48 Decoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Decoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To PinterestLike every year, Pinterest unveils its ranking of the 100 trends that will mark the year, based on user searches on the platform. And like every year, decoration and more generally the art of living hold a special place in this ranking. Decorative trends focused on well-being and eco-responsibility

True mirror of our current society, the top Pinterest 100 shows a real desire to have a place and a lifestyle oriented towards well-being, ecology and eco-responsibility. Winter garden, essential oils, zero waste, conviviality… The house is a real refuge, but also a place to act to reduce its impact on the planet.

From the layout of its interior to the well-being of our 4-legged friends, via telework or evenings with friends, quickly discover the 48 decoration and lifestyle trends in 2021!

Pinterest trends 2021 in ecology

Ecology occupies a prominent place in this 2021 ranking of Pinterest trends, and for good reason: consciences are waking up more and more in the face of climate emergencies.


Thanks to these decorative ideas, you will be able to decorate your interior in an ecological and trendy way.

1. Vintage or second-hand decorationDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Bring character to your decoration by looking for pretty vases, which change from those that can be found in decoration stores (source: Damask & Dentelle )

Le Bon Coin, Vinted, flea markets, antique dealers, Emmaüs… These are some places to know for bargain hunting for second-hand decoration ! Besides buying an often unique object, it is also an economical way to decorate its interior.

Buying vintage decoration also means reducing your ecological footprint. Indeed, these are objects that have not been mass produced in the factory recently.


It is also an opportunity to buy unique, artisanal or design pieces. Do not hesitate to take the time to hunt around, browse specialized sites to find small nuggets that will bring a touch of originality to your interior.

A little paint on an old piece of furniture, and it’s ready for a new life (source: Atelier Marchal )

Furnishings are no exception to this second-hand trend. A flea market furniture found in the street or even an old family furniture can have a new life and even be trendy!

A few strokes of paint, new handles or legs and voila.


2. The recovery decorDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Transform wine bottles into designer vases by spraying them with a dark mat paint (source: Clem Around The Corner )

What if instead of buying, we played the recovery card? It is an opportunity to express your talent and ideas through DIY activities. Look around and divert some old or unused objects to give them a second life.

Transform an old guitar into a wall shelf, a drawer of an old bedside cabinet, glass jars into a portable lamp… The important thing is to let your imagination and your hands do its thing!

Draw in your workbench to transform scrap copper tubing into a designer candle holder (source: Un beau jour )


After work, we always have surplus material. You can use it in DIY to create a bunch of objects. This will save you from throwing it in the trash or leaving it in a corner of the house, unused for years.

3. A DIY solar lampDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Simple to make, this minimalist solar lamp allows you to bring light to your terrace or balcony. This DIY is a hit on Pinterest (source: L’atelier du Geek)

Energy efficient, solar lights are sold in DIY stores at all prices. The Sundroppar project makes it possible to produce a solar lamp in around 15 minutes, and this DIY made a splash on Pinterest with a 427% increase in the search for “DIY solar lamp”.

This DIY solar lamp only requires an Ikea pot: the Droppar, which is no longer available for sale. But you may have it in your kitchen or storage room? Otherwise use Mason Jar which also have a cover in the form of a hoop.


4. A zero waste kitchenDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Very useful for storing your bulk products, glass jars become decorative elements in your kitchen if you place them on wall shelves (source: Mes Essentiels )

To reduce its consumption of plastic and packaging, bulk shopping is becoming more and more popular with consumers. It is therefore important to use a few decorative tips to store your groceries in your kitchen.

Thanks to their transparent appearance, glass jars (Le Parfait jar type) allow you to find what you need at first glance. Arranged on wooden shelves, colors and food become real decorative objects.

Pretty cotton tea towels or crates collected from your merchants allow you to add color to your kitchen (source: Marie Claire Idées )


To store your fruits, vegetables and other bulk products, you can also customize old crates. Tea towels and other fabrics replace the paper towel and paper towels. You can also use your bulk bags for a more minimalist and less colorful decoration.

5. Sustainable and responsible products at the tableDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Replace paper napkins with pretty cloth napkins, for the holiday table as well as the everyday table (source: Pinterest )

To reduce its impact on the planet, there are a few habits to adopt. Habits that are a simple return to the lifestyle of our grandparents at the table.

Replace the plastic with glass, no longer use paper or paper plates, favor stainless steel straws over plastic straws…


We adopt durable materials, which do not need to be thrown away or changed regularly.

Pinterest 2021 trends in zen

With lives going at 100 an hour, we aspire more and more to a Zen way of life, where well-being occupies an essential place in our daily lives. And this necessarily involves the development of his living space.

6. The feng-shui decorationDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Well lit and poorly decorated, the feng-shui bathroom must be soothing (source: Au feminine )

Ancestral art, feng-shui comes from China. Thanks to a few layout rules, it allows you to have a decoration that lets energy circulate freely in the house, to transform it into a real haven of peace.


Each room has its own rules for feng-shui. The 5 elements, the orientation of the place as well as the Yin and the Yang are taken into account to arrange the room correctly.

For a feng-shui interior, it is necessary to avoid disorder, crowded interiors, dark rooms or even sharp corners.

7. Indoor fountainsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Like a Japanese garden, indoor fountains are an integral part of a feng-shui decoration, from which they take their codes (source: Crafty Lumberjacks )

Create a zen corner in your living room or your main living room, using an indoor fountain as a central element. There are many models of indoor fountain.


Some have a spiritual dimension, notably taking up the figure of Buddha or Ganesh. Others are more decorative, with LED lights.

The gentle lapping of the water flowing in the indoor fountain is very soothing. However, its installation will be reserved for living rooms such as a living room, an office or a patio.

Indeed, in a room, this noise could disturb your sleep or falling asleep, despite its soothing side.

8. Lithotherapy stonesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Quartz, amethyst, rock crystal… In recent months, lithotherapy stones have become real decorative elements (source: Crystal Gems )


The witchcraft 2.0 trend gave birth to a fashion: that of lithotherapy stones and other crystals used both for their virtues and for their decorative aspect. Arranged in an altar or in its interior like a cabinet of curiosities, they can be found in all rooms of the house.

However, it is good to know their power so that you do not have them anywhere. Thus, we can put quartz or amethysts on a bedside table, but we will avoid jade.

9. Essential oilsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Certain essential oils such as lemon, peppermint or even ylang-ylang can be used to clean up the interior (source: Juliette’s recipes )

The trend of zero waste and household respectful of the planet is becoming more and more of our daily lives.


The DIY recipes to create its own cleaning products for the home including contain essential oils, each with their own virtues.

Essential oils can also be used in a wellness routine, to create your own beauty products or simply to massage, relax or heal.

Essential oils should however be used with caution. Pregnant women or young children should not be exposed to it, as these are highly dosed oils.

Pinterest trends 2021 for gardening and green plants

For years, plants have taken up more and more space in our interiors as in our gardens and other balconies. And it’s not about to stop!


10. The urban jungleDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Bring nature into your interior by transforming your apartment into a real urban jungle (source: Shake my blog )

Succulents, ficus, cacti, succulents… The list of trendy indoor plants has grown over the years. A true decorative element, this urban jungle brings nature into the interiors.

Plants can be placed in all rooms of the house, provided that the constraints of the rooms are taken into account. Some plants will prefer humid rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen, while other plants will be more suitable for sunny rooms.

To create a real urban jungle, accumulate plants in your interior. You can install them on the floor in pots or baskets, on shelves or window sills, etc. Do not hesitate to vary the different species to reproduce the “jungle” effect.


11. Indoor vegetable gardensDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

DIY way, this indoor vegetable garden made from macramé and wood hangs from the wall to grow some aromatic plants indoors (source: Hello Blogzine )

Basil, mint, chives, cherry tomatoes… Here are some plants that can grow indoors, without needing an exterior. Indoor gardens are a great way to garden, even when you live in an urban environment.

There are several types of indoor vegetable gardens. You can do it yourself, with pots, crates, soil… Or invest in a connected indoor vegetable garden, which allows an autonomous growth, but which will be more greedy in electricity than a DIY model.

Grow your sprouted seeds easily in your kitchen, to have them handy for your culinary preparations (source: Bohemian Wornest )


Among the major trends of 2021 are sprouted seeds. You can grow them directly in your kitchen, using a sprout stand or DIY solutions. These germinated seeds make it possible to season salads and have interesting nutritional virtues.

12. The Australian gardenDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Composed of ferns and plants resistant to drought, the Australian garden allows you to have a beautiful green garden all year round (source: Homes to love )

Very popular in Canada and South Africa, the Australian garden has been much sought after in recent months on Pinterest.

This type of garden requires very little maintenance, which is practical for those who do not have a green thumb or who do not have much time to devote to gardening.


The Australian garden is mainly composed of ferns and plants that resist drought.

13. Winter gardensDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Inside: the winter garden brings nature into the interior thanks to large glass roofs and imposing plants (source: À Part ça… )

The winter gardens are particularly suitable for the development of a patio or veranda. Open to nature thanks to large bay windows or canopies, they allow you to enjoy the rays of the sun in the middle of winter, without having to put your nose outside.

Design your winter garden as a living space. Install comfortable armchairs or a sofa, in which to settle down with a good warm book. Bring in plants such as monsteras, ficus or even succulents, which can grow indoors.


14. A house at the bottom of the gardenDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Like tiny houses, small garden houses allow you to have an outbuilding or a place to live for family members with all the necessary comfort (source: Pinterest )

The research “Small garden house for grandparents ” has increased by 159% in recent months. Inspired by the trend of tiny houses, it is a solution to keep loved ones close to you.

These small houses have all the comfort of a traditional house, but in miniature version. We can have them built on his land, at the bottom of the garden, or make them terraced.

2021 Pinterest trends in friendly cooking

Respecting the hygge philosophy, cooking will be more and more convivial in 2021. We are developing the space to share a good coffee or a drink with family or friends.


15. A coffee corner at homeDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Create a corner dedicated to the preparation of your coffees and other hot drinks in your kitchen (source: Upcycle my stuff )

Take inspiration from Starbucks corners that can be found in some airports or stations. Dedicate a location in your kitchen to prepare your coffees. A good professional coffee machine, wooden shelves with mugs, sugar, products… And a pastry display for the most greedy!

16. An outdoor barDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

This DIY bar allows you to have a real bar on a terrace or balcony, without it taking up space when it is not in use (source: Pinterest )

Nothing is more convivial than having an aperitif with friends in your garden or on your balcony when the sunny days arrive! To avoid spending your time between the outdoors and your kitchen, set up an outdoor bar.


Those who do not have much space will opt for a DIY bar, hung on the railing of a balcony or fixed to the wall with a wall shelf system.

If you have a garden or a large terrace, you can install a real bar, like a summer kitchen. This can in particular be composed of a real counter, a sink, cupboards, etc.

Pinterest trends 2021 in multifunctional living spaces

With the development of telework and new technologies, the house has become a multifunctional place of life: leisure, work, family life… Find out how to decorate your interior to feel good at home and enjoy it every day.

17. The home cinemaDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Large screen, speakers and sound bars, comfortable sofas… Create your own home theater (source: Ambient Lounge )


Prepare the popcorn, the drinks and call your friends: your personal movie theater is ready! Create a comfortable place for your Netflix parties with friends.

Install a few soft sofas or Fatboy style cushions. A dim light, a large screen and a powerful sound system can create a movie theater in a room of the house, in the basement or attic for example.

18. An audio roomDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Turntables with a vintage look have been very trendy in recent years, and have become real decorative elements (source: Marrieke )

Like libraries, audio rooms are spaces where you can have a quiet musical break.


Store your vinyls or CDs in designer shelves. Deliciously retro vinyl turntables allow you to listen to your favorite 33s while enjoying the latest technology.

Do not hesitate to make this space even more cocooning with a soft carpet and a few armchairs to relax while listening to your playlist of the moment.

19. A teleworking spaceDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Create a real office area in your interior, with wall storage and lockers, but also collage and other baskets (source: Decoration )

Teleworking is becoming more and more common. Instead of working with your computer on your dining table or slouching on the sofa, create a real workspace in your interior.


You can set up your workspace in a corner of your living room or in your bedroom.

Use the wall above your desk to install wall storage or to create a viewing area.

Your office must be adapted to the decoration of the room in which it is installed, in order to have true harmony. This will make you want to work without feeling in an open space.

Pinterest trends 2021 in children’s decor

This year, genderless decoration is the major trend in decorating bedrooms and spaces dedicated to children. We forget the color codes like pink for girls and blue for boys, and we create a trendy unisex decoration.


20. A genderless playroomDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

This Scandinavian style playroom in light colors is perfect for a genderless decoration (source: The world is very small )

For a non-gendered playroom, favor light shades or colors like green, yellow or even purple. These non-gendered colors allow you to create a timeless and cozy playroom.

The Scandinavian style decoration lends itself particularly well to this room. Light wood furniture provides storage and spaces for play or manual activity.

Complete the decoration with illustrated posters on the walls, a pretty light garland and a fluffy carpet to make the whole even warmer.


21. Unisex children’s bedroomsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

A white crib, a decoration on the theme of the savannah and light colors make it possible to obtain a non-gendered baby room here (source: Cocoon decoration and nomadic life )

There are layout solutions for a baby room if you do not yet know the gender of your child or if you want a more neutral decoration.

No need indeed to fall into the clichés to arrange a room of baby or young child. As with the game rooms mentioned above, we opt for retro or Scandinavian style furniture to furnish the bedroom.

The touches of color are brought notably thanks to the decorative objects (bed linen, toys, lights, posters, stuffed animals…) or even by painting the walls in light shades.


22. Outdoor play areasDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Build a wooden hut at the bottom of the garden in which your children can have a real sheltered play area (source: Chrissy Powers )

Instead of being locked up in front of the TV or your nose on the console, send your children to the air! Outdoor play areas are back in force in the gardens. Forget the gantry bought at Toys’R’Us: the trend is DIY outdoor games.

The more DIY enthusiasts will be able to build a cabin on one level or in the trees. Skill games and other swings are also handmade.

Made with a large sheet, a carpet and a washing line, this teepee will be a perfect cabin for your children as soon as the weather arrives (source: Deavita )


The tipi is the easiest outdoor play area, even without being a handyman. Do not hesitate to use everyday objects such as a washing line to fix it, or to tie a sheet between two nearby trees to create a cabin.

Pinterest trends 2021 in ethnic decoration

Inspired by travel and other cultures, ethnic decoration is very trendy in 2021. It allows you to escape while staying at home, and also to adopt other lifestyles.

23. Spanish bathroomsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Fully tiled, this retro-style bathroom is Spanish-style thanks to its colorful mosaic tiling (source: Décor Cuisine )

The Spanish bathrooms are recognizable by their tiled floors. This is often covered with very graphic tiling, mosaic or taking on a particular shape such as scales or cement tiles.


For a Spanish-style bathroom, also consider having vintage-inspired furniture, as well as retro lighting fixtures such as blown glass sconces or chandeliers on the ceiling.

Typical of the 1930s Spanish style, this long bathroom has a vaulted door (source: Décor Chambre )

Another distinctive element of Spanish bathrooms: their decorative arches. They can be found as well as door frames, ceiling or even on windows.

24. Indian salonsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

In a living room or veranda, have several thin mattresses and embroidered cushions to create a soft seat (source: Maison & Objet )


Very colorful, the Indian decoration brings a dose of good humor in the living room ! The vibrant colors are mainly found on textiles : throws, quilts, throws on the sofa, embroidered cushions, etc.

The more daring. or those who are not afraid of getting bored. can paint the walls of their living room in bright colors like fuchsia, yellow, green or even orange.

Some posters of Indian deities on the walls, brass objects and dim lights will complete the set to have an Indian living room worthy of the name.

25. French antiquitiesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Installed on a fireplace, the large mirror with its golden frame is typical of a French decor for foreigners (source: House of Valentina )


It is not very exotic for us, but for our neighbors, French antiques allow to obtain a “so Frenchy” decoration, very Parisian.

Large mirrors that have weathered over time, embroidered cotton bed linen, lamps with glass legs, silver candlesticks, toad armchairs… Everything you find old-fashioned or bourgeois makes other countries happy, especially Arab countries where searches for “French Antiquities” have exploded in recent months.

26. Japanese bathsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Very designer, this Japanese bathtub is reminiscent of certain claw baths that are found in small Parisian apartments (source: Bath styles )

Among the Japanese, the bath is a real art of living. These tall baths are a kind of tank in which the Japanese come to immerse themselves when clean, with water at 42 ° C. Like a jacuzzi or a whirlpool, it is a space for relaxation and well-being in the bathroom.


Pinterest trends 2021 in animal life

Our 4-legged friends and other pets are clearly pampered in 2021. Hotel for animals, toilets for dogs, games for cats… Take the time to transform your interior or your garden into a comfortable living space for your companions with short or long hairs!

27. Dog terracesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Create a corner of greenery with real lawn on your balcony, so that your dog can always have contact with nature (source: Mahakampost )

Balcony or terrace : if you live in an urban environment or if you do not have the possibility of taking your dog out all day, this is a place where he can set up a small green space and play area.

If your pet is alone for a good part of the day, this can become a place where it needs it during your absence. For this, do not hesitate to dedicate a site composed of grass and gravel, where you will teach him to go if necessary.


28. Hotels for animalsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Have a dedicated space for your dog or cat in your interior, with its basket, toys and decoration in the same theme (source: Next Luxury )

Pet hotels are becoming more common. Take inspiration from these often richly decorated concepts. sometimes in a very kitsch style. to create a place entirely dedicated to your 4-legged friend.

Many decoration brands such as MADE.COM or Maisons du Monde offer more and more objects and small furniture for animals.

Invest in a beautiful basket or cushion. Buy a brand new bowl for kibble and some toys. You will quickly make people happy!


29. Outdoor games for catsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Protected by nets to prevent them from escaping, this cat play area allows them to climb, play or hide (source: Mon jardin ma maison )

The play areas are not just for children! Also called catios, these cat play areas allow your felines to play outside without escaping.

Perfect if you are tired of watching them climb up the curtains or drop everything on your shelves.

The catios can be more or less large, but must contain certain stimulating elements: high boards, hiding places, scrapers, etc.


30. Rabbit hutchesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

This large iron rabbit hutch is large enough for your rabbit to stretch its legs when it is not at large (source: 2 bunny buns )

Whether indoors or outdoors, the rabbit hutch is essential if you have adopted one of these charming little rodents. Choose a model large enough, so that your rabbit is not trapped in a small space and it can stretch its legs.

This real palace for rabbits is made using two HOL side tables from the IKEA brand (source: Bidouilles Ikea )

The more DIY enthusiasts will be able to transform furniture such as coffee tables or old buffets into a rabbit hutch design, reclaimed. This allows the hutch to blend into the decoration of his living room.


Pinterest trends 2021 for birthday parties

Let’s finish this ranking of Pinterest trends for 2021 with a festive theme: birthday parties! Very related to decoration, it is an opportunity to fully exploit trendy themes.

31. Astronomy eveningsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Planets and astronauts invade the festive table with cardboard crockery and DIY decorations to get their heads in the stars (source: Cuckoo Lifestyle )

For a birthday party under the theme of successful astronomy, there are a few essential ingredients.

Tableware decorated with fake planets and stars. Rockets and astronauts glued to straws or bamboo sticks to make a photobooth. Planet garlands on the walls and balloons in the colors of the solar system.


Without forgetting a cake in the shape of a planet, moon or rocket, to make it the highlight of the show!

32. “Two the moon” birthday partiesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Galaxy print, star cake and silver balloons in the shape of a moon or a star are the perfect ingredients to celebrate your toddler’s two years (source: Kaila Walls )

Word game inspired by the English expression “To the moon”, “Two the moon” birthday parties are perfect for celebrating your child’s second birthday.

The printed galaxy and stars are found in both the decorative elements on the birthday cake. To recall the nights of a full moon, the majority of the decoration is in a midnight blue (like the Classic Blue from Pantone ) or purple tending to the eggplant.


For those who do not have the time to do everything, there are many DIY kits to organize a Two The Moon birthday on sites like Etsy.

33. Non-gendered birthday partiesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Soft colors and vegetal inspirations for this candy bar proposed for a little boy’s birthday (source: Decor Trend )

Forget the theme “Princess” for girls and “Cowboys” for boys. Birthday parties become genderless and open up to new horizons.

The decoration incorporates trendy themes such as the galaxy or the jungle, to offer a mixed and friendly party. The candy bars and other cakes take up the theme of the party, while the decoration uses neutral colors such as green, white, gold, yellow, etc.


With its ranking of the 100 trends of 2021, Pinterest sets the tone for our lifestyles and decoration.

The decoration and lifestyle trends are largely inspired by current fights, such as ecology, personal development or the fight against sexism.

Zero waste, recycling or even the ubiquity of plants in our interiors occupy a prominent place in this ranking, from which we have identified 33 deco / lifestyle trends.

The interiors are transformed to correspond to our lifestyles, between multifunctional, zen and convivial places.


The animals, faithful companions, are not to be outdone. Pampered, we transform certain places of our interiors in 2021 to make them even more room in our lives and to care for their well-being.

There is no doubt that these 33 decoration and lifestyle trends designated by Pinterest will be major influences in terms of decoration and consumption this year!

Pinterest: the trends that marked the year 2020

1. Repainting your tilesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: repaint the tiles for a makeover in the kitchen or bathroom.

With + 1276% for the painted tiles search on Pinterest in 2018, it seems that we all want to put a brushstroke in the kitchen or the bathroom.


If you are fed up with your ugly tiles or if you no longer want to have the same kitchen splashback as in the past 10 years, this trend is certainly for you.

In a bathroom, choose a paint specially designed for this room. If you are afraid of getting bored, choose a trendy but timeless color like taupe, blue or pale pink.

It is also an opportunity to add a touch of originality to your interior: dare bright colors or even the famous colored cement tiles, which we no longer present. If you do not want to go through the paint for an easy makeover, we recommend the alternative of adhesive cement tiles.

2. Geometric patternsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend for children’s rooms: geometric patterns


Somewhere between pop art and an ode to geometry, this trend is perfect for DIY fans.

+ 225% for painting geometric shapes research, perfect for those who feel ready to play the brush.

This trend is particularly suitable for decorating children’s or teens’ bedrooms. For these pieces, favor soft or cold colors, less aggressive than brighter colors. You can also opt for shades reminiscent of the furniture or decoration of the room.

This geometric painting technique can also delimit a particular area in a bedroom, such as an office area in a teenage bedroom. To stay pretty and not get bored quickly, choose 2-3 different colors max.


3. Hanging wall fabricsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: hang fabrics on the wall as decoration

If Pinterest and especially its users are to be believed, this is THE big wall decor trend to adopt in 2020.

With + 1718% for textile art research, we will have to get posters and paintings in order to adopt hangings and other weavings to dress our walls. This trend finds its place especially in the living room and the inspiration comes from the boho decoration and the macramé weavings.

In 2020, we will favor colored fabrics to bring a note of originality to our walls. For this, you can opt for printed fabrics to buy in the fabric store as well as for fine cotton rugs, which are fixed to the wall with an invisible fixing system.


If this decorative trend interests you, discover our article dedicated to wall weaving, you will find DIY ideas, a shopping selection, tips and tricks to decorate your walls with textile.

4. Mustard yellowDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: mustard yellow

Already very trendy in the field of fashion, mustard yellow is also inviting in interiors.

With + 45% research for mustard yellow in recent months, it seems that it is gaining followers. It is especially in the household linen that it comes to put color in the rooms and the living rooms.


The most daring will adopt it in their furniture, but with the risk of getting bored over the years. However, a mustard yellow wardrobe or sofa can bring light and cheerfulness into our interiors. It is certainly not the color of the year according to Pantone, but it is still successful!

5. Install a vertical garden in your living roomDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: the green wall and the vertical garden

It’s been a big trend for a few years now: to green its interior.

The urban jungle invaded our apartments (and Instagram accounts) for our pleasure. And if you never have more space for your small plants, know that in 2020, these will quickly take off!


On Pinterest, we actually saw an increase of + 287% for the search for vertical gardens. Here is what to find ideas to adopt new plants.

You can grow plants like ivy or ferns on panels hanging on the wall. These will allow you to create real paintings of greenery in your interior.

DIY enthusiasts can also hang a pallet shelf on the wall and place several varieties of plants on it. Recuperated way, you can also nail canned goods to it as a cache pot.

6. The cactusDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: cacti and succulents


Always in this urban jungle spirit, multiply the small cacti in your interior.

This plant does not require much maintenance and there are hundreds of different varieties. For a trendy urban jungle in 2020, combine cacti with succulents, these small succulents that we see everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. They don’t need a green thumb, and that’s fine.

With +235% for the research of cactus arrangements, you will largely find inspiration to create your own urban jungle and install these little pots of plants everywhere in the house.

7. The sheetDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: sheet metal


The industrial vintage style seems to resurface in 2020, to the delight of bargain hunters.

With + 563% for interior research in sheet metal, Pinterest users seem to be particularly interested in splashbacks in sheet metal or trompe l’oeil wallpaper to industrialize their kitchen or living room.

Very trendy in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, these large plates of enamelled sheet metal rather covered the ceilings. We divert them on a whole wall, which will highlight the furniture in raw wood, also ideally flea market.

8. The original wallpaperDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Deco trend 2020 Pinterest: the original wallpaper


But not grandma’s, with small flowers or abstract patterns. No, in 2020. as in recent years, the wallpaper continues to dress our interiors with original patterns.

Tropical, colorful patterns, graphic games, trompe l’oeil, watercolors… You are spoiled for choice. With + 401% for the search for original wallpaper, say goodbye to plain walls in your living room or bedroom.

In a more arty spirit, do not hesitate to cover some furniture or even your fridge with an adhesive wallpaper to give them a second youth.

9. Contemporary fireplacesDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: contemporary fireplaces


This is perhaps the easiest decoration trend for 2020.

And yet the subject seems to be of great interest to Pinterest users all over the world: + 763% for contemporary fireplace research.

Outdoor and indoor fireplaces with a sleek and modern design, far from the rustic home of our grandparents. Fireplaces also take up less space than brick fireplaces, to optimize spaces that are getting smaller and smaller.

If you live in an apartment or a rental, you can opt for fake fireplaces or bio ethanol fireplaces, to give yourself cozy and pampering moments by the fireside.


10. Natural poolsDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: natural pools

Forget the plastic pool or the pool filled with chlorine. A sign of a return to naturalness and an ecological movement which has also impacted the world of decoration for years, natural pools are tending to take the monopoly of the basin.

With + 262% for natural pool research, we are increasingly seeking to enjoy the joys of the pool while paying attention to its environment.

Born more than 20 years ago in German-speaking countries, these pools are real living spaces for the fauna and flora of your garden. They are particularly suitable for a house in the countryside, rather than in the city.


These pools are divided into 3 distinct zones, necessary for the eco-system: a bathing zone, a planting zone and a regeneration zone, often in the form of a waterfall (when possible).

11. Rustic decor for baby’s roomDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: rustic decor baby rooms

Generally, baby rooms are like a nest: cozy and full of sweetness. But in 2020, it seems that parents want to add a touch of rustic decor to this room.

+ 136% for looking for a rustic style baby room, and it is on the United States side that you will most often find inspiration.


Do not hesitate to cover a whole section of walls with wood, on which we will still affix some elements of childish decoration, to break the austere side.

The rustic aspect of a baby’s room can also come from a bed in raw wood, mottled or recovered from grandparents, or even a few decorative items such as wooden crates. In the spirit, we are very American West, with a source of Indian or Texan inspiration.

12. Geometric decoration in the children’s roomDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: geometric decor in children’s rooms

If you don’t like the rustic decor, don’t panic. You can also decorate your children’s room with a touch of cheerfulness!


For this, opt for geometric patterns. Chevron bed linen, polka dot or striped cushions, checkered carpet… Mix neutral colors like black, white or gray with more cheerful colors like pink, baby blue, water green or even yellow. To start, here are 25 ideas for decorating a child’s room in black and white.

Nothing prevents you from also mixing the patterns, or from staying on a single pattern but declined as well on the bed linen as on the walls. One rule: let your creativity speak.

13. Sleep in a cabin bedDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: cabin beds

We see more and more in children’s rooms: cabin beds.


And for good reason ! A real invitation to imagination and play, these beds can even allow some parents not to encounter worries such as the fear of being alone in their bedroom at night.

Whether they are already sold as a cabin bed in a store or made by parents, these beds are all the rage among the little ones!

Do not hesitate to decorate it with light garlands (for example guinguette garlands ) as a night light or to make it more pampering with large knitted plaids, to reinforce the feeling of security of your child in his hut bed.

14. Unforgettable figuresDecoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

2020 Pinterest decor trend: personalized birth posters


+ 315% for research displays birth data : this is an element of decoration for the baby’s room which interests more and more future parents!

Have the important figures of baby’s birth printed (weight, height, date and time of birth, etc.) to create a personalized decorative element. It is also a great birth gift idea, if you have pregnant women around you.

You can easily find customizable tables on Etsy. And for DIY enthusiasts, nothing prevents you from doing it yourself, for even more originality.

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