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37 Original Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Wallpaper, frames, posters, mirrors. .. There are many ways to decorate your walls ! With a little imagination and original objects, the trendy interior you dream of without necessarily spending your entire budget.

37 inspiring decorating ideas for trendy walls

Retro tiles, mottled posters, practical decorative objects for everyday life… A whole bunch of wall decoration objects allow you to decorate your walls in a trendy and sometimes useful way.

From the living room to the bathroom, including the children’s room, quickly discover the 37 home wall decor trends 2021 we have found for you. Your walls will thank you.

Original wall decorations for the living room


1. A metal world map to display your travel memoriesOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Origami style, this metal world map allows you to display your most beautiful travel memories with originality

Instead of letting your travel photos sleep in a box, hang them on the wall.  This 100% personalized decoration allows you to immerse yourself in your most beautiful memories every day.

Hang your framed photos around the metal world map, and connect the elements together using a simple gray or black masking tape.

2. Scrabble letters to get messages acrossOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House


Keep your keywords or mantras in front of you by writing them on your walls using Scrabble letters

DIY way or bought on the Internet, Scrabble letters bring a playful and original touch to your walls. Reserve their use for fairly short words, so that it is impactful and the decoration is not overloaded.

3. Wallpaper to create a unique paintingOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Very graphic, this plant wallpaper turns into a painting, by placing it in a frame created naturally by the woodwork

Above a fireplace, to dress a large section of wall or simply framing it, wallpaper. Especially if it is very graphic. can become a true unique painting. Use trendy patterns such as plant, tropical or Art Deco patterns.


4. Old botanical prints to give a vintage touch to your living roomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Landscapes, flowers, plants… Old botanical posters are part of the “return to nature” trend that is invading our interiors.  Use wooden frames to highlight them

Shop around or go to bookstores dedicated to old books to buy old botanical prints.  Frame them and create a wall dedicated to plants in your living room, for a decoration inspired by cabinets of curiosity.

5. Magnetic wallpaper to dress your walls as you wishOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

On a wall, graphic wallpaper brings character to your living room.  Perfect for highlighting an item of furniture such as a beautiful sofa or sideboard


Easy to install, the magnetic wallpaper allows you to dress your walls according to your desires and trends in interior decoration. It is a very good way to give a new atmosphere to your living room, even if you are a tenant.

In a bedroom, you can use this type of product to create an original headboard.

6. Painted moldings to bring color to the wallsOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Traditionally, the moldings are fixed to the ceiling.  But in a colorful version, they allow for original wall decorations, combining retro and modernity

Buy decorative moldings in DIY stores and paint them in trendy colors (such as Classic Blue, color Pantone 2020). Arrange them on a single piece of wall, like poster or mirror walls.


The classic and modern mixture thus created is suitable for a living room with classic decoration, of Scandinavian type for example.

7. A plant wall to bring nature into its interiorOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Composed of artificial plants or easy-care plants, the green wall is particularly suitable for the layout of a living room

The green wall is a great idea for bringing nature into its interior, especially if you live in an urban environment. To highlight it, favor a place in your living room to create it.

No need to cover all the walls of your living room with green plants! And if you really don’t have a green thumb, you can create a green wall with artificial plants.


8. Artifacts to create a mystical atmosphereOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Eye, moon, stars. .. In golden metal, these wall decoration objects create a mystical atmosphere in your living room if you play the card of accumulation

Witchcraft has been making a comeback for a few months, whether in fashion, literature or interior decoration. Salt lamps, incense, hangings. ..

These new age objects combine perfectly with a wall decoration honoring symbols and lucky charms like the eyes, the different phases of the moon or even the stars.

9. A false brick wall for an industrial-inspired interiorOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House


The red brick wall is reminiscent of New York factories or lofts.  Easily reproduce it in your living room using a wallpaper to complete an industrial decoration.

Wallpaper version or faux bricks to be placed on the wall, the result is the same: your living room immediately becomes warmer with a red brick wall !

You can use this technique to define a sitting area in a large loft-like room or to dress the wall behind your sofa or TV.

10. A poster that has the dog to divert the codes of classical paintingOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Classic portraits diverted in dog version allow to display his taste for art with humor


Forget the paintings inherited from your great-grandmother that are too classic for your living room. Show your love of art with humor, by displaying an animal portrait in your living room.

Be aware that some sites like Louvenir also offer to create this type of portrait from your pet’s photo, for an even more personalized wall decoration!

11. A wall of shelves to obtain a bric-a-brac spirit decorationOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Place simple plants, framed posters and other trinkets on simple raw wood shelves

Buy simple wooden shelves in a DIY store and hang them on an entire wall in your living room.


Take inspiration from flea markets and concept stores to install a whole bunch of decorative items, such as vases, plants, trinkets. .. The more clutter and variety, the better ! The big plus of this wall shelf: its modular appearance.

Original wall decorations for the kitchen

12. A metal basket to store fruits and vegetablesOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Forget the traditional fruit basket placed on the worktop.  Attached to the wall with a hook, it turns here into a decorative and practical shelf

In a small kitchen, use the space on the wall to attach wall decoration items that are both beautiful and practical.


The fruit basket allows you to bring color to the room when it is filled with beautiful fruits and vegetables, but also to always have these at hand.

13. A slate blackboard to note the shopping listOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Magnetic board or slate painting: these are two ways to have a blackboard in your kitchen to use it as a giant sticky note

The most gifted with their two hands will create an original decoration on this blackboard installed in the kitchen.

Others will simply use it as a giant sticky note or as an activity board to keep the kids busy while preparing the meal.


14. Wooden kitchen utensils for a rustic kitchen decorationOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Simple wooden spoons allow you to decorate a rustic or country-inspired kitchen wall in an original way

In the kitchen, favor a wall decoration that is in keeping with the room and its usefulness.

So mix wooden spoons with cooking posters or enameled plates to create a rustic or vintage decoration in this room of the house.

15. Preserving jars to transform your kitchen into a grocery storeOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Glass or earthenware jars filled with food and placed on wooden shelves allow you to create an original and practical wall decoration

Bulk is gaining more and more followers.  This greener consumption trend can become a real decorative element, if you place these foods in glass jars or earthenware pots.

Then place them on open shelves to create a grocery-style kitchen.

16. A wax-like adhesive splashback to bring color to the kitchenOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

With its colorful patterns, this waterproof adhesive splashback in wax immediately puts color in the kitchen without redoing everything

Symbol of African culture, the wax is a very graphic trendy colorful pattern.  By applying a splashback of this style in your kitchen, you can immediately transform a very classic small kitchen into a modern and trendy kitchen.

Original wall decorations for the bedroom

17. A floral tapestry to create a bucolic atmosphereOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Combining prints and embroidery, this floral tapestry is perfect for a folk or bohemian-inspired bedroom

Wall hangings or tapestries allow you to decorate your walls in an original way. Choose patterns in the same theme as the decoration of your bedroom: floral for a bohemian or romantic bedroom, mystical for a new age bedroom, plant motifs for a more natural bedroom, etc.

Another original option: hang dried flowers on your walls.  We recommend that you use a little masking tape to hang them without making a hole.

18. An electric garland like a curtain for a light headboardOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

The electric garland is very trendy.  It allows to have a soft light and to decorate the walls of the room with delicacy

Install a large electric curtain chain above the bed, suitable for indoor use. This original wall decoration also allows to have a dim light in the room, conducive to cocooning and relaxation.

19. A sticker to pass the message each evening to his halfOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Installed above the bed, this message sticker allows you to decorate your wall discreetly enough to mix with the rest of your bedroom decoration. ?

Stickers are a practical and affordable solution to decorate your walls without having to redo everything.  Message stickers are very trendy, provided you choose a more original handwritten lettering than a simple colored sticker (which will have a lower end finish).

20. Straw hats to decorate your room in a country styleOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Attached to the wall with simple hooks, straw hats. holiday souvenirs. decorate a headboard or a dressing room

Countryside, rustic, farm life. .. Deco styles very trendy in recent years. And rather simple to reproduce, whether you live in town or in a more rural environment.

Decorate a room with furniture and walls in light shades with country objects such as straw hats, baskets, dried flowers in iron pot vases, etc.

21. Coat hooks to create a wall-mounted wardrobeOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Simple wooden coat hooks create a line on the walls of the room to hang coats, clothes and other handbags

It’s everyone’s dream: to have a dressing room in your bedroom.  But the lack of space sometimes requires ingenious solutions, such as very classic wooden coat hooks.

Fixed next to each other along the length of a wall, they make it possible to arrange a wall-mounted dressing room ideal for a minimalist wardrobe.

22. A wired metal grid to make a frame supportOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Made of wired metal, this grid allows you to create an original headboard on which to fix frames as desired

Take inspiration from industrial and urban furniture to furnish the master bedroom. The fencing allows to dress a wall above a bed and thus to delimit the sleeping space.

It is also a practical way to hang frames in a room without drilling the wall many times. Attach frames with posters or illustrations using hooks. And change them as you wish without having to take out the drill!

23. Dreamcatchers to give a boho atmosphere to your roomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Typical of boho decoration, the dream catcher brings color to the bedroom in a colored cotton version

In cotton or macramé, pearls or feathers, the dream catcher has been a classic in wall decoration for years. Updated with the boho decoration, you can install one or more next to your headboard.

24. Hanging baskets for additional storage in a small bedroomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Attach large flexible vegetable fiber baskets to the wall using wooden hooks or coat hooks  ?

The decorative items made of plant fibers are trend in recent years. Among them, the baskets which are both decorative and very useful for storing your interior.

Fixed to the wall, they allow you to easily create additional storage spaces in a small room for light objects such as accessories (scarves, scarves, bags) or bed linen (plaid, small cushions, etc.).

25. Dried flowers to create a bucolic wallOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Hanged on the wall by simple pieces of masking tape, the dried flowers give a bucolic and romantic atmosphere to the bedroom

You can have dried flowers at home in vases, in the form of a bouquet, or play the card of the original decoration using them as a wall decoration.

On a piece of wall, above or in front of a bed, fix the dried flowers one by one with masking tape (which does not leave marks on the wall). Choose colorful flowers to energize the decor of your room.

26. Photos to have a wall of inspiration in your roomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Personal photos, cut from magazines or printed… Create a real inspirational jumble by hanging them on the walls of your room

Remember your teenage bedroom, with posters, posters and pictures of your favorite celebrities or places…

Mixing mantras, artistic photos and personal photos, the wall of inspiration allows you to decorate the walls of your room in an original way while being a real source of inspiration in everyday life.

Original wall decorations for the children’s room

27. A metal shelf to create an original libraryOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Store your child’s books in a metal rack shelf so they are close to hand

Libraries are not always attractive to children. Stored in a metal basket shelf, books are easier to grab. The metal shelf, in a slightly industrial style, brings a vintage touch to the room of your toddlers.

28. A retro alphabet board for a vintage styleOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

An object of wall decoration and educational at the same time, this board is composed of retro illustrations which allow your children to learn the alphabet

Posters and other vintage educational supports are very trendy to decorate a children’s room.  You can find them in specialized shops or by hunting them in flea markets and garage sales.

29. A pop light for a modern touch in a classic roomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

The coral color and the large bulbs are reminiscent of club signs.  The pop side contrasts here with the liberty tapestry and the classic furniture of a child’s room

The fixtures to be fixed to the wall, like the sconces or the night lights, serve as both a decorative element and a dim light to reassure your child at night.

To make the wall decoration trendy, make sure to create a contrast, especially if you have furnished your children’s room in a very classic style.

30. A climbing wall to create a play areaOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

On a whole section of wall, attach climbing holds so that your child can play safely in his room

It is one of the favorite activities of children: climbing everywhere. What if you installed a real climbing wall in the bedroom, so that they climb safely? So make your wall with kits containing fixings and climbing holds, not forgetting what to absorb falls on the ground!

31. A pegboard for an organized office areaOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Install a pegboard above your child’s desk to store their equipment and everything needed for homework or manual activities

Playful, pegboards allow you to arrange a storage space according to your tastes and needs.  The fixing system is very practical. The shelves can thus be easily moved by you or your children.

Ideally placed above a desk, it allows your children to organize their workspace and thus learn to be tidy.

32. Plush animal heads to create a fun headboardOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Hanging above the bed, the plush heads give a colorful and original decoration in a child’s room

The hunting trophy stuffed animal heads have been very trendy for years. Do not hesitate to install several at the level of the headboard to create a kind of mini-fauna in your child’s room.

Also discover these 18 ideas of wall decorations that are both trendy and original for the children’s room.

Original wall decorations for the bathroom

33. Several patterns to create a pop and colorful bathroomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

The jungle motif wallpaper combined with different framed illustrations creates an artistic, original set in a bathroom

Traditionally, the decoration of bathrooms is fairly classic. White walls, earthenware, wood here and there… What if we dared to use patterns and color in the bathroom ? Small or large, this type of pop and graphic decoration immediately puts you in a good mood!

34. Terrazzo tiles to give style to a small bathroomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Terrazzo in a pastel shade softens the bathroom, while remaining in light shades which are ideal for this often small room

Terrazzo has been very trendy for years. Choose a model in pastel colors to decorate your bathroom. Combined with white earthenware sanitary ware and decorative elements in wood or gold metal, this is the ideal wall covering for a small, original bathroom.

35. A shelving mirror to obtain additional storage spaceOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Sliding, this mirror is fixed on a shelf offering a nice storage space in the bathroom

Storage spaces are always precious in a bathroom, especially when it is small. So install a mirror that also offers additional storage space, thanks to shelves, to store beauty products.

36. A wall of frames for a cabinet-style atmosphereOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Composed of posters, illustrations and old frames, this wall allows you to decorate your WC corner in an original way

Toilets and bathrooms in general are often overlooked when talking about wall decor. And yet, there are a few ideas to create a unique atmosphere in these rooms of the house which are as frequented as the others.

Play the card of the accumulation of frames, posters and other votive offerings in these rooms, to create an original wall decoration, which will inevitably surprise your guests.

37. Small tiles for a retro bathroomOriginal Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Very trendy in recent years, black & white tiles with small tiles immediately give a retro look to the bathroom, even by combining it with trendy colors like midnight blue or green

In credenza or on all walls, the black & white small tiles are ideal for giving a retro touch to your bathroom. Complete the decoration with a barber’s mirror, metal shelves, vintage-inspired fittings…

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, it is easy to decorate your walls without having to redo everything. With these tips and the use of trendy objects, wall decoration will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Besides its purely decorative aspect, the decoration of your walls can also allow you to arrange your interior in a functional way, in order to make your life easier.

In small spaces, do not hesitate to make it your ally for additional storage or to arrange your interior in a more practical way.

Another positive aspect? The price ! Mirrors, fairy lights, posters, frames. .. You can find this type of wall decoration very trendy at affordable prices in decoration stores.



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