6 Easy Steps of Pole Barn Construction Tips

Pole Barn Construction Tips-Previously, cows or grunt pigs smacked here. Old barns are now only used as a chamber for junk at many former farms. What a waste! Many people want the airy, light-flooded living atmosphere of a lofts and hardly an old building is as suitable for an expansion as the old farm buildings. But how do prospects find a suitable property? What obstacles are on the way to the dream loft?

Pole Barn Construction Tips
pole barn house kits exterior home design

“In a barn, one can combine great atmosphere with spatial quality, and one is somewhat freer in the design than in strongly protected buildings, such as old farmhouses,” says architect Thomas Drexel from Friedberg in Bavaria, pointing out the special advantages.

#1 Pole Barn Construction Tips-The First Step

But how do prospects find a suitable object? “First of all, one can ask the conservation authorities of the respective region,” advises Stefan Haar, chairman of the Bauerngemeinschaft Bauernhaus (IGB). Even on real estate exchanges on the Internet, there are always offers. In addition, there are historic farmers markets on which pole barn with living quarters represent a special item. However, a good place for the search is still the printed real estate part of local daily newspapers. “Often, the sellers are of upscale age and go the classic way across the newspaper,” explains Haar.

Pole Barn Construction Tips
Pole barn red exterior in Milwaukee with a gable roof

#2 Pole Barn Construction Tips-The right architect for the expansion


Anyone who has found and acquired a barn is faced with a next, at least equally important search: A good architect with experience in the renovation of the monument must. “From Selbermachen I’d given the need for building culture and technical knowledge necessarily advise. It is also virtually impossible to obtain a non-specialist a building permit,” says Drexel, who wrote a book on the strengthening of old farmhouses. The conservation authorities can also help with this research. They provide lists of suitable architects from the region.

“It is advisable for the building permit to orientate itself on these lists, because how well you manage with the authorities always depends on the architect’s reputation,” says Drexel. However, builders should not only pay attention to the professional competence of their architect. “Such a conversion can be a nerve-racking and exhausting process. It is important that you understand yourself,” advises Drexel. The chemistry among each other should be right. In addition, each architect has his own style, which should also match with his own ideas.

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#3 Pole Barn Construction Tips-Spacious loft with a rural flair

What is possible in terms of design depends on the degree of protection of the monument. Usually, there are few listed buildings in pure utility buildings, which is why the conversion of barns is simpler than that of farmhouses.”The great advantage of barns is that you can achieve a completely different feeling of space than in new buildings. You have transparent transitions like in a loft, but still the special charm of the barnyard,” says architect Haar.


And this character should be preserved during the conversion! Elements such as an open structure and wooden structures – usually mullions and bars – create an atmosphere and should not be covered with plasterboard. “In order to preserve the open space effect of the two to three storeys to the roof, one tries to limit closed rooms and build the floors on one side only,” explains Drexel.


The study, living room and kitchen are generally kept as open as possible. “Working and living spaces can be very beautifully solved with open galleries, which can be easily laid on existing structures,” explains the architect. For the realization of closed rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, the construction costs for barn removal is higher than for a normal house.

#4 Pole Barn Construction Tips-Large spaces need structure

Even if one deliberately renounces the separation of walls, the large rooms that are created must be structured to make them comfortable. “In addition to this, small islands, such as reading areas, living areas and work areas, are formed within the area,” says Wohnexpertin Katharina Semling from Oldenburg. This can be personalized with plants settle apart, fabrics and carpets. These tools not only improve the room climate, but also serve a practical purpose by attenuating noise.

Pole Barn Construction Tips
Interior decor design pole barn house ideas

#5 Pole Barn Construction Tips-Creativity in lighting design

Additional openings for windows must be created for a light-flooded living room. How and where this is possible must be discussed with the responsible building authority. “You also have to make sure that the windows harmonize with the facade image,” says Drexel. For the lighting design, there are several alternatives to the classic window during barn conversion: the large barn doors can also be glazed in addition to the roof windows or glazed gables and dormers.

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#6 Pole Barn Construction Tips-The insulation can become a problem


On the problem in the rehabilitation of old barns or stables is often the insulation. Of course, also applies to those building the new energy saving regulations. “Originally, old industrial buildings are not designed for this purpose, because the optical appeal of the old substance is preserved, and the insulation is usually carried out from the inside, which is complicated and complex,” says Semling. For the implementation, one should look for an expert with relevant experience in the energetic rehabilitation of old farm buildings.

Pole Barn Construction Tips

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