6 Tips for a Vintage Romantic Interior Decoration in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a space in which to reflect our personality and in which, above all, we must feel comfortable. It is, therefore, important to take care of the decoration and study the space in order to achieve comfortable atmospheres to rest. Hopeless romantic and dreamy minds, we analyze the 6 keys to achieving a romantic vintage interior decoration styles that waste delicacy, personality, and style in every corner. Are you coming to discover it?vintage romantic bedroom

Tricks for Romantic Interior Decoration in the Bedroom

1. Recover old parts and modernize them

Interior DecorationMany times we throw things for the simple fact that they are outdated or out of date and although they continue to fulfill their function… they cease to seem interesting. That’s a big mistake! Sure that if we look at that piece with affection we can get much more out of it: a change of handles, a layer of paint or some extra element to give it a new air can be the solution! Open your mind and do not let escape those relics that can make a difference in your decoration.

There is nothing like an authentically vintage bedside table, a lovely old- fashioned dresser or a living room closet full of stories to tell. Also, furniture that once had a function and today we adapt to a new use more current, the key is to know to see the possibilities offered by each element and exploit them.

Forge beds, details of captain or those of wood with more classic lines will be ideal like the element of the bedroom. But we can also play with vintage chairs and armchairs, cabinets or chests of drawers, screens and antiquarian elements that give that vintage point to the decoration.


2. Bet on pastel shades and light colors

Vintage Romantic Interior DecorationAlthough we can always include some traditional dark piece, it is advisable to opt for lighter shades that bring luminosity and generate more pleasant spaces.

The soft tones and pastel colors will sweeten the ambiances by adding the most romantic touch we seek. And although we keep furniture with more classic features or lines, we will be able to add that point of modernity to the characteristic dark furniture of yesteryear.

A classic cherry-colored bedside table can become a totally different and present element if you paint it pastel pink. And the same will happen with the other decorative elements: fabrics, walls, and floors will help us create more interesting and luminous environments in keeping with the romantic vintage style.

3. Romantic vintage decoration with flowers, many flowers

Romantic Interior DecorationTo achieve a bucolic, romantic and dreamy essence, flowers can not be missed. As a decorative detail, some fresh flowers decorating a vase or adding a touch of color in a corner will be a good choice. But they are also a good reason for textiles such as bedding or cushions, for walls or even for lining interiors of drawers or cabinets and add warmth to the whole. Whenever we use floral motifs within this style, it is advisable to opt for small and discreet motifs that do not become visually heavy.


4. Always well-dressed beds

romantic bedroom bedWhen in doubt, better than about what not. The aim is to achieve a  soft and pleasant bed with the naked eye, in order to promote cozy and pleasant spaces. And for this, we must dress the bed well with cushions, bedspreads or bedspreads that help us achieve that purpose.

Choose natural materials and bet on soft tissues and envelopes that transmit maximum comfort when it comes to rest. Finally, play with complementary textiles to decorate the bed or curtains. Lace fabrics, lace, silks or tulle will help you to emphasize the more romantic side of the decoration.


In this case, it is also advisable to opt for white tones and light colors that convey serenity to the environment: blues, lavenders, roses or pastel greens will be good options. In the case of prints, opt for discrete motifs such as small flowers, finite stripes or moles that will give a more delicate and careful air to the whole. If you wish, you can combine several prints with each other, within the same chromatic range and thus break a bit with the neutrality of the light colors.

With all these tips, you will achieve an ideal bed for your romantic room – vintage but if above all… you are a romantic, you can not forget the magical effect that canopy beds provide. If you choose this option, choose a lightweight fabric that lets light through and creates a sensation of movement and fluidity and flees from opaque, coarse and heavy fabrics.


5. Every corner counts: dresser, desk, reading corner…

romantic bedroom furnitureIf you have space, keep in mind every little corner.  Think of other types of activities that you could do in the bedroom, as well as sleep, and transmit that care and detail touch of this type of decoration. For the most presumed, we can opt for a dressing area with perfume bottles or some necklaces in sight, this will help to enrich the atmosphere a lot decorative level adding a feminine and romantic. Other options are to dedicate a small area to desk adding that poetic and dreamy point with the accessories of decoration or a small corner of reading to enjoy the best stories.

6. Take care of every detail

romantic style bedroomIn all types of decoration this premise is valid, but within this style becomes more key than ever. The small details will make a difference and make the environments look neat. Betting to leave supplements to the sight: nice shoes, a delicate dress hanging or leaning on a chair, a curious hat or handkerchief will be perfect to make space more lived.

Other elements that will finish complementing your decoration making it more exquisite and stylish, will be the frames, the old picture frames or the mirrors with vintage airs. The key is to know how to balance and find a middle point between the old elements with the contemporaries and play with them creating very spatial atmospheres.

We already have all the keys to achieving a style of romantic vintage decoration with these little tricks we can create spaces full of sweetness perfect for rest. Also within this type of decoration, we can adapt to our taste if we prefer an air more romantic than vintage or more vintage than romantic we decided!


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