15 Best Ideas for a Bedroom with Open Dressing Room

Who does not dream of the perfect dressing room? Today we tell you the best options for a bedroom with open dressing room in which everything has its place, without losing the style and adapted to the available space. Mission Impossible?bedroom with open dressing room

It will be because I have problems with space at home, but lately, I dream of the perfect open dressing room. An open dressing room that allows me to have everything in its place and a place for everything. Where when I wake up each morning it is easy to decide what to wear and above all, where easy to find! But the problem is that I have to adapt it to the available space in my bedroom and it is not much, really. But I still hope to be able to create an open dressing room with style and enough capacity for all my junk … which are not few!

An open dressing like the one in this photo would be ideal but, unfortunately, I will not have so much room and probably you will not either. That is why we are going to see the ideas that I have liked to inspire us in how to get an open dressing room practical and that adapts to a reduced space … but also with style, you come to see it?

A simple bar can be enough to get an open dressing

Small space bedroom


If you have little space, this is the most basic and easy solution … a simple bar to hang your clothes and everything is in sight. And also the most economical. The best option is to hang it from the ceiling as in the examples above, to gain space that will allow you to place under shoes or boxes or, better yet, some drawer or shoemaker. Or you can use the bars with feet and wheels that will allow you to move them to place and have extra space underneath. Earn more storage space by placing a shelf over it, you’ll soon find a use!

Dressing room small bedroom

In this case, surely you can only have on hand what you use most regularly and you will need more space to store the rest in drawers and additional cabinets. We accumulate so many things that it is difficult that with just one bar we have enough today. That is why it will be necessary to take very strictly the change of cabinets every season and get rid of everything that we have not used in a couple of seasons because we will probably never use it again. And if you want to be up to date and also give a creative touch … A tree branch can be the perfect solution. I love! Add a garland of white lights to the branch to give it an even more fashionable touch.

Dressing room


In a dressing room, although we have little space what can never be missing is a good full-length mirror in which we can see ourselves ahead and behind. I love those of a piece that lean on a wall because they bring a lot of personality to a bedroom, especially if they have a nice finish like the example.

Large bedroom mirror

But if you do not want to waste space, you can also use it to place it behind the bedroom door. In it, we can also have some hanger for handkerchiefs or take advantage of the corner behind to create a corner where to expose our jeweler or other accessories as handkerchiefs and have them always at hand. The question is to earn meters for our things, but if we do it creatively it can be that decorative, I’m signed in!

Glass sliding door for bedroom


If you have a whole wall …

If you have a complete wall to distribute your clothes you are in luck because you can find many effective solutions and combine bar with shelves and drawers that will be very useful to save everything you do not want to be in sight. This metal chest of drawers simply enchants me!

Metal bedroom drawers

If you place the bar a little high you can place underneath drawers that will be very useful to store clothes that you do not want to leave insight or simple shelves so you do not need to be hung like jerseys or pants. And add a shelf over it to place bags or hats. If you place it in an orderly manner by colors and with a little style until it can be very decorative. And if you have high ceilings make the most of it with more shelves. Just be sure to have a stool always at hand.

Bedroom shelves


The ideal is to combine bars with shelves for clothes and shoes and drawers for underwear, pajamas … So that you have the option to place different types of objects according to use and whether you want them to be or not in sight. The bars distribute the clothes according to the height and thus gain space below. If you can enable a vanity area it will be perfect for placing your jewelry and you will surely get performance. And take advantage of the space below to put your bags hanging by a bar, perfect!

small bedroom vanity

An original idea is to put the dressing area at the head of the bed and share it with a curtain. For this, you need that the bedroom has enough depth, if not better simply leave it in sight. If you also add a mannequin, were to display some of your best pieces or what you are going to put the next day, as well as practical will give a unique touch to your bedroom. A magazine result!

Open dressing room bedroom designs


Take extra space out of any corner

But assure that you will still have more shoes, clothes, accessories … to place we will see how to have that extra space so vital. In the bedroom, we can use the space under the bed. Sometimes just being a little taller is enough. Or we can use a bed with a container or at least use boxes to store everything we do not need to use every day. It is a perfect place to store the things we wear less or the bedding!

Underbed storage

The cobblers are another very useful element that we can place at different points of the house. Ideally, if it can not be near the dressing area, it would be at the entrance to the purest Nordic style. So when you go out and enter you will always have them at hand. Nowadays we find many nice shoe-making furnitures designed to be in the entrance or hallway areas of the house or even under the stairs. Or if not a chest at the foot of the bed can also do shoemaker, a great idea, do not you think?

Small space bedroom furniture


And if you do not mind showing off your high heels, take advantage of some wall and use them as decoration. If they are well ordered and placed by colors it will look this nice. Give a casual touch by adding travel photos, some handkerchiefs, and jewelry that will turn it into something really special and full of personality, like you. It will be nice to see you!

Wall mounted shoes rack

For bags and accessories is best to create a special area with shelves where you have them handy and always in sight, because if it does not end up happening we always put the same thing. or not? If you do not fit in the bedroom you can do it in a hallway area or if you have an office use room. Give a nice touch with a lamp and some colorful pots. And for ties and belts use the door of some closet or in the same door of the bedroom you can put up a space as great as this, you just need to frame it. What do you think?

Bedroom closets


But above all remember that order is paramount, so try to keep everything as organized as possible and in place. To do this, help yourself with all kinds of boxes and containers that will help to always give a clean and organized look to your dressing room. Transparent cubes are very useful because you will quickly see what they contain. Each season check your dressing room to get everything you no longer need and accommodate the new. You know the saying … renew or die! And if we do not want to die crushed by the weight of all the clothes and the old complements, it is necessary to go out them.

Dressing room shelves bedroom furniture

And so far my favorite ideas to set up an open dressing room in the bedroom that is both practical and decorative, which is no small thing. I hope you liked it and hopefully, it helps you and you can use some of the ideas. I have already stayed with a few to get to work at home. If you want to see more photos and proposals you can go through my Pinterest page. And you have an open dressing room at home? Or do you prefer a wardrobe of a lifetime to have your clothes? Tell me your experience and what you thought the article today. I look forward to reading your comments, as always. We read very soon.

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