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Balcony Cultivation Costs: How to Calculate the Subsequent Cultivation

Balcony Cultivation CostsWith a subsequent balcony extension, many tenants meet the desire from their own balcony. But since high costs can arise, it is important to calculate realistically. We show what needs to be invested.

Balcony Cultivation Costs: Both Tenants Benefit

A subsequent balcony extension makes it possible: finally enjoy the work on your own balcony and relax. Or barbecue in the summer with friends on the balcony while enjoying the beautiful view. But first you have to invest and that’s not too short, because: The costs of a later balcony can quickly become very high. The decisive factor is which material is used in which quantity.

Nevertheless, as the time of day “world” reported in an online article, a private balcony is an important criterion for every second tenant. But not only tenants benefit from balconies or a subsequent balcony extension, also for landlords, there are significant benefits, such as:

  • Increase rental opportunities
  • and the property value is rising

And last but not least, there is another advantage for the landlord through the addition of a balcony: For an existing tenancy, he can transfer eleven percent of the costs to the tenant. Prerequisite: The building must be designated as a modernization.

Procedure For Tenants In The Balcony Cultivation

Of course, both tenants are not able to add balconies without further ado. If, for example, a landlord decides to build a house with several condominiums, he first needs the consent of the other owners (but a three-quarters majority is sufficient). In addition, there is the fact that the landlord or owner, as a rule, must also seek contact with the competent construction office. Because for a balcony extension you usually need a permit, among other things because of the required distance to the neighboring property. And also because the exterior appearance of the house changes with the balcony extension.

In a first, non-binding pre-inquiry at the building office, usually come at no cost. Later, when procuring and assembling all the necessary documents, a construction company commissioned with the cultivation supports you. She then contacts the building office and helps to get a permit.


But also for the tenant, balcony cultivation is often possible. The decisive factor is that the landlord agrees. If this is the case in principle, it can be suggested to participate in the costs for the conversion. Or you accept a rent increase.

Which Balcony Models Are There?

The most important criterion that determines the level of costs is the balcony model you choose. There are basically three different types of balconies:

  • Self-supporting Vorstellbalkon: The cheapest and simplest model. He does not burden the outer wall or facade but stands on four supports. Advantage: There are no size restrictions
  • Anbaubalkon: This balcony loads the house wall partly, because he has only two front supports. It is connected to the wall by wall anchors. However, not all sizes can always be realized because there is a connection to the façade
  • Self-supporting cantilevered balcony: These elegant balconies are the most expensive. They hang completely on the wall and are held by drawbars on the floor ceiling, among other things. Problem: They can not always be implemented because the cultivation represents a significant interference with the building fabric

Balcony Cultivation CostsThe most important criterion that determines the level of costs is the balcony model you choose. (# 01)


Balcony Annex: Rough Reference Values For The Costs

For a balcony extension costs start roughly at around 3000 euros – without railing. There is usually nothing under it. However, these are then the simplest balconies: self-supporting wooden front balconies, whereby the assembly and the craftsmen always have to be paid extra. The assembly is an independent, partly high cost factor. A Anbaubalkon costs at least 3500 euros, but again without railing and installation.

Much more expensive is the completely mounted on the wall cantilever balcony. The worse the existing building fabric and more individually required or desired measures (eg privacy or roofing) are added, the more expensive it gets. With costs of at least 5000 euros you have to count on a small cantilevered balcony. On top of that, there are the costs for the installation, the railing and the craftsmen.

To the railing: There are also simple, less high-quality material, such as plastic. The meter is here already from about 20 euros. With a pretty stainless steel or glass railing can certainly incurred 300 euros – per meter.


Balcony Cultivation CostsThe two most important steps on the way to your own balcony are: the exact planning and the final execution. (# 02)

Balcony Cultivation Costs: Cost Example For Small Balcony

Assuming that the landlord or homeowner approves the balcony annex, then – in a standardized, very small annexed balcony with wooden railing – approximately the following costs must be expected:

  • Performance price
  • Anbaubalkon kit 2 x 2 meters about 3600 euros
  • Wooden railing about 600 euros
  • Mounting c. 3000 euros

Total: about 7200 euros


Important: In many cases, the wall opening for the planned balcony door must also be calculated. If there is no floor-length window in the later balcony area. And of course, the costs for the revolving or tilting door will be added later on, including their installation (about 1000 to 1500 euros). All in all, the cost of a small attached balcony with the simplest wooden railing, so roughly to 8500 to 9000 euros. For example, if you prefer a cantilevered balcony with a stainless steel railing, you can easily reckon on costing around 15,000 euros (the balcony costs about 5,000 euros, 15 meters stainless steel railings about 5,000 to 8,000 euros). At least.

Balcony Cultivation CostsA lavish, larger stainless steel balcony, of course, needs more time, but within a few days these balconies are also available. (# 03)

Checklist For Balcony Cultivation

The two most important steps on the way to your own balcony are: The exact planning and the final execution. The planning should take place in three different steps: the determination of the exact size, the choice of the model and the clarification of the legal framework. Of course, the actual cultivation takes longer and more complex.


This could be done or carried out as follows:

  • Contact the architect
  • talk through this with the possible options
  • Draw up drawings and apply for a building permit
  • Clarify financing with the bank
  • Get quotes from selected companies
  • A (wood or metal construction) company with the cultivation
  • and arrange an appointment for the start of construction
  • Early remove all possible obstacles on the facade, both inside and outside

Balcony Construction: Duration Of The Construction Period And General Tips

Once the costs have been clarified, a building permit has been obtained and a company has been commissioned to build the balcony, you are ready to go. Small, simple wood-growing balconies can usually be installed within a few hours. A lavish, larger stainless steel balcony, of course, needs more time, but within a few days these balconies are also available.

A general statement about the duration of the construction can not be made, as it always depends on whether preliminary work has to be done. Sometimes the substrate has to be prepared accordingly, sometimes the wall has to be renovated in advance. The wall must be easy to use, only then is a balcony extension possible.


And in the end, two savings tips: If you want to save money for a sunscreen, should install his balcony right on the north side. Because without sunshine no sun protection is necessary. And: If, in addition to the balcony extension, for example, even a terrace is planned, planning and construction should be linked together. That saves time and money. Another, possible advantage: If both are planned – terrace and balcony – you can perhaps use his balcony as a roof for the terrace. If it is structurally feasible. You kill two birds with one stone, saving money for a separate terrace roof.

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