6 Fundamental Steps for Creating Beautiful Garden Design

The design of gardens and the exterior decoration of our houses is as important, almost as the interior decoration and we can use the decoration of gardens as a relaxing activity and a real time of leisure.garden design

As in the rest of the spaces that we want to decorate, we must first make an analysis of the characteristics of the garden, terrace or balcony. Because although each space is different, we can all consider them as exteriors and we can follow a program of gardens design according to our decoration style.

Garden Design: How to Decorate an Outdoor Space

If we really want to keep that space outdoors, obviously we will always get more out of the garden or terrace decoration at times of the year with temperatures and weather conditions conducive.

In these cases the choice of garden furniture must meet the qualities and characteristics of resistance to humidity and the weather. When we decided to make an outdoor enclosure the furniture would be protected.


1. Designs of gardens. Different choices and prices

The range of styles and qualities in the garden furniture can be very extensive and we will have to select the garden furniture and accessories that adapt to the space, our style and our budget.

Among the tendencies of garden furniture 2017 we can find the ones we are looking for: garden table, garden chairs, garden benches, garden fountains and make our own composition to get a design of outdoor gardens as in decoration magazines.

We have countless possibilities within our reach to find outdoor furniture, stores that have house and garden sections like Leroy Merlin, Ikea, El Corte Ingles…

Other exclusive and specialized in this section and of course, online stores like Ebay, Amazon…

  • And if our intentions are not to spend too much money on the terrace and garden furniture we can focus the search on cheap wood garden furniture and also on second-hand garden furniture.
  • An outdoor furnishings well chosen and comfortable enhances any outdoor area, but it need not be expensive. Two sun loungers or garden chairs, a table and four chairs leave your space very comfortable that we can use in countless situations.

2. Types of garden furniture 2017

There are many items in garden furniture available with a very wide price range:

  • The plastic garden furniture are very cheap, they will last a few years and are easy to assemble and clean. And we can always customize them by adding a touch a little more elegant by adding cushions or pillows with flat or stamped fabrics.
  • You can also make a small investment and buy aluminum garden furniture or wrought iron garden furniture, which last longer, bring a great elegance to the garden design and its maintenance is comfortable.
  • Another type of solid furniture, are the furniture teak garden that would last us many years if properly cared for and store it during the winter.
  • The garden furniture wicker are also very suitable in external areas, adding a classic and romantic touches landscaped gardens but are not suitable for moisture and sun so they are advised in areas covered and the decoration Balconies and terraces.

3. Lighting in the design of gardens 2017

In spaces exposed to the rays of the sun, we can not forget to decorate with umbrellas or awnings. And when the sun goes down, to enjoy the open air to the maximum, we will place garden lamps. The outdoor light points that work with solar energy are a great success in addition to providing us with a good saving: solar lamps or faulty led lamps

The floating candles in glass containers are also perfect accessories and decorative objects when night falls; In this case we can choose them with natural repellent for mosquitoes.

Each year, outdoor decoration stores feature mountains of solar lights of different models. Lights are a must in the Christmas season to create a garden and outdoor Christmas decor.


4. Design of gardens with outdoor plants and flowers

Finally, to improve this beautiful space, flowers and plants are a must. We can decorate with classic terracotta pots and skirt space or use other systems.


Naturally in the design of gardens we can not forget the flowers and garden plants. Without them we would have another space but it would not be a garden. We can follow the design of gardens online.

The combination of a good selection of outdoor plants with or without flowers can make the style in garden decoration completely change, being able to create a more or less detailed style according to its arrangement.

5. Styles in garden designs with stones

The decor trends 2017 bet on the different decorating styles. But it is possible that the most outstanding are the gardens decorated with stones for both the designs of rustic gardens, as in the decoration of minimalist gardens and the stones are protagonists in the gardens feng shui style or zen gardens.


When we want to decorate terraces we can adapt the furniture for garden but perhaps choosing the appropriate ones for design of small gardens because normally the dimensions of the terraces so require it. We can also include areas with plants for terrace and even decorate with stones.

6. Design of enclosed or covered gardens

In the winter garden we can create a small terrace design to host a meeting point for friends, relaxing moments, reading or working and to enjoy our plants; A fully integrated and relaxed space, perfect setting to chat and enjoy the landscape in the afternoon. They are trendy and totally chill out terraces.

If you enjoy the meetings and you love to create the appropriate environment for you to spend very pleasant and relaxed times do not miss the decoration with lounge style  as it is pushing very hard in America and its main objective is to achieve a very comfortable atmosphere.

There are large catalogs of fireplaces and garden stoves of different characteristics. The possibility of acquiring and placing one of them can give us the option to enjoy the space throughout the year.


More and more, even in public places such as cafeterias and restaurants, pergolas or windbreakers made by companies of awnings to create easily a closed and comfortable area that allows us to enjoy the design of winter gardens.

Close terrace or balcony with glass is a great choice for those who want to use this space all year without fear of rain and cold.

The modern terrace furniture

Surely you are wondering: How to decorate the terrace in a functional and modern way? And the answer may be multiple, as the furniture we choose for our terrace or balcony must meet the needs we have to create the appropriate environment.

When making the decision to close the terrace, surely we have in mind the use we want to give you that terrace furniture should meet those expectations.


It is possible that we realize a decoration of terraces with objects or accessories that perhaps are not related with exteriors because we must not forget that in these cases it will be a room more; Can be reading room, office, children’s playroom, conservatory…

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