Best Tips to Help You Installing Vinyl Fence Panels

Installing Vinyl Fence Panels is not a difficult procedure, but it does require the builder to first install fence posts.

Vinyl fence posts are available that will fit the aesthetics of the vinyl fence. If the builder prefers to use a stronger material, he can do so but will have to match the color scheme by painting the posts. Choose vinyl fence panels that feature a metal insert that will keep the panels from sagging or warping during changing weather. Vinyl fence panels without the inserts will be prone to sagging and warping after time, and while the price increases with the metal inserts, the investment will end up saving the builder money in the long run.

Before Installing Vinyl Fence Panels, be sure that the posts are sunk and secured properly.


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Dig the post hole so the bottom of the hole is wider than the top. When the concrete hardens, there will be more concrete at the bottom of the hole, so when the ground freezes, the frozen ground will keep the posts secured rather than pushing them upward and out of the ground. Posts that move upward can damage vinyl fence panels, meaning replacement will be necessary.

Manufacturers make vinyl fence panels to set specifications. The tolerances between connecting parts are often quite tight, and the builder must make sure that the panels are properly secured. When installing the panels, be sure to account for contraction and expansion — when the weather changes, so too will the panels. This movement can cause cracking or, conversely, separation of joints. Read the manufacturer’s specifications before installing any parts of vinyl fence panels and posts. When Installing Vinyl Fence Panels, be sure to account for the movement by not installing the panels too tightly or too loosely.



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Use only the best hardware when installing vinyl fence panels. Stainless steel hardware is best because it will resist rust and corrosion. The hardware will be exposed to the elements constantly, which means it is all subject to wear and tear. While cheaper hardware may save money, to begin with, more expensive, higher quality hardware will end up saving money in the long run because replacement will not be necessary as often or at all.


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The planning phase of installation is perhaps the most important, as it will save the builder time and money by preventing mistakes. Stake out property boundaries to avoid conflicts with neighbors, and measure carefully to ensure the fence panels will fit correctly between posts. Unlike wood panels and posts, vinyl panels and posts cannot be cut to fit, so the installation must be correct the first time.

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  1. I liked your tip to use stainless steel hardware when installing vinyl fence panels. I was wondering about to use when installing my new fence, so this tip will be really helpful while I’m gathering supplies this weekend. You’re right about how my hardware will be constantly exposed to the elements, so investing in quality stainless steel would be best to use so that it won’t corrode as easily. Thanks for the tips!

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