5 Easy Steps to Create Rustic Interior Decoration Styles

It’s already Spring! And although the beginning is passed by water… I do not know you but I already feel like sun, terraces and enjoy some of the outdoors in good company. Touch to start dreaming of the holidays that gradually come closer and do not seem so far away, and go tidying up the summer houses to live great moments with the arrival of good weather. If you are lucky enough to have a mountain house, a country house to rent or you just want to dream awake for a while like me… do not miss the advice today to get an updated rustic interior decoration styles in just 6 steps.Rustic Interior Decoration styles

The architectural elements of the house can already give us much of the work done. Stone walls, wooden beams, vaults, arches… all this type of elements will be the basis of our decoration. So no hiding or covering them let them fulfill their function and the rest we put it!

The most current rustic stands out for the use of lighter woods, vintage elements, brushstrokes of color and natural motifs. A more modernized, relaxed and soft version of the traditional rustic for those who seek to disconnect in the middle of nature without dispensing with the comforts of the city.

How to get a rustic interior decoration styles in 5 steps

1. The entrance. Our first impressionrustic entryway

Normally we go to this type of places to break with the routine and disconnect, we seek to relax and enjoy a few days of tranquility far from the cities. So even if it is a rustic dwelling with elements of the past, it must have all the comforts of today.


The first impression that we take when entering the house must be very pleasant. Even if it is temporary housing, it must convey warmth and a sense of living space. The decorative elements and small details will help us to enhance that feeling of clean, comfortable and comfortable space.

Power to the maximum natural light to achieve atmospheres that attract the interior. The elements of wicker or wood, as well as natural fabrics, will help create a feeling of warmth and subtract against the cold feeling so common stone in the garden.

A basket or basket with flowers, a nice carpet of natural fabrics or some auxiliary furniture in these materials will be the ideal complement to welcome our house.

At the entrance, you can play with practical elements such as a coat rack/hanger or a bench to put on and also with more decorative elements such as a small console to support some objects.


Details such as a bouquet of freshly cut wild flowers, plants or fresh fruit will help give life to the house avoiding the feeling of the careless place.

Finally, you can retrieve some old objects related to life in the field to finish decorating the entrance of the house. In this way, your visitors will be able to make a trip to the past without disregarding the current amenities.

2. The kitchen. The soul of the houserustic kitchen

The spacious and generous kitchens invite us to spend fun times together. A large table in the middle to eat with the family or learn rich recipes will be a very comfortable piece. If we can choose, an outing from the kitchen can be a great idea as it will allow us to make meals and dinners abroad in a very practical way.

The lighting will also be important, try to clear the windows and opt for light curtains that let the light through. For the walls opts for white, ocher and very neutral tones that also help to enhance the light. The natural stone walls and the touches of wood will do the rest.


For the furniture, choose some singular piece like an old restored cupboard or a buffet of rustic style. And likewise, opt for some old kitchen piece like a vintage scale or some element that soul to your decor.

Within the rustic style, there are many nuances and your decor should be adapting a little to your tastes. A rustic more modernized, something more industrial or more inspired in Provence You choose!

Finally, play with the kitchen utensils. Pans, pots and wooden spoons will help give that homey and lively touch to the kitchen. For this, it will be well to use some shelf to present some objects.


3. The living room. Family reunionsrustic living room

In the living room of the country house can not miss a fireplace, it is the star element and although in summer it is not always used will help to create that more welcoming atmosphere.


In the living room, it is important that you let a lot of light pass to generate a pleasant space. You can design the space forming several environments according to the activities you perform: a corner to chat or read, relax and rest, enjoy board games in the family, eat, etc.

An element that we will take into account in the decoration of the room are the textiles, which not only help at the aesthetic level but also help you increase the feeling of comfort. Cushions, rugs, plaids, blankets, curtains… Add a color stitch through the fabrics. To get that point more current and cheerful as well as relaxed, the pastel tones will go very well with the rustic style of your home.

You can also choose a vintage piece model from the series of vintage dining chairs and give it a color note with a little paint, as we discussed in the article on chalk paint. That will give a more fun and modern point to the decoration.

For the decoration, you can choose handmade pieces, the wicker, the forge, the wood or the ceramics will help you complete a rustic decoration with charm.


4. The bedroom. An oasis of peacerustic bedroom

In the decoration of country houses, the bedroom will be another key room. Our stay in nature should help us rest and relax so a harmonious decoration and a good mattress may be key to getting it.

For bedding uses soft tones and if you want to add color to some cushion or blanket but the base of the bed is preferable to use something basic like white and natural fabrics. Dress the bed so that it is fluffy and fluffy, that way the visual sensation that will give to enter the stay will be of maximum comfort.

It is preferable to choose wrought iron beds or wood for this type of decoration, although a bed upholstered in natural colored fabrics could also be a good choice. It flies of forms eccentric and very artificial materials and opts for the naturalness and the designs of simple lines. A broken white furniture with a certain romantic air could be a success.

Choose an outfit artificial lighting and as in other rooms, opt for light curtains that let you enjoy that special light of the field. Avoid the bedrooms with many elements, lean for a decoration with everything essential but that conveys calm.


If you have a spacious bedroom and a window with beautiful views, you can create a vanity area, a reading chair or a small desk with privileged views of nature.

5. The bathroom. A corner to disconnectrustic bathroom

It is another area in which we must place special emphasis. A small temple to relax in nature and as we discussed in the article about a particular spa, taking into account our tastes and with a couple of details we can get really fantastic spaces.

In the bathroom it is very interesting to maximize the natural materials: a wooden countertop or a stone sink can be elements that give a more natural air to the whole.

The country houses do not stop being that space in which we guard of the bustle of the city and in which we look for to relax and to connect with the field. In the bathroom also has to take into account that connection with nature integrating the space with the outside and for that, you can use the windows. Always taking into account the privacy of this room of the dwelling you can think of systems that allow covering or to discover the windows according to the moment. As there is nothing more relaxing than a foam bath with a view to nature.


In the bathroom you will not need many elements either: a space for clean towels, some wicker basket, some natural soaps and some plant will be details that will make the difference but opts for a simple and detailed decoration.

If you have come here, surely you already have a good handful of inspiration and some idea to put into practice. I hope you have been useful and as always, if you still want more… do not hesitate to visit my Pinterest!

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