Beautiful Landscaping Small Backyards With Pools

Small Backyards With Pools – A pool is a welcome backyard addition to almost any home. On the downside, if the yard is small, the pool likely takes up a good portion of it. Landscaping around the pool poses a challenge — areas around the pool are going to get wet and could become muddy. Permanent structures set next to the pool may be in the way, hindering access to the pool or the rest of the yard. Proper planning and space management maximize the utility and enjoyability of the pool and the backyard around it.

Small Backyards With Pools
Mediterranean pool small backyard garden landscape ideas

Landscaping Small Backyards With Pools

Double-Duty Seating

Because space is a premium in a small backyard with pools, seating that doubles as storage maximizes the utility of the space. Storage benches designed for outdoor use, placed along a fence or outer perimeter of the space, keep the open areas as large as possible — just keep the benches far enough away from the pool so people can access the pool easily. These benches can store pool gear and toys, grilling equipment or small garden tools. Regular movable patio chairs and tables round out the seating and entertaining areas of the yard.

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Pavers for Small Backyards With Pools


If access to the pool requires walking through a grass or dirt area, pavers or stepping stones cut the mess drastically. This will keep both the swimmers and the pool a lot cleaner than trodding through dirt to and from the pool. Stepping stones and pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors; choose something that blends well with the rest of the decor of the backyard, including existing rocks and the patio.

Small Backyard Pool Garden Landscaping Ideas

Pebble Gardens

In some cases, a pool takes up almost all the space in one section of the yard. Walking around it may be nearly impossible, as would mowing the lawn. Rather than leave those spaces grow wild, create a small pebble garden which takes up most of that space — a strip of a few inches to a few feet wide along the entire length of the pool, but along the outer edge of the property. In that strip, place smooth river rocks of a monochromatic color scheme or choose ground quartz chunks, or stones of a color that look good with the existing yard space and furniture. Within the pebbles, small garden ornaments sit to create visual interest, or leave the areas as plain stones for a clean look.

Small Backyard Landscaping with Swimming Pool Ideas



Plants directly next to the pool are bound to get splashed or even soaked from time to time. Any plants within splashing range should be chlorine tolerant, love water and relatively low-maintenance. It’s also important that plants near the pool access areas are far enough away that swimmers won’t step on them or be scratched by them as they enter and exit the pool. Flowering, nectar-rich plants are a boon for bees and butterflies. While these are enjoyable to watch in a backyard, don’t plant these near the pool so that bees and swimmers don’t get close to one another.

Small Backyards With Pools

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