37 Original Wall Decor Trends in 2022 for the Whole House

37 Inspiring Decorating Trends for 2021

The walls provide a large area to invest properly into your creative side. Whether you use custom mirrors, frames, posters, wallpapers, or tiny objects, you can always create an admirable decorative pattern.

Trendy Wall Decorations 

Metal Map

A metal world map to display your travel memories

This is a fun way of highlighting your most precious travel and adventurous memories instead of storing them in an album book or somewhere in a box. The pictures are framed and hung around the world map and with black masking or gray tape, you can create a connection between all elements.

Use of Scrabble Letters

Scrabble letters wall decor

You can display your favorite mantra or watchword on the wall with scrabble letters. This is you writing on the walls using scrabble letters. Be careful not to overload your walls with long phrases. 


Use of Posters and Animated portraits

Wall decor Posters and Animated portraits

Not just any kind of poster, posters that replace the classical portraits that are simply aesthetic and without character. It could be a portrait of a dog or your favorite animal. If you own a pet, even better, you can have a nice picture of your pet framed and hung on your walls.

Wallpaper to painting

Wallpaper to painting wall decor

This idea involves you making your wallpaper more than just that- a painting. By using the woodwork created naturally, you can have your wallpaper framed to mimic the descriptive and vivid look of a painting. 

False Brick wall

False Brick wall

This is quite suitable for industrial decoration. Brick walls bring in a certain kind of warmth and coziness and can be the best way to highlight your fireplace, the wall behind your sofa, the wall around your television or highlight your sitting area. The best part is that you can get this effect even with the use of wallpaper faux brick walls.

Old Botanical Prints

Old Botanical Prints wall decor

This gives your living room a high-quality classic look. Pictorial use of flowers, plants, and landscapes framed with wood is a practice that is becoming very common in interior decoration. These botanical prints can be purchased at bookstores that sell old books.


Use of Artifacts

Original Wall Decor Trends 2021 for the Whole House

Incense, salt lamps, faux moon and stars, hangings, and lucky charms are on the list of objects you can use to create an interior design that technically looks like magic.

Magnetic Wallpaper

Magnetic Wallpaper wall decor

Graphic wallpapers are the highlights you need in your living room. They tend to have a certain dramatic character and appeal, especially when used to give the furniture, sideboard, or sofa great detail. It is super easy to install and its use is not necessarily limited to the living room, you can also use this wallpaper to create a headboard in your bedroom.

Paint Wall

Paint wall

If you would love to give your home a touch of everything natural, this is an ideal way to start by the use of easy-care plants or artificial plants to create a green wall. This decor does not necessarily require you to make all the walls green, it is best to choose a place in your living room to highlight this design.

Paint Moldings

Wall Paint Moldings

A combination of classic and contemporary, paint moldings give color to the walls. The original idea and use of these moldings were reserved for the ceiling. Their use on walls has been a beautiful discovery in interior decor. These decorative paint moldings can be bought in DIY stores and painted in fun and trendy colors.


Wall shelves

Wall shelves

Simple raw wood shelves fixed on the walls of the living room can hold up framed posters or pictures, plants, carved, and decorative objects. These wooden shelves can be purchased at DIY shops. The trick is to clutter the shelves with beautiful decorative items, the more, the better.

Metal baskets

Metal baskets wall decor

This decor idea is for your kitchen. The metal basket could serve as storage for vegetables and fruits. Instead of the traditional way of using fruit baskets on tabletops, these metal baskets hung on the kitchen wall not only save you that extra space it also effortlessly serves as a decorative material.

Jar preservation

Jar preservation wall decoration

Jars filled with food items or groceries arranged on wooden shelves can be a very practical and decorative approach towards spicing up your home. These jars can be glass or earthenware. The result is a grocery-styled kitchen.

Wooden Utensils

decorative set of wooden kitchen utensils hanging on white wall background
Decorative set of wooden kitchen utensils hanging on white wall background.

These wooden items allow you to originally create a country-style or rustic kitchen wall. You can use wooden spoons to surround a poster, portrait, or enameled plates.


Slate Blackboards

Slate Blackboards wall decoration 1

These are practical and decorative. You can either have this as a slate painting or a magnetic board. You can either install this to create an original interior design or use it in place of sticky notes to write down your shopping list or even an activity board.

Wax-like Adhesive Splashbacks

Wax like Adhesive Splashbacks

Water-resistant adhesive splashbacks with wax have colorful patterns that give the kitchen a certain kind of brightness without you having to do too much. The wax is a trendy decorative and colorful pattern that symbolizes African culture. The use of this immediately transforms your kitchen from classic to contemporary.

Floral Tapestries

Floral Tapestries wall decoration 1

Floral tapestries combine embroidery and prints which gives your room an unconventional look. The trick is to choose patterns that blend with the rest of the room decor. The tapestries could be formal or mystical or plant motifs depending on what you want to recreate. Dried hang flowers are also very practical.

Electric Garland

electric garlands or decorative drapes

Electric garlands or decorative drapes have been in the trend for a while. The soft lights decorate the walls with elegance and delicacy. They are suitable for use on head beds as curtain chains 


Coat Hooks

metal wall mounted coat rack

Whether you decide to use this to hang your bags, coats, or other clothes, wooden coat hooks are like wall-mounted wardrobes which are practical but serve a decorative purpose. If your room does not have enough space to fit in the closet you want, this should be your go-to option.

Straw Hats

Straw hats beach hats bench storage hallway decor 660x660 1

You can hang straw hats on the wall above your headboard or dressing room to mimic classic and country-styled decorative themes. This decorative pattern is easy and cheap to achieve and is best suitable for neutrally designed interiors. Aside from straw hats, dried flowers placed in vases and baskets can also be used.


Dreamcatcher for wall

These Native American objects provide your room with a bohemian atmosphere. This decorative pattern is simply classic and traditional. Installation of multiple dreamcatchers is a way of pulling it off.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers wall decoration

This gives your room a rustic and pastoral look. Using single pieces of masking tape, you can install dried flowers on your walls to achieve a bucolic atmosphere.


This design is not just for your room, you can also preserve these grids’ flowers in vases or bouquet form. Colorful flowers are more practical with this design.

Message Stickers

Wall Decals For Home TreeLetter Acrylic Decorative Self Adhesive Best HOIS51328 1

Stickers are very practical, decorative, and affordable. Message stickers allow you to decorate your wall inconspicuously. Using message stickers with original handwritten letters will do just the right job

Wired Metal Grids

Wired Metal Grids

These grids made of wired metal are very practical with fixing in frames. They can be used to create an original headboard for your room. You barely need to do so much drilling into walls because the grids are the right alternatives to keep your frames in place. You can easily make attachments and changes without ruining your walls.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets wall decor

Remember those metal baskets that allow you to store fruits and vegetables in your kitchen? These hanging baskets which are flexible vegetable fibers serve just that purpose in your bedroom. You can store several things in these baskets especially if you don’t have much space. To install these baskets, you can make use of coat hooks or wooden hooks.


Photo Wall

Photo Wall

This is the ‘wall of inspiration. The use of personal photos, prints, or magazine cuts to create a jumble on the walls of a bedroom isn’t just something only teenagers do out of boredom. This has been employed as a trendy interior design. Choose photos that are inspirational to you to create this look. 

Retro Alphabet Board

Retro Alphabet Board wall decor

Wonder why children’s books are as colorful as they are?. Children tend to be attracted to colorful items so the best way to get them to learn is by making learning materials just as decorative and fun as possible. This alphabet board has retro illustrations that not only serve an educational purpose but are also employed while decorating rooms for children.

Metal Shelves

Metal Shelves wall decor

This is very practical for the children’s room. This serves as a rack for the storage of books which is like an attractive library arrangement.


Pegboards wall decor

Instead of storing writing materials on the writing desks, you can install a pegboard just above it which serves as a storage unit. This pegboard is adjustable and helps keep the room tidy as well as imbibe in your kid(s) the act of neatness and tidiness.


Climbing Wall

Creative Rock Climbing Men Sculpture Wall Hanging Decorations Resin Statue Figurine Crafts Home Furnishings Decor Accessories

If you can’t afford a separate playroom for the kids then you might as well love this idea which involves you using a section of the wall to attach climbing holds with fall-absorbent materials beneath. This ensures a safe play area for your kid(s).

Pop of Light

Pop of Light wall decor

Coral-colored and large bulbs with tapestries and classic furniture serve as the right blend. Fixtures that give off dim lights, serve best, especially for kids who love to fall asleep with the lights on.

Plush Animal Heads

Plush Animal Heads wall decor

The use of stuffed animal heads to decorate rooms for kids has always been in trend. The Installation of several of these stuffed animals on headboards creates the right look. 

Color Pop creation with several patterns

Color Pop creation with several patterns

Motif wallpapers and framed illustrations of different kinds combined create a pattern that has an original artistic set. Since the traditional decorations of most bathrooms are classic, this is just right. This pattern is very different from the normal wooden and neutral decor of most bathrooms. It involves the use of bright colors incorporated into patterns and graphic decorations.


Shelving mirror

Shelving mirror for wall decor

This helps to obtain more bathroom space. The mirror is fixed on a shelf and serves as a storage unit which is very practical for bathrooms, especially small ones. 

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles wall decor

Terrazzo Tiles are made of faux marble materials and are mostly used for countertops and floors. This can be used in smaller bathrooms to create an illusion of space. Terrazzo models come in light shades and pastel colors, either would fit just right for your bathroom. A combination of wooden decorative or gold metal elements and white earthenware would keep the cherry on top.

Wall of Frames

Wall of Frames

The atmosphere this introduces is cabinet-style. The wall of frames is composed of accumulated framed illustrations, posters, and just old frames placed on the wall. This is an unusual but fashionable decor, especially because people barely take out time to decorate their bathrooms in this manner.

Small or cubed Tiles

Small or cubed Tiles

This effectively gives any bathroom a retro look. The tiles are like little white squares demarcated with black lines. You could also use colors to highlight other sections of the walls. 


 Bedroom Decor Ideas

Since your bedroom is where you start and end your days, it is important to consider making it as comfortable and as appealing as possible. All bedrooms are equally important for comfort, even your guest room deserves to have an impressive look because that is where you would be having non-family members stay overnight.

Designing your bedrooms can prove to be extremely difficult because interior decor is a very wide practice and a lot of factors come to play. In addition, you also have your preferences and it might be difficult putting all you love in one place and make it all blend. 

Here are some tips to help simplify the decision-making process:

  • Decide what exactly it is you want to recreate. This is typical and logical but very important too. If you don’t choose your recreating ideas, you are going to step far behind giving your bedroom an appealing and serene surrounding. Do you love cozy, rustic white bedroom interior designs?
  • When you have decided on the particular interior to go by, the next step would be figuring out how to get it done. Are you going to hire an interior designer? Would you contact a local or online interior design company? Would you rather go on a DIY project? This depends on your budget and whether or not you trust someone else to get it done just the way you picture it.
  • Your furniture, walls, and floors mostly decide how the rest of your decor goes. If you decided on something minimal or maximal, it might require you to repaint the walls, refinish the floors, or change your furniture.

Now that you’re a bit settled, below is a list of Top-notch bedroom decor ideas:

  • Small Space Storage; your room might be measuring as small as a hundred and seventy square feet but you can make it look a little bigger. You can achieve this by painting ceilings and walls all white and use of trunks or blanket chests at the end of your bed and vintage clothing racks in place of closets
  • Built-in-bed nook; building this captain’s bed and surrounding it with vintage wallpapers and tiles gives your bedroom a cozy atmosphere.
  • Statement Headboard; if you have plain white walls in your bedroom, using your favorite kind of art or architectural design above your bed can create the perfect contrast.
  • Mixing Patterns; for the use of patterns, begin this interior design by painting your walls a crisp shade of white. Afterward, introduce graphic patterns on the floors through rugs and headboard designs. To pull this off, be sure to choose similar colors so everything blends.
  • Built-in-bedside bookcase; if you have a small bedroom, this is ideal. In place of normal bedside tables, which have less storage space, make use of a narrow bedside bookcase. This will not only serve the purpose of traditional bedside tables but would serve as a storage unit for all your favorite books as well.
  • Pops of color; this is quite trendy and very easy to achieve. With all the walls painted white, you get to introduce bright colors through the sheets, wall posters, colored poster beds, etc.
  • Painted Accent wall; this works just fine when the rest of the ceiling and side walls are all white. The end walls are then accented with a different and brighter color.
  • Natural wood accents; in this interior design the bedroom is soaked in a sea of white(white chairs, white beddings, white walls, white drapes) but the wooden doors, furniture, and flooring provide the contrast.
  • Nature-inspired neutrals; is the use of tanned hues, muted brown, green, and blue in dimmer shades to use on the beddings, headboards, and even furniture. This provides a sense of serenity which is much needed in a bedroom.
  • Use of Cozy Materials; this is the use of warm and cozy beddings, long blinds, and padded headboards all with different shades of soft colors.
  • Serene correspondence; in this decor, attached to the headboard on each side are customized floating bedside tables. Illumination is achieved using petite lamps and a pendant bulb.
  • Dreamy Spring; the beddings used have a playful floral print but the bed itself is white-washed. The neutral wood paneling is contrasted by a pop of bold textiles. You can also decide to accent your desk or with something as usual as a hat mold. This gives your bedroom a cozy and personal feel.
  • Art Display; this is pretty simple. Choose a section of your bedroom wall where you get to accumulate your favorite framed pictures and art.
  • Golden Accents; you can find pieces that would work just fine at antique stores. Here, the headboard and metallic nightstand contrast with the rest of the golden accents in the room.
  • Country Blue; blue is a major cool color. You can use different shades to blend properly.
  • Spindle furniture; use of characters possessing multiple patterns like a bed frame or chairs with spindle design.
  • Layered patterns; use of soft accents. Door knobs and shams with pale colors would fit right into a bedroom mixed with a single neutral and single bright color.
  • Outdoors-in; this interior design allows a great in-flow of natural light. With tall glass windows that give you a full view of outside scenes, neutral colors, indoor plants, and wooden floors.
  • All-neutral; neutral colors have a way of creating an illusion of space. Shades like white and tanned brown are practical in this interior design.
  • Farmhouse style; includes the use of barn doors to create headboards and textile beddings with a touch of multiple colors.
  • Wallpapered walls; this is common and trendy. Choose a wallpaper with your preferred design, pattern, and colors, and cover your walls with them.
  • Earthy touch; the beddings have a botanical-themed pattern and color and the bedroom walls could be painted with hues of green.

Bedroom color combinations

  • Shades of grey
  • Lavender and white
  • Light brown and dim green
  • Peach and white
  • Brown and creamy white
  • Indigo and white
  • Radiant yellow and light blue
  • Pink and lime green
  • Beige and Burgundy
  • Shades of purple

Wall Art for Bedroom

The wall, aside from the floors, is the largest area of any room and while you have the right bedding, furniture, and accessories, the space might still feel plain and too simple. The essence of wall art is to bring character right into your personal space. Some decorative materials you can install on your bedroom wall that would give an artistic feel include;

  • Murals
  • Antlers
  • Tarps
  • Textiles
  • Lacquer
  • Built-in bookcases
  • Gallery wall
  • Wallpapers
  • Posters
  • Patterned rugs
  • Custom mirrors
  • Mounted Sculptures
  • Portraits

Dining Room Decor Ideas


   The dining room is one place where most families spend quality time while enjoying meals. Just like every other room, it deserves some decor attention and clutter-free space. Whether you are starting over in a new home or you intend on redesigning your dining room, these are several ideas you could consider;

  • Minted green walls; neutral colors are quite popular and common so if you want something quite unusual but beautiful too, you could go for this daring shade. Mint green can be complemented with white, teal, and beige.
  • Vibrant colors; your curtains don’t necessarily have to be plain or neutrally colored. You can use blinds with design patterns and colors.
  • Bold Tablecloth; brightly colored and patterned statement linens on your dining table can give the room a different look and also hide irremovable stains.
  • Pastels; this range of colors includes lavender, purple, pink, peach, yellow, green, and blue all with subdued tints.
  • Mirrors; mirrored walls are suitable for small dining rooms and also if you’re running out of artistic ideas.
  • Banquette; installation of this upholstered furniture is a great way of bringing relaxation to the dining room, you could even spice it up by including throw pillows of various colors.
  • Statement lighting; use of fixtures with bold lighting is also very practical in dining rooms.
  • Painted floors; painting or repainting your dining floor would be very impactful for a change.
  • Centerpieces; to give your dining room a more sophisticated look, you should consider statement centerpieces like candlesticks especially the ones with lush green and rich red colors.
  • Circular table; too many cube-shaped, boxy accessories and sharp furniture can make a space feel too cramped and confined. Using a table that has a fine circle shape for your dining can barely go out of style.
  • Coastal-inspired; a combination of neutral colors on the floors and furniture and cool blue on accessories would achieve this look.
  • Melon Pop; floral centerpieces and walls with the shade of melon blended with green drapes.
  • Bright seating; if you would like to deviate a bit from the use of wooden seats or neutrally colored ones, this is an option. Your dining seats can draw all the attention with unusual and bright colors.
  • Gallery wall; this art isn’t just great for bedrooms and bathrooms, turns out you can also achieve this creativity in your dining room. The difference is you are limited to the use of botanical prints with all white frames.
  • Colorful runners; Aside from your floors, another place where runners would fit right is the dining room table. You can decide to make it a colorful one.
  • White backdrop; use of classic, bright and clean white paint on your walls for a background effect which you throw in colors in the center of your dining room is another interior decor idea that works just fine.
  • Family photos; framed photos of loved ones aren’t something reserved for the living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways alone. This decor is also practical in the dining room. The pictures should be displayed in matching frames.
  • Woven accent; a large pendant in the center of your dining room would give the perfect highlight.
  • Textured neutrals; neutral colors and natural materials with textures like a pendant or a wooden rug.
  • Built-in seating; for small dining rooms, a cushioned bench would fit right into the minimal space. In this interior design, the table is moved closer to the wall so more members can use the table from the cushioned bench. You can also spice it up with colorful throw pillows.
  • Unexpected touches; you can include something unusual and unique on the ceiling, on the chairs, walls, or floors. Something that feels out of place in a dining room but blends in decoratively. It could be layers of bold rugs, punchy pillows, or even art on the accented ceiling.
  • Mismatched Seating; your dining seats don’t necessarily have to be uniform. If you would like to switch things up and deviate from usual, this is a great option. Choose your preferred dining table and surround it with different but complementary chairs.
  • Use of Contrasting colors; an example is the use of a dark wood dining table with white seats and light hardwood floors.
  • Trendy chairs; transparent chairs would complete any kind of dining table.
  • A mix of textures; woven curtains, walls with matte paint, polished table.
  • Dinner table sectional; you can surround your dining table with a low-profile couch made with an easy-to-clean fabric so you can easily get rid of food stains.
  • Outside inspiration; this decor involves you giving your dining room a different area that allows more natural light and feels close enough to the outdoors.
  • Functional Island; in this case, your island is more than just an island, you can extend the block and make it a dining area.
  • Playful plaid; this decor dares you to go for the most fun and loudest colors. You can use redwood for your dining table and complement it with seats painted bright orange. You can even use colorful flowers as accents.
  • Tablescape decor; the centerpieces used in this Decor are large, unique jars.

       Macramè Wall Hanging Patterns

What are macramè hangings?

These are decorative textiles that are woven or knotted into different patterns and hung on walls. Despite how complicated they look, most macrame patterns are creative and very DIY-friendly. 


   Macramè has a history that dates back to many years ago having its origin in ancient Assyrian and Babylonian culture. 

With time, macrame gained popularity and became used in the decorative creation of blinds, runners, pillowcases, jewelry, key chain, hammock, plant holders, garlands, headboards, light fixtures, rugs, and hangings for walls. Macramè patterns are available for everything!

Macramè is an art that has tested creativity, mindfulness, and business potential.

   Wall hangings became popular in 1970.


Materials used include; 

  • Dowels(metal or wood)
  • Wooden stick
  • Metal pipe/ driftwood
  • Macramè cotton rope
  • Sharp scissors
  • An object to place and suspend your work(i.e macramè board).
  • Tape measure

Wall hanging patterns include; 

  1. Macrame tree of life wall hanging
  2. Macramè full circle wall hanging
  3. Macramè half circle/ crescent moon wall hanging
  4. Macramè mandala wall hanging
  5. Large macrame wall hanging
  6. Macramè flower pattern wall hanging
  7. Pom-Pom Tassel macramè Wall Hanging
  8. Macramè off-white wall hanging
  9. No-weave macramè wall hanging
  10. Copper-pipe macramè wall hanging
  11. Floral macramè wall hanging
  12. Macramè wall hanging with draped colorful strings
  13. Macramè yarn garland pattern
  14. Dreamcatcher with feathers macramè wall hanging
  15. Chic macramè wall hanging
  16. Macramè pink wall hanging
  17. Macramè hoop wall hanging
  18. Macramè wall hanging leaf pattern
  19. Tree branch macramè wall hanging
  20. Jersey fabric macramè wall hanging
  21. Macramè wall hanging with fringe
  22. Single knot wall hanging
  23. Macramè diamond mesh pattern
  24. Ombre macramè wall hanging with copper heart
  25. Macramè square knots wall hanging
  26. Macramè feather patterns
  27. Macramè wall hanging with knot spiral stitches
  28. Lace pattern macramè wall hanging
  29. Macramè dreamer wall hanging
  30. Angled macramè wall hanging
  31. Butterfly macramè wall hanging

Pom-Pom Tassel Macramè Wall Hanging

This pattern features colorful tassels and simple macrame knots. Supplies needed for this pattern are low-cost as well. One of the easiest macrame patterns to make if you want to go DIY


Large Macramè Wall Hanging

This pattern is large enough and can be installed on walls as a mural.

Macramè Off-white Wall Hanging

This is not just a wall hanging, it serves as a curtain as well while being decorative.


No-weave Macramè Wall Hanging

With the use of a cotton table runner, this pattern is created without looms or weaves.

Copper Pipe Macramè Wall Hanging

This pattern includes tubes and copper piping giving the entire appearance of a metallic display.


Floral Macramè Wall Hanging

This pattern is flexible enough to switch between using flowers and seasonal decorations in it. The round woven ring in the center serves as the Installation point. So whatever time of the year it is, you can always change the decorative accessories to fit the season.

Macramè wall Hanging with Draped Colorful string

This large macramè wall hanging pattern can be achieved with colorful tassels and some yarns. It has the characteristic look of a drape.


Macramè Yarn Garland Pattern

This also allows you to give your dull walls a splash of colors blending and transiting from one hue to another horizontally. The pattern. The width is enough to cover a good section of your wall.

Dreamcatcher with Feathers Macramè Wall Hanging

This is made with a combination of textures and contrasting colors. A wisp macramè hanger is used and the textures are a selection of eye-catching ones like a feather. The result gives the atmosphere the feel of a farmhouse.


Chic Macramè Wall Hanging

This features the application of four basic macramè knots. The result is an unconventional pattern.

Macramè Hoop Wall Hanging

The pattern is in the form of a wheel. It gives off a classic appeal.


Macramè Wall Hanging Leaf Pattern

This is suitable for those who love to introduce touches of nature in their interiors. This Macramè is woven in leaf patterns.

Macramè Pink Wall Hanging

If you need a touch of color on your walls, this is an awesome option. The textures and color splash are sure to brighten your decor.


Tree Branch Macramè Wall Hanging

This creation features the use of a tree branch as a dowel. It provides your decor with a rustic accent.

Jersey Fabric Macramè Wall Hanging

This pattern excludes the use of the traditional macramè rope. Jersey material is used instead.


Macramè Wall Hanging with Fringe

The result of this pattern has a free-fall appearance. The edges in this design are fringed.

Macramè Semi-circle/ Crescent moon Wall Hanging

This pattern is usually created using different colors of cotton rope to make a neat arrangement of semi-circles with a finishing of straight lines.


Single Knot Wall Hanging

This Macramè is created with the application of single knots and the addition of tassels detailed at the bottom.

Macramè Diamond Mesh pattern

With two colors intertwined in a pattern to form diamonds. The lighter/neutral color is the layer while the brighter color is used for detailing. The use of this macramè is another way of introducing pops of color in your interiors.


Ombre Macramè Wall Hanging with Copper Heart

The making of this pattern starts with the use of a lighter color and transits to the gradual blending with a darker color. Practically, a blend of two different color hues. The spice of this pattern is the inclusion of a heart-shaped copper.

Macramè Square Knots Wall Hanging

The pattern is created by the application of square knots. The entire hanger is all-white but the edges are brightly colored. 


Macramè Feather Patterns

This macramè is woven to depict the image of a feather. When it comes to the addition of texture, macramè feathers are more effective than tassels.

Macramè Wall Hanging with Knot Spiral Stitches

This pattern is created by weaving and connecting triangles and spirals.


Lace Pattern Macramè Wall Hanging

This is created by the application of advanced knotting types. The convoluted patterns result in something stunning.

Macramè Dreamer Wall Hanging

  This pattern is influenced by the mystic details of the dreamcatcher. 


Angled Macramè Wall Hanging

Just like the pattern name suggests, this macramè is created to form an angle. The length of one side is longer than the other. The bottom of this pattern is dipped in bright color.

Butterfly Macramè Wall Hanging

If you would love to bring the outdoors in with animations and bright colors, this design pattern is one way to go about it. As the name suggests, it is woven to form a butterfly. It has a twig for a holder which brings an aesthetic look with it. It is also perfect for outdoor decors, like your garden or front porch.


Macramè Tree of Life Wall Hanging

 The image created by this pattern depicts a tree and leaves

Macramè full Circle Wall Hanging

Unlike the crescent moon wall hanging, the circular patterns of this macramè are complete.


Macramè Mandala Wall Hanging

  This macramè is made with a wooden dowel and four strands of cotton rope. This is achieved by the application of several knotting types which include lark knot and double hitch knots.

Where to hang your Macramè

   Macramè wall hangings can be hung anywhere as long as it fits the theme. 

  • Head of the bed
  • Over a couch
  • Over a fireplace
  • Over a desk
  • Office
  • Bathroom wall
  • Dining room wall
  • Hallways
  • By a window
  • Studio
  • Accent walls
  • Sunroom
  • Nursery
  • Gallery wall

Macramè Knots

  1. Double half hitch knot
  2. Square knot
  3. Gathering knot
  4. Berry knot
  5. Lark knot

Cool Things To Put In Your Room

Making your bedroom comfortable and appealing is an act that cannot be overemphasized and there are thousands of accessories and decorative objects to choose from. Most are also very practical. Here is a list of some;

  • String light window curtains
  • Photo clip strip lights
  • Wall decor with LED lights and flowers
  • Bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker
  • Vanity mirror with lights
  • Bedside shelf
  • Bluetooth speaker with water-resistant casing
  • Cell phone and tablet holder
  • Flickering flame solar lantern
  • Mini projector
  • Home planetarium
  • Ocean wave projector
  • 3D illusion death star night
  • Indoor relaxation fountain
  • Salt lamp

The items listed above are needed for relaxation and to make your personal space more enjoyable, however, there are several things your bedroom needs that are not exactly optional. They include;

  • Linens
  • Sturdy bed frame
  • Bedside lamps
  • A comfortable mattress:
  • Rugs
  • Dressers
  • Decorated Headboards
  • Functional side tables

        3D Floor Murals

What is 3D flooring?

     This is a decorative type of flooring that involves the use of a large-scale art object that creates an optical illusion. This decorative floor has fundamentally transformed interior flooring. It is a combination of comfort and technology. It involves the layering of self-leveling primer followed by the image itself.


  • 3D floors are resistant to a large range of chemicals
  • Provides a fabulous visual effect
  • Resistance to fire
  • It serves a decorative purpose
  • 3D floors are seamless making them easy to clean and maintain
  • With proper maintenance, they can be very durable(about ten to twenty years).
  • These floors are highly customizable


  • Without underfloor heating, a 3D floor can feel cold which is the same disadvantage as tile floors.
  • Cracks are very visible
  • Contact noise while walking
  • Finishing is mandatory to reduce sensitivity to UV radiation.
  • They are difficult to Install
  • They are expensive

3D floor murals application

  •   Industries
  • Car showrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Shopping malls
  • Offices
  • Parking lots
  • Garages

Installation Process

  1. Select the preferred 3D mural image
  2. Change perspective of 3D floor art images
  3. Print your desired 3D flooring image
  4. Prepare base layer
  5. Finish-coat your 3D floor

Step 1: Select Preferred 3D mural image


This is the image of exactly what you want to recreate or represent on your floor. This image can be a painting or picture capable of producing a 3D effect. Afterward, the image is photoshopped and made into a high resolution of about 300 dpi. 

Step 2: Change the perspective of 3D floor art images

    After having a picture of what you want in mind, take a picture of the room you intend on applying the 3D floor mural using the right angles. Contact a designer if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of how to use graphic software.

Step 3: Print your desired 3D flooring image


This is where you contact an agency to get the printing of your preferred mural done. This is because these printing agencies have experience and you would need professional help for floor preparation and finishing.

Step 4: Prepare the base layer

This is the stage where you have to get rid of all the stains, grease, oil, and even detergent from the depth of the floor where you intend to Install the 3D mural. This is achievable by cutting, milling, or grinding.

Step 5: Finish-coat your 3D floor


The most suitable finishing supply is polyurethane varnish PUR Aqua top which is the most stable amongst all other kinds. It ensures that your 3D design is not susceptible to fading. A special glue is used to paste the image to the floor and an abrasion-resistant coating layer is used.

3D Flooring Materials

  • Resin
  • Mud 
  • Adhesive
  • Fibre-reinforcement concrete
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Acrylics
  • Photopolymers
  • Thermoplastics


With materials, labor, and installation, a 3D floor mural could cost about $3 to $12.


The purchase of materials alone is within the range of $2 to $5.

          Home Decoration Rules

  1. Ensure you give your sofas space
  2. Choose a statement piece
  3. Add mirrors
  4. Use the right lighting
  5. Dress your windows
  6. Create layers
  7. Fake height
  8. Hang your art appropriately
  9. Mix shapes
  10. Use multiple objects on the walls, not just one or two.

Ensure space between sofas: allow at least forty-five centimeters of space between the seats and the center table.

Create layers: arrangement of patterns, textures, and decorative accessories determines how appealing your interiors look. Don’t just throw beautiful stuff around, create a pattern, and add layers. Combine fabrics, colors, and textures to produce a character.


Choose a statement piece: your statement piece is your hero piece. It serves as a stunning surprise object which steals the first and most attraction. It could be anything; a rug, an oversized piece of furniture, artwork, etc.

Fake height: if your interior is characterized by low ceilings, low-profile furniture is ideal. This is because low-profile furniture creates an illusion of space. Furthermore, you can paint the walls the same color as the ceiling.

Hang your art appropriately: whether it is a painting or a photo, ensure not to place your art too high. Position your art at eye level which is about a hundred and forty-five centimeters from the floor to the center of your art. The mainframe should be at the center and other frames should be around and beside the mainframe or art.

Mix-up shapes: use of sharp-edged, straight, and boxy furniture and accessories could ruin your interior. Don’t stick to one shape pattern, add curved or circular furniture to spice it all up.


Use multiple objects on walls: if you want to decorate your walls, do it right. Don’t just hang a single piece of art or accessory, make them multiple.

Dress the windows: make sure your curtains are at full length, flowing to the floors.

Add mirrors: mirrors reflect views and add depth and height. This makes their use decorative and practical.

Get the lighting right: whether it is a light pendant or a chandelier, make sure everything is in proportion. The fitting should maintain a ratio of half and two-thirds between the lighting and table width.


        Elements of Interior Decoration

  • Lines
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Shape
  • Pattern
  • Light

When it comes to trends, the phrase if you can’t beat them, join them is applicable. 

Every year comes with different trends for different Industries and interior designing is very dynamic. Not only do you get in touch with your creative side while spicing up your space, whether it is an office or where you live, but you also get to create an environment that feels like home.

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