Bioclimatic Pergola Designs – Modern Shelter for Garden and Terrace

Bioclimatic Pergola Designs-If you are looking for pergola roofing for terrace or garden, which is the constant change of weather adaptable, you need something between awning and porch. Suitable solution provides a bioclimatic pergola provides additional space to life. The new ‘bioclimatic’ technology is aimed at solar radiation and has a lot to offer in terms of weather protection.

Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola terrace garden pool greening roofing

We inform you about the many advantages of bioclimatic pergola designs as modern pergola roofing.

Bioclimatic pergola designs as terrace roofing

Thanks to the bioclimatic technology, the modern pergola shelter is immediately adapted to the sun’s rays. It consists of several slats that are linked in one system. These are electronically adjustable and therefore enable optimum protection and space usage. The temperature is regulated and the terrace is protected against overheating. Thanks to a wind and rain sensor, it is also possible that the bioclimatic pergola automatically aligns itself with the weather.

Bioclimatic pergola protects against sun radiation and severe weather


Because of their adjustable slats, bioclimatic pergola designs are gaining in importance. They adapt perfectly to the new requirements of the consumers and come in their new lifestyle. It is precisely these characteristics that owe their success, while the market for awnings is currently experiencing losses because they are not as adaptable and flexible.

Pergola shelter made of aluminum slats – Bioclimatic pergola designs

As a new, particularly beautiful and flexible product, these modern pergolas are not only designed on the basis of bioclimatic principles, but are also manufactured accordingly. Through the use of materials that harm neither humans, but the environment, the products of leading producers such as Solisystem, Biosun and Corradi can be attributed to the current efforts of a life change in the sense of the environment.

Bioclimatic pergola of Solisystem


A bioclimatic pergola from Solisystem is immediately adapted by means of remote control of the sun radiation, thus providing optimum protection against severe weather, rain, snow or wind. The adjustable slats guarantee a pleasant fresh air supply at hot outside temperatures and create almost natural ventilation in order to counteract a greenhouse effect. At the same time, usable shadows are available.

Bioclimatic pergola designs for modern and functional terrace

The bioclimatic pergola designs of Solisystem consist of several adjustable slats, which have been produced from 100% aluminum. They contribute to a heat regulation by natural ventilation and displace heat. The material and design of the slats ensure a wind resistance of up to 180 km / h and can withstand a snow load of up to 300 kg / m 2.

Bioclimatic pergola designs – yearly use


The bioclimatic pergola has many advantages and is particularly flexible in the design. The load-bearing construction consists of powder-coated steel and can be glazed on request. The option for infrared heating is also available. This allows the use during the cold season.

Custom – made or standard pergola, terraced roof or pavilion, everything is possible

The perfect pergola or terraced canopy is only possible if it is made to measure. Standard designs can be particularly suitable if a construction in the style of garden leaves or pavilion is desired. Otherwise, the pergola should fit perfectly to the building or to the terrace. Individually designed, it will surely meet all the highest standards.

Modern and functional outdoor design with a pergola 


In order to get acquainted with the existing possibilities for a pergola, it is advisable to consult live. In exhibition centers you can get precise information about selected products and look at them closely. Find the nearby showroom and find the right model for you.

Modern bioclimatic pergola designs by Solisystem 

A bioclimatic pergola is the ideal compromise to a winter garden and awning. The holding construction is stable and robust built, so that it surges all weather influences. Due to the stability, the frame can be extended. It can be glazed completely or only partially, where necessary, for example on the north side. With respect to the visual protection, the variant offers itself to be installed on one side panel or to close the system with a vertical awning.

Outdoor facilities in the evening use – lighting makes it


Optionally on request, LED lighting can be integrated, which can still be varied widely. The light creates a coherent, new outdoor ambience and makes the covered area even more versatile. For both private and commercial applications, a modern pergola optimizes the outside as no other system.

Modern pergola with adjustable roof panels – model Arlequin by Solisystem

The aluminum ‘Arlequin’ canopy is different from the other bioclimatic pergolas by its flat, multi-colored panels. It is the ideal combination between awning and folding roof and allows a unique playful use. The frame plates are moved by means of a rod movement and thus differently sized shadows and sunsectors are achieved.

Bioclimatic pergola designs from leading manufacturers – Biosun


Biosun is another French producer of pergolas and installations for garden and terraces. The company has succeeded in this sector through its sustainable solutions and offered quality. Their products allow pleasant use of the terrace as a recreation area and why not as a quiet corner for the afternoon sleep.

Regulate solar radiation and air circulation – through bioclimatic pergola designs

The louvers, which can be rotated by 175 °, enable optimum use despite the sunshine and humidity all day long. Depending on the orientation of the terrace, it is possible to use the terrace almost every day. During the day the lamellas protect against the sun and in the evening from the damp. In rain and wind, the slats automatically close, even if you are not on the spot by the remote control.

When technology allows optimal protection and space usage


A terrace exposed to various weather influences does not seem inviting at all. So you have habitat, which can not be used after all. The slatted roof optimizes the exterior and creates a new ambience in its surroundings. In addition, the terrace with the water control system always remains dry.

Pergola becomes second living room – Bioclimatic technology

The bioclimatic technology sets no limits. The lamellar roof protects from the rain and the blazing sun when it closes. In the sun, the slats can be opened step by step and allow as much warmth and light as you wish. In the rain they close themselves and, if necessary, an open, airy and wonderfully summery sunbath is made possible by the open position of the slats.

Mediterranean flair with pergola roofing from Corradi, Italy


A self-supporting bioclimatic aluminum pergola with exclusive design is “Eteria” from Coradi, Italy. It has circulating eaves with integrated water collection in the posts and is completely fused with seals. Depending on the equipment, the system offers complete or partial sun protection. A perfect air-conditioning, as well as a safe rain protection allow use almost all year round. In winter, the system can be used only when it is closed.Snow loads do not hold the swiveled slats out.

Bioclimatic pergola designs – Optional design possibilities 

Optionally, several colors from the RAL color palette can be selected for the frame. This is achieved as a powder coating and thus guarantees longevity and protects against corrosion. LED lighting can also be integrated as required, as well as different sensors that measure temperature and precipitation. The height of the facility can vary, but is recommended from 2.80 m.

Pergola roofing and optional accessories – shading, visual protection, radiant heaters, lighting etc. 


A pergola roofing system according to the modular system is perfect for cultivation to the house, but also as a stand alone construction by the pool or in the garden. The additionally selectable accessories, such as slatted walls, foldable vertical shading, lighting, radiant heaters and others, turn the already functional unit into a covered room, which can be adapted to the individual wishes at any time of day or year.

Bioclimatic pergola designs in the private area – as cultivation or alone

A pergola in the private area can best be installed in a building wall with two columns, in terms of cost and assembly. In any case, it is advisable to discuss the exact location, as well as possible and meaningful options in a consultation with the appropriate manufacturer. We recommend Solisystem, Biosun and Cordi.

Pictures of Bioclimatic Pergola Designs

Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola white terrace shading sunscreen protection
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola white terrace modern sun protection rain protection
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola terraced wooded green modern
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola terrace garden pool terrace roofing lighting
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola terrace canopy wood boards modern garden table
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola garden shading sun protection terrace wood board garden modern
Bioclimatic Pergola Designs
Bioclimatic pergola evening dark lighting pavilion garden free standing

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