not cost much.

27. Replace the mirrorsTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Useful and decorative.

The selection of mirrors for the home is impressive, between industrial mirrors the original mirrors, or the barber’s mirror, you only have to choose from.

To give a new perspective in a room, whether it is the bathroom, the living room, or even the bedroom, a beautiful mirror is your best ally.


Small natural rattan mirrors to revamp the walls. A cheap decor idea for the different rooms of the house

The mirror can also help to enlarge the visual space of a small room or to circulate light in a slightly too dark corner.

28. Treat the lightingTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

In every room.

Like the mirror, lighting is very important for the ambiance of your home or apartment.


Careful lighting is an important detail to decorate the house on a small budget

You also have the choice… From the industrial suspended the lamp through the table lamps on the furniture… There is something for every style and every budget.

Deco Lighting is and you can buy online designer lamps at affordable prices.

29. Doing with the means at hand

Quite simply.


Do you dream of having a central island but you have a small kitchen and a limited budget? Have you thought about adopting a kitchen service?

It will perform the same function as a small central island while being much lighter for your bank account.

30. Bet on household linenTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

It always works.

A new carpet, a new plaid, covers to cover the cushions on the sofa. The linen is your home cheap ally.


Stores like La Redoute regularly offer good deals on this department, and the first-price models of brands like Maisons du Monde are very accessible. We also really like the Carré Blanc catalog, especially during the sales! The prices charged by this brand are generally quite high, but you can take advantage of attractive discounts.

Textile decoration to revamp the house on a small budget

Here are some shops we recommend to buy cheap household linen (links to the household linen departments):

  • com
  • com
  • H & M.com / house
  • com

31. Dress up, without breaking everythingTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

There are solutions, even for tenants.


Do you hate your credenza? No need to break everything to give new life to your kitchen. Here at home decor, we recommend the adhesive tiles from Smart Tiles, which we had the opportunity to test and approve.

A simple and easy makeover, accessible to all.

The Smart Tiles adhesive splashback allows you to dress up without breaking everything

Be careful with the budget if you have a large area to cover.


You can find cheaper adhesives, but the quality will certainly not be the same. It is necessary to favor fairly thick and resistant plates, especially for a splashback.

You can also revamp your sofa very well! Discover 21 tips for decorating your sofa.

32. Hide the ugly!Tips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

To make room for aesthetic objects.

The washing machine, the dryer, it’s not the best way to highlight your decor, especially if you don’t have a laundry room in a dedicated room. Consider hiding or even revamping your household appliances.


Revamp your fridge, hide everyday “ugly objects” to enhance your decor

In the kitchen, for example, cover the fridge with adhesive or slate paint. Then decorate with chalk, leaving notes, the day’s menu, the shopping list,…

To make your fridge even more chic and trendy, hang golden handles!

An accessible decoration idea to revamp your fridge: replace the handles with golden models


33. ReplaceTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

By more economical alternatives.

Do you like the look and style of interior windows but don’t have the budget? A much more accessible idea to imitate the look, without paying the price : use an industrial mirror.

A large industrial mirror can bring the style of an indoor canopy if the budget is limited

You can also, if you are a handyman, make a false canopy.


Another example, for outdoor spaces. Replace expensive garden furniture with pallet garden furniture. You will have to do a little DIY, but nothing too complicated.

You can even choose to accumulate a few pallets and simply put cushions or pallet mattresses on them.

34. Playing with the multifunction

1 object, several uses

With the lack of space at home as an increasingly important subject, a single object is no longer satisfied with a single-use.


We are now looking for practical and multifunctional accessories, to save space in the kitchen for example. The furniture also becomes multi-purpose.

For your bedroom, you can for example use a lamp that turns into a bedside table, with a built-in book and book holder. Discover these 25 practical, intelligent and multifunctional lamps.

A multifunctional lamp that turns into a bedside table, practical with its integrated book holder equipped with a bookmark

In the living room, use a beanbag (which also helps you store your belongings) as a booster seat when you receive guests. Just cover it with a nice tray to transform it into a coffee table.


Be creative and don’t hesitate to rethink the use of the furniture around you.

35. Rethinking spaces

It’s free!

Before buying new things for your house or apartment, take the time to rethink your spaces.

Move your sofa, take the floor lamp from the living room to use it in the bedroom, use a chair from your kitchen as a new bedside table…


36. Be creativeTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

Speaking of creative spirit!

Release the artist inside you. You don’t necessarily need much or even immense talent.

If you like the photo, and frame your most beautiful shots, it’s a very good way to decorate a corridor with a small budget.

The corridor wall is decorated with photos, frames, and wall decor items


You can also be very creative with masking tape.

37. Bring colorTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

And originality.

Don’t have the budget to completely repaint your living room? Good news, you don’t need to. To bring a touch of color, and originality, start by repainting just part of your wall!

You can use this idea to visually delimit a reading corner, a desk corner, a kitchen area,… Or simply to play with contrasts.


Play with colors, here is a strip of paint in the living room: a simple and effective way to decorate your home without breaking the bank

38. Playing with the seasonsTips for Decorating Your Home on a Small Budget

From January to December, update your decor.

You don’t dress the same way in summer and winter. For the house, it’s the same thing. Except that we do n’t necessarily have the budget to revamp our interior just because the temperatures drop or go up!

Playing with the seasons in decoration does not mean changing everything. Replace your bed linen, add a few more colors as soon as spring arrives, bring out your cozy blankets during the winter months, etc.


Change your decoration according to the different seasons: an inexpensive tip to freshen up your house, on a small budget

These little things allow you to transition your spaces according to the seasons, with an impression of change, even on a small budget.

Here are some articles to inspire you :

  • 32 ideas to refresh your decor in spring
  • Lighting to illuminate the garden in summer
  • 42 cocooning and cozy objects for winter at home
  • 17 cozy ways to furnish an apartment in winter

39. Call a pro

An interior designer or a decoration coach?


It is now much more accessible. Many services are available on the internet to call a pro.

A solution that can help you get started if you are really looking for ideas to decorate your house on a limited budget, and you are going in circles. Investing a little money for help can be a winning strategy.

Note that the sites listed below offer different services, take the time to compare the offers to find what best suits your needs.

Some offer decoration coaching entirely online, you provide a photo of your room, others will allow you to talk with a decoration coach or an interior designer who will come to your place.

  • com
  • Rhinov
  • com
  • com/conseils-deco

40. Take the time

It may take time, and that’s normal.

Here is a Zen decoration tip! If it helps, consider decorating your interior like a marathon rather than a sprint. Everything in its time.

Your satisfaction will be even greater! In addition, it allows you to avoid making mistakes or rushing into an idea that will no longer be to your liking in a few months…

41. Accept

Not everything is perfect, and that’s OK.


If you want to do too much, you end up… Doing nothing! You have to accept that everything is not perfect at home, and that is what defines your home, it is the personal touch of your house or your apartment.

Also take into account the fact that decorating your home is a long-term project.

Here at homedecorh, we are well placed to find out. By visiting sites like Pinterest or browsing the pages of decorative magazines, you will have the impression that everything is perfect in others… It’s inspiring, but if you try to reproduce the same thing at home, it can become discouraging! Especially if you are absolutely looking to follow the latest decor trends of the moment.

Just accept the fact that not everything has to be perfect from the start. A beautiful house or a beautiful apartment decorates and develops over time.


Start somewhere, even if it’s a small decorative detail or a simple paint on a piece of furniture, it’s the most important!


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