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Best Decorating Tips for Teenage Girl Room Designs

Allowing your girl to have a say in Teenage Girl Room Designs usually means she’ll be more comfortable in the space.

Teenage Girl Room Designs
Blue and green bedroom decor traditional teenage girl room ideas

Teenage girl room designs usually aren’t the easiest of decorating projects. Pink frilly bows or cartoon character sheets may satisfy your daughter when she’s riding the bus to kindergarten, but as she gets older, she likely wants a more grown up space to call her own. Creating a decorating plan doesn’t have to be any different than planning your bedroom look — just make sure you take your daughter’s personality and interests into account so you’re not the only one who likes the room’s style.

Ideas for Teenage Girl Room Designs

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Get Input

When your daughter is young, you can get away with planning her bedroom design all on your own. However, once she reaches her teen years, she likely has pretty strong ideas about what she likes — and what she doesn’t. Start your decorating project by sitting down with your daughter and getting her ideas about what she’d like the room to look like. You don’t have to give her free reign — plenty of parents would balk if their teen insisted on painting her entire room black — but let your daughter’s style dictate the teenage girl room designs, and look for compromises where necessary. For example, if she has her heart set on black walls, consider creating a single black accent wall or using a less severe shade, such as navy or chocolate brown.

Classic style interior decor teenage girls room furniture ideas

Don’t Rely on Pink

Pink is usually the go-to color for a girl’s rooms, but it certainly isn’t the only choice. Your teen may even find a traditional baby or bubblegum pink bedroom a bit juvenile. Let your daughter choose a color scheme that she feels comfortable with — and don’t be afraid to let her go with bright colors. A shade such as turquoise, lime and lemon can give Teenage Girl Room Designs a fun, modern look. If your daughter is a fan of pink, try a more grown-up shade, such as magenta or dusty rose, or pair it with elegant, sophisticated shades, such as chocolate or navy, so your daughter doesn’t feel like her bedroom looks exactly the same as it did when she was a toddler.


Personalize the Space

You want your teen to feel comfortable in her bedroom, so it’s important to tailor the design to fit her interests. Letting her choose the color scheme and decorating theme is a good start, but you can personalize the space in other ways as well. For example, if your daughter is interested in art, you might use blackboard paint on one of the walls so she has a spot to work on new artwork each day. If she’s into sports, a built-in basketball hoop and traditional hardwood floor can be a fun addition to a corner of the room. For a budding poet, you can use magnetic paint for one of the walls so your daughter can play with a magnetic poetry kit right for wall on her teenage girl room designs.

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Use Temporary Accents

Teen girls can change their minds rather quickly, and they do a lot of growing up between the ages of 13 and 18. Instead of having to redo your daughter’s bedroom every year, look for temporary accents that reflect her current style but are easy to change. Bedding, window treatments and throw rugs are ideal options. You can use a delicate floral print when she’s younger, and transition to a graphic design as she gets older. Vinyl wall decals are also an ideal decoration for your teen daughter’s room — they come in a variety of styles and images. You simply peel off their backing and stick them in place, so they’re easy to change if your daughter gets tired of a design.

Teenage Girl Room Designs

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