10 Decorating Trends That Are Perfectly Tacky

Home decoration, interior design or the art of making your home beautiful, does not escape the rules of good taste. Because we are sometimes tempted to do a little too much, here are ten tips to avoid the worst practices in interior decor.10 Decorating Trends That Perfectly Tacky

I know what you are going to tell me: all tastes are in nature. And you are right. That to which I always reply: even the worst. So, of course, there is a lot of subjectivity here that will perhaps cringe those who think they have the best taste in terms of decoration.

Here are nevertheless the 10 decorating tricks to do more in you if you want to stay trendy.

1. Big letters to make words

We do not know where this mania came from to compose words with big letters (sometimes golden) placed on a shelf or worse, hung on the wall. The name of your child in his room (in case you forgot his name), the word BATH above the tub (a redundancy that suggests that the bathroom is very little used) or worse, the wink of English language like LOVE or SWEET. Sure, it’s positive but we see it in everyone.


2. The marble worktop

It’s true that it’s chic, a marble worktop in the kitchen or bathroom. Only here, not only does it cost an arm, but it’s hyper cold and not very original. Nowadays, granite, wood and even resins make it possible to offer a beautiful work plan that is off the beaten track.

3. The TV above the fireplace

Here is a funny idea: a plasma screen screwed on the chimney duct, above the fireplace. And when you turn on both in the middle of winter, you have to look at what? Even if this optimizes space, this mixing of genres is not a good idea. Lay the television in a corner and let the wood fire transmit its heat without interference.

4. The lace headrest

There, you think that I’m going a little strong, that we see more than in Grandma’s approaching 95 years. Perhaps, but in doubt, it is better to remember that putting his head on a placemat once installed in the sofa, it is no longer vintage, it is hyper old!


5. Mirrors everywhere

A small mirror in the entrance, why not. Another one in the dressing room is normal. Eventually an ice in a room a little dark, I say nothing. But the mirror in the toilet or on the ceiling of the room, there I take offense. Before hanging a mirror anywhere, ask yourself if this is necessary.


6. The carpet of the toilet

It was supposed to decorate and make the room more “warm”: the small carpet that comes to fit around the toilet bowl. It’s true that in the middle of winter, it’s nice to put your little feet on this soft carpet. But hygiene level is really deplorable. And in terms of deco, one is at the pinnacle of kitsch.

7. The all stainless steel kitchen

A fully stainless steel kitchen is perfect for a restaurant. But the laboratory side will quickly give you the impression of preparing your dishes in an operating room. Opt for more warm materials, mix glass and wood, dare the color keys.

8. The blackboard wall

Would you be so nostalgic for the school to cover a whole wall with a big blackboard? Not only is it likely to darken the room greatly, but the cleaning of the chalk is compelling. Instead, install a nice jumble where to hang notes.

9. Fully homemade furniture

You are a handyman, you are proud of it and you want to show it. Very good. But is it necessary to build everything with your little hands? Like this pallet sofa, this oil canister stool, this plywood coffee table from Bricomarché… A total DIY look does not bring out your creativity but may suggest that you do not have much curiosity or that you Are completely broke.


10. The neon sign

Apart from Christmas (and still), everything that flashes is formally discouraged in a house. Your beautiful panel in the colors of a brand of beer, whose fluorescent neons illuminate the living room at nightfall, should simply finish at the cellar. Or at the waste disposal center.

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