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10 Simple Tips of Decoration Nordic Style For 2020

The Scandinavian style decoration is also known as the Scandinavian style and is characterized by a light and simple decoration with light wood accents and a combination of elements such as stone and metal and natural materials such as wool and leather. The choice of colors is based on the natural tones with a great protagonist. And the white color, enriched by force colors likes orange, green and blue.Decoration Nordic style Minimalist Living Room

Making a comprehensive summary we can define the Nordic style interiors as: luminosity, white color, light wood furniture, less is more, simplicity and warmth. Sometimes it can be mixed with vintage style or shabby chic trends, although if we want simplicity it is best to apply this style in pure fashion.

Nordic style house 2020

The Scandinavian interior design style has spread all over the world with great acceptance and is acclaimed in the best decorating magazines and Nordic decorating blogs. If in other seasons it was already a style of decoration that we had to keep in mind, in this is not far behind. The 2020 decor brings us the Nordic decor combined with other styles, turning homes into unique places.Nordic style small living room decor

With a focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Nordic style decoration is the movement in interior design that emerged in the 1950s and is distinguished by its great merit in craftsmanship, bringing elegance and comfort to homes.


The best professionals and firms of the sector confirm the natural attraction that the elements of the Scandinavian style divulge.

We speak of houses Nordic decoration because in all rooms is simple to apply this nice decorative style, although in most cases are the Nordic-style living rooms that take the leading role.

Vintage Nordic style decoration

Vintage Nordic style decorationIf you look closely at spaces inspired by the Nordic style, we will see how furniture, accessories or accessories with a clear vintage touch, even with the appearance of having been bought in a secondhand market, are usually mixed with great success.

Industrial Nordic style decoration

Industrial Nordic style decorationOld style industrial furniture, in which iron and rough, untreated wood are combined, are very common. The pieces of old trades are much appreciated. All this is combined with classic design elements.


Complements protagonists in the decoration Nordic style

As in any type and style of decoration the imagination and creativity are fundamental to personalize our interior decoration. But if we opt for a concrete decoration style we have almost essential techniques or complements.

Small bedroom nordic style interior decor

As an example and star figure in any Nordic style dining room is the inclusion of the chairs ‘Eames Plastic Chair’.


If we want to bring freshness to a Nordic decoration is very useful the decontextualization of some pieces. We mean that it is very appropriate to destine furniture or objects to unusual uses. For example: the suitcases like decorative storage boxes or auxiliary tables ; Office lamps as night luminaires; Pallets like table or headboard…

Nordic Design Shops

Small living room Nordic style furniture ideasWe can not fail to mention Ikea. Well we all know that this firm has its roots in the Scandinavian countries and therefore, the Nordic style Ikea decoration gives us these designs in their essence. Also for your projection surely we can have some of your stores near our home with the guarantee that they offer us a catalog with cheap prices to be able to create a Nordic low cost decoration.

And as Nordic and Scandinavian design shops we have to mention Nordic think for being a benchmark in Barcelona.

In any case we have the practical option of browsing the different pages of online decoration stores to analyze, compare and even comfortably buy Nordic accessories, accessories and furniture online.


10 Tips and tricks for creating a nice Nordic interior design

We want to present you a quick guide with 10 tips and tricks to create interior design with Nordic decoration in our own houses. At the end of this article we will know exactly how to create a space with the intelligent functionality and the pleasant aesthetics of Nordic interior design. These are the essential factors to take into account.

1. Illumination in Nordic decoration

Nordic style interior lighting fixturesThe lighting is key, source of life and primordial in the decoration of Nordic and Scandinavian style. The scarcity of natural light in these countries encourages them to value and need their spaces to be brightly lit.

The interiors have several types of luminaires to achieve adequate lighting to encourage a good mood. Usually, the ideal Nordic lamp is of modern industrial style. These lamps Scandinavian style can be of several types : lamps hanging ceiling or wall sconces, the lamps living support many possibilities.

The candle light is also a must, as they add a touch of fantasy and brightness to the decoration of environments of a space, it is also a great option for low cost decoration.


2. Furniture Nordic

Nordic style dining room furnitureThe furniture Nordic style is characterized by clean and simple lines. Sofas, tables, chairs and follow the modern trends of mid-century, with rounded edges and natural tones. The Nordic décor also prides itself on its innovative and functional design.

A permanent trend in Nordic designs are the shelves and cabinets of multiple sizes, as they give great importance to the need to be knowledgeable about storage space, order and cleanliness.

As in any style you can make strong investments in decoration or decantarte to acquire cheap nordic furniture.

3. Maximize breadth and warmth

Nordic style small apartment designThe floors and walls painted white, light wood or natural color contribute to expand the visual space and invite greater light input. But the 2020 decor trends include and accent the use of Nordic style wallpaper and Nordic style rugs.


The radiant heating especially in Nordic style bathrooms, is often installed in the Nordic rooms to provide a warm and pleasant temperature under the feet.

4. Fresh flowers protagonists in houses Nordic style

Romantic Nordic style decorIt is important to have living elements of color and beauty in Scandinavian Nordic style interior design. Fresh flowers are not a luxury, they are a must, so it is so common to find florists in their streets where they sell bouquets, plants and tulips of all colors.

The visibility of plants and flowers is fundamental in the interior decoration of any style.

5. The colors of the Scandinavian design

Scandinavian living room decorThere is definitely a color palette associated with Nordic designs. Neutral colors along with white, gray, black and brown often intertwine creating a clean and relaxing look.


The interior designers with connotations Nordic have also introduced other colors such as pinks, blues and greens to create accents added to the decoration of rooms. In decoration Scandinavian Nordic style walls remain white to allow furniture, accessories, ornaments and accessories produce a great effect, it is the art of captivating.

6. Clean and tidy Nordic decoration

Clean and tidy Nordic decorationThe disorder and the massification of objects is at odds with the Nordic style decoration. One of the most authentic features in Nordic interior design is the creation of well-used and very neat spaces. Storage is carried out in cupboards and shelves and everything has its place.

The Nordic decor follows the ” less gold rule is over” while maintaining a clean and visually relaxing look.

7. Nordic style curtains

Nordic style curtainsContributing to the idea of inviting to enjoy the light as much as possible, the Nordic rooms tend to expose their windows. The curtain models, if used, are preferred for light fabrics such as curtains and linen fabrics. At night, the glow of the illuminated windows in the buildings resembles a beautiful postcard.


8. Simple ornaments and decorative complements

Simple ornaments decorative nordic home accesoriesThe Nordic decorative accessories are usually simple and straightforward. Elegant ceramic vases and other accessories that add color, texture and subtlety to a home. Some of them merely decorative and others with interesting and practical functions.

The Nordic decoration shop will have a wide catalog of:

  • Nordic style lamps
  • Nordic rugs
  • Nordic style paintings
  • Nordic sheets

And of course all kinds of Nordic furniture to decorate each and every one of the rooms of Scandinavian style houses.

9. Upholstery and warm textiles

Upholstery Scandinavian style homeIt is not surprising that most of the decoration formed by fabrics is presented with warm fabrics. We are talking about the cradle of Nordic style decoration is in very cold countries so sheep skins, wool or mohair and, of course, soft cotton are undisputed protagonists. These Nordic fabrics not only provide a feeling of warmth and comfort, but also add a relaxing layer to space.


In addition we can complement and give touches of color by placing pillows with geometric motifs such as  Nordic style cushions.

10. Wood and metallic touches

Wood and metallic touches Nordic style homeIn Nordic decoration, wood is used a lot, not only in its floor, but also in Nordic furniture such as dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, bookstores and all kinds.

There is also a popular trend in Nordic interior design of interposing metal finishes, copper and brass, in ornaments and complements such as Nordic lamps, appliques, etc.

Following this guide can be basic to decorate spaces with Nordic design incorporating the simplicity, functionality and beauty that always brings the Scandinavian interior. But as usual in our blog decoration, we leave you pictures where we can appreciate all the details.


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