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Best Ways to Choose the Perfect Interior Design Styles

Choosing the best Interior Design Styles for you means expressing your tastes as well as selecting elements and pieces that work well together.

Interior Design Styles
Ultra Modern Style Living Room Architectural Home Interior Design, Los Angeles

Whether you have to first discover what your favorite design styles are or you know exactly what types of interiors you love, taking the necessary time to coordinate your furniture and accessories to the smallest detail can result in a space that reflects who you are as a person. Researching the different Interior Design Styles such as modern, traditional, country, romantic and tropical can help you understand what elements you’re drawn to and which ones aren’t as appealing.

Best Interior Design Styles

Modern Island Beach Home Retractable Wall tropical living room interior designs

Tropical design styles typically feature wicker or rattan furniture plus a lot of large scale floral printed fabrics in corals and greens. Romantic interiors are elegant and soft with fresh flowers as accent pieces as well as a large amount of pink. Country decors always have an informal feel to them and typically use shades and mixtures of the primary colors, which are red, yellow and blue. When choosing the best interior designs for you, think about the type of mood as well as how formal you want your space to be.

Traditional living room open floor plans home interior designs

Traditional interiors are more formal than other styles. Fine woods, tasteful colors and classic upholstery fabrics are hallmarks of traditional interior design styles. If you like tried and true interiors rather than experimental, unique designs, a traditional decor style may appeal to you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy unique design and very stark, clean lines, a modern style may be a better fit. Traditional and modern styles are complete opposites and don’t tend to be able to be combined well for the most part, except possibly in an eclectic, or mixed, look.

Interior Designs Country French Cottage Style traditional living room furniture placement ideas

An eclectic decorating style combines different styles. If you find that your tastes don’t tend to fit neatly into traditional, modern, country, romantic or tropical, you may be more comfortable with an eclectic look in your decorating. To avoid creating a mismatched looking room when combining different interior design styles, tying everything in with a theme or color scheme is a good idea. If you find you like the eclectic approach best, taking the time to figure out which aspects of the different styles of interior design appeal to you can help you plan an attractive living space. Eclectic decorators have to be able to edit their selections so everything works effectively together.


Interior Design Styles

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