Asian-Themed Paint Colors: Tips to Create Soothing Atmosphere

Asian-Themed Paint Colors – As one of the largest landmasses in the world, Asia’s diversity provides inspiration in interior design for homeowners of all tastes. From the regal colors of China to the brightly colored patterns of Indian design, Asian-themed paint colors include every shade of the rainbow. Depending upon the environment you want to create in your home, an Asian theme may be restful or vibrant, but it’s always inspiring.Asian-themed paint colors

Wonderful Asian-themed paint colors Ideas

Impress With an Imperial Scheme

The colors of China – gold, red and black – are bold and dramatic. High-gloss lacquered tables and chairs, embroidered seat cushions and silk draperies make an imperial-Chinese color scheme an impressive addition to your home. Red is a dynamic color representing good luck and creativity in Chinese decor. In your dining room, pair cream-colored walls with royal red on the ceiling. A brass chandelier and a black dining table complete the look. For a variation, combine light yellow with rust red.

Create a Zen-like Atmosphere


Traditional Japanese interior colors include muted shades taken from nature. Off-white, gray, brown and black are the principle colors of Japanese design. When paired with the natural tones of bamboo and hardwoods, these Asian-themed paint colors come together to create a soothing oasis. In your bedroom, combine dove-gray walls with off-white carpet for a restful space. Paint your headboard matte black but keep the color in check and don’t overuse it. A light buttery yellow is another option for wall color and can be paired with pale peach or pink.


Seek Soulful Tibetan Colors

Tibet has a reputation as a location for pilgrimages by those seeking a soulful experience. Replicate an uplifting atmosphere by painting your home and furnishings in the colors of Tibet. Magenta, rust red, purple and burnt orange often are in the same space. Coral and turquoise are beautiful companions on the wall, and floral paintings featuring jewel tones of emerald green, golden yellow and vibrant red are stunning. Pair a couple of these vibrant colors – turquoise walls with yellow trim, or coral walls with an emerald-green ceiling – with neutral cream or white.

Embrace Indian Hues


Like the colors of Tibet, the colors in Indian color schemes are bright and bold. Take a hint from the Amber Palace in Jaipur and paint your bedroom emerald green. Repaint picture frames in gold and hang hot-pink draperies to complete the look. Use a stencil on a cream wall to mimic the patterned sari fabrics worn at traditional Indian weddings. Royal blue, magenta and turquoise are common Asian-themed paint colors.

Asian-Themed Paint Colors

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