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5 Important Pieces Of Furniture Which Belong To Every Child’s Bedroom

Modern childrens room furniture ideasWith increasing age, children have more and more needs. Where at first affection, a warm cot, a coiling table and daily care and employment sufficed, parents of primary schoolchildren experience their little ones from a different side. Now the time of self-realization has come. In the course of the school run, the daughter and son would like a room which fits their taste. Then it is “Walk with the bunny wallpaper and the pink clothes” and “Her with Minions, SpongeBob and a Fidget Spinner”. No question: Parents must go with the time to fulfill the wishes of the little ones.

However, some things have not changed in the children’s room, for example, the type of furniture required for children and adolescents. Desk, chair, bed, wardrobe and shelf are a small selection from the list of useful furniture. Together with the decoration materials and belongings, parents realize the first furnishings of their children. This is not always the case with a small use of financial resources and this is also good. Children and young people in particular do not handle their furniture so carefully, and the constant new purchase does not have a favorable effect on the accountancy. The purchase of high-quality and robust furniture also pays off for parents. These are not only found at IKEA, Dodenhof & Co, but also on the Internet – eg at hardeck.de in the online shop.

The desk for the children’s room – many variants to choose from

Modern childrens room furniture ideasIn the area of ​​desks, there is actually nothing that does not exist. For children, manufacturers produce desks made of wood, MDF, glass, concrete and plastic. Some of the materials mentioned must be free from harmful substances, especially for the building in the children’s room. Those are mainly used in plastic, MDF and also in woodworking shops within the applied lacquer. On the safe side parents of older children buy a glass table. A small child is looking forward to a wooden table with a lime color or in nature. The wooden tables for children are expandable in height. The width is between 120 and 140 cm.Modern childrens room furniture ideas

A slate-adjustable plate makes it easier for the child to paint and draw. In addition to this, there must be at least one compartment or a drawer underneath the tabletop for accommodating pens, papers, and a paper basket facilitates the child to maintain order. For high comfort, a desk chair is available. Its shape has to be ergonomic in order not to cause any back pain during housework. The height adjustability has a bearing role with the desk and chair. This applies to the backrest, seat and side parts. A model with rollers and a rotating element contributes to the flexibility. To protect the soil from scratch marks, sellers recommend purchasing a protective mat. Higher carpets are an obstacle, which is why they can not function as protective mats.


The right children’s bed

Modern childrens room furniture ideasFrom the second or third year of age, parents create a bed for themselves without a protective grid. Depending on how long the child should sleep in the bed, parents have to pay attention to the different sizes. Standard children’s beds come in the following sizes: 80 x 180 cm, 80 x 160 cm, 70 x 140 cm and 90 x 200 cm. If there are other children in the house, and if the bed is shared with the child, the maximum load capacity of the bed should be well above the child’s weight. Between 40 and 150 kg are normal for the child’s bed.Modern childrens room furniture ideas

Many beds already have slatted floor and mattress. Items with all accessories have a medium to low quality. Therefore, parents prefer to buy everything individually. With regard to the slatted grate, it can be said that an adjustable slatted grating enables an individual adaptation to the physical needs of the child. The individual struts must not stand apart, as this damages the bone. A mattress purchase also requires extensive knowledge about the type of mattress. Feather core mattresses are stable, but unsuitable for children. They also jump on the bed. This makes the springs strong and leads inevitably to the new purchase. Better are usually cold foam, coconut fiber and natural latex mattresses.

Wardrobe, shelf and toy box for the children’s room

Modern childrens room furniture ideasChildren own clothing pieces for all weather conditions. So that jacket, sweater and pants do not dug, they are in a wardrobe to be accommodated. The cabinet must be a bit heavier, but it must be secure. In the ideal case, the parents screw it directly to the wall. If the child pulls it up while playing, the cabinet does not fall. Since children mainly own sweaters, shirts and trousers, they need a closet with a larger number of lying surfaces. Drawers for underwear, socks, cap, scarf and other small items can be available. Alternatively, there are matching crates in many furnishing houses, which serve to store those garments.Modern childrens room furniture ideas

The shelf in the nursery helps the child to quickly find books, beloved toys and school items. Its height should not exceed the body size of the child. Thus the child reaches all levels and needs no help from adults. For everything, which is too small and can not be found in any shelf, the toy box holds. Legosteins, Barbies, Fidget Spinner and other things have enough room here and invite as well as the fast as well as the fast clean up. A box with a cover conceals the colorful corner and, as it were, creates a seat for friends.


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