5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small Bedroom

A small space, great ideas. Intelligence takes power when it comes to seizing spaces that may not have many square meters, but with infinite possibilities.ssmall bedroom

Is your bedroom small? Do not panic! We give you ideas to decorate, and structure, one of the most important rooms of the house. There are many ways for the master bedroom to grow, and they are not precisely “wide”. Take note and, if you think we have left some detail, do not hesitate to add it, every idea is welcome to decorate a small bedroom.

1. More than a bedside table

bedside tableThe bedside table is more than a surface where to leave the book of the day; it can be converted into a storage element more if we hit the model. At the beginning, you should have drawers. Reason? The underwear can be stored there, as well as other small items such as jewelry or a makeup bag.

The lively example of this structure is Componibili, a classic of Italian design. These functional pieces, designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri in 1969, adapt to any corner of the house, such as the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and even the bathroom. These auxiliary furniture “grows” vertically as they fit easily. Since they combine comfort and design, they are even exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. You can consult measurements and colors on the website of Domestic Shop.


2. Have you considered a folding bed?

folding bedThis concept may be more appropriate for a children’s room, but in fact, the folding beds allow you to make life in a space and at night to use it for what is due: rest. Thanks to a folding structure, for example, we can use our small bedroom to practice yoga, or simply move around it with much more ease, and here we are talking especially cleaning. This is a very good option also if we live in a studio of few square meters and use the space in a multipurpose way.


3. Or bed with trunk underneath: blankets can fit there underneath

underneath bedWe come from growing “up”, either with structures that allow us to compose them as we like, or leaving the bed parallel to the wall, but there is another space element that we can take advantage of if we prefer to leave the bed as it was and not make it flip-flop: the space below .

This is the ideal “hiding place” for winter home textiles, especially blankets and duvets, which would eventually colonize the entire wardrobe. Here we must deal with the hygienic question: the more protected everything is, the better. In this way, a trunk is a smart solution, but also covered boxes, perhaps even more manageable.

4. Take advantage of the sidesbedroom furniture

Another way to grow is, that is, to the sides. How? Mu easy: with side shelves. Here you can put the books you have pending, as well as photo frames or even a music player. We are left with these reminiscence models of the Nordic style for sale on Kavehome .


5. The Decalogue for a well-ordered wardrobebedroom wardrobe

This element is determinate so that order reigns in all kinds of spaces, especially if they are not very big. If the advice of the guru of order, Marie Kondo, you fall short you will be grateful for the keys of the School of Decoration, Ikea to boast of a first wardrobe:

  1. Take advantage of the compartments and if you do not have them, add them: the ideal place for ties and belts.
  2. Hanging structures: Perhaps during your adolescence, you used these hanging fabric structures to further provoke the chaos in your room, but its mature use is the complement in the same closet. Here, you can place all kinds of objects.
  3. If you have boxes, show them: It is a good idea to have them in the lower part, use them to store winter accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves.
  4. Closet fund? Store it in boxes, and if you have too much (good) background, you can stack them by shapes and/or colors.
  5. Protect your clothes with more elegant clothes.
  6. Shoes for Shoes: A few pairs of shoes can become too many are scattered on the floor. Take advantage of the shoes for shoes, to have them, either inside or outside the closet, well in sight.
  7. Pendant Shoemaker: This item is very useful for go-anywhere slippers or flip-flops of all kinds.
  8. Doors can also be hangers: If you use interior hangers for light items, such as shirts or cardigans, you can take advantage of the last millimeter of space.
  9. Multiple hangers are your friends: They are very useful for keeping several skirts at once, for example, and also for jeans.
  10. And if you can, add light: Small LED bulbs will help you to distinguish much better what you have in the closet.

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