Blue and White Bedroom Wall Color Schemes Ideas

As a room dedicated solely for resting, sleeping, and personal activities, a bedroom is the most private room a person could have in their home. Therefore, it is supposed to have an aura of peace that relaxes the mind, soul, and body. In order to fulfill this purpose, it is important to note the bedroom arrangement and its decor as these factors could affect the kind of vibe gotten in the bedroom. Nobody wants to have a bedroom where all they feel is tension when they are supposed to relieve their stress in it. Also, bedrooms are not meant to be crampy or stuffy to avoid feeling restless or fatigued when you are supposed to feel relaxed. Apart from providing a sleeping and resting haven, productive activities like reading, working, developing games, and several other activities are also performed in bedrooms therefore the atmosphere should be set to stimulate and increase mental productivity.

Therefore, the bedroom’s decor should be set up to provide a soothing and relaxing effect and at the same time, stimulate mental productivity. In order to achieve this, the starting point should be the choice of color scheme. Colors that are known to set up a soothing, serene, and tranquil atmosphere should be considered for bedroom decor. Having these colors in a bedroom will help create a sense of peace and confidence each day you wake up to them. One of the best color combinations known to create this effect in bedrooms is blue and white.

blue and white bedroom with a touch of yellow

For ages, white has been known to symbolize peace and purity. It also gives a sense of sophistication, perfection, and new beginnings. With white, a bedroom opens up to create an illusion of spaciousness. You can never go wrong with white as you can pair it with almost any other color. White also lightens up a space giving it a brighter and cheerier feel. On the other hand, blue exudes a kind of refreshing and calm aura thereby stimulating the brain and also calming the mind. Research has shown that people who work in blue spaces are more productive. It also encourages efficiency and when used in a room, it unifies the space. Blue is universally popular and is even the color used mostly for decorating bedrooms due to the fact that it matches with several other colors as well as its ability to enhance tranquility. You also have a wide range of shades to choose from ranging from cobalt and turquoise to aqua or deep navy.

When blue is paired with white, you create a calm and stimulating atmosphere that seems to whisper into your ears that there is nothing you can’t do. Another reason why blue and white works in bedrooms is that it blends with any design scheme and furnishings you might want to add. This combination can be achieved by having a white background with accents of a blue or blue background with white accents. You do not have to worry about the bedroom appearing dull or cold as this combination is lively and stylish making you think of your room at all times. Also, it is important to note that white should not be used in excess for this look so as to create a boring and cold effect in the room.

light cool bedroom

Blue and White bedroom decor ideas

Starting with the walls of the bedroom, if you are a fan of wallpapers then you should consider adding them to your bedroom’s decor. There are several blue and white wallpaper designs to choose from. However, when designing a room with a modern style, you should consider wallpaper designs with bolder patterns as they make a statement in the room. It is also a great idea to work with contrasts. For example, matching dark blue and white beddings and duvet with light blue and white wallpaper patterns create a contrasting effect in the room and this is exceptionally beautiful. Cutting up the wallpaper into strips and pasting them behind the bed helps create an illusion of a headboard. Also, if you are considering throwing a third color into the wheel you can work around it with the wallpaper design. Great third colors are red for a seaside or nautical vibe or green for a beach theme. In order to give the third color better visibility, you can throw in items like lamp bases, throw pillows, or wall art with this color subtly in the room.

A rule of decor that has been around for a while and works every time is contrast. Colors pair well with their opposites and blue is not an exception. By throwing its complementary color into the mix, you create a deep and balanced contrast. Pairing blue and white with blue’s complementary color which is orange will inject some energy into the bedroom’s atmosphere. With the various shades of orange available, you need to select carefully. Do not go for a pink shade that looks childish, rather coral or warm orange does the trick as they break the blue subtly.

dark blue and white bedroom

Another great way to spice up the room is to go for a more dramatic hue of white, not just the plain, bland white. This works where a lighter shade of blue is used so having a creamy white or yellowy white shade will break it up and even make the bedroom airier. This is not limited to the walls as you can also have more dashes of the creamy white in the curtains, rug, or even throw pillows just to infuse the space with more drama.  


Textures should be considered when working with blue and white bedroom decor to make the room open up and give a warmer look. It is always better to use white with textured surfaces like walls and textiles so as to soften the look. This also keeps the room from looking too boring and bland while creating dimension and depth into the room. You can start by adding patterned draperies, duvet, and beddings with prints and patterned pillows when working with textures.

Mixing blue and white colors with other complementary colors to create contrast is a great idea. Adding a grey rug, lampshade, or furniture painted in grey gives the bedroom a luxurious feel. Additionally, to create a dramatic effect black color should be considered. Adding a few accents of black will give a room some sort of edge or bold highlights. To give the bedroom a more natural and cool tone, consider incorporating brown tones as wooden furnishings. This can be achieved by placing a wooden focal wall just behind the bed to give a textural headboard look to balance the blue and white hues. Adding other complementary colors like green and taupe also blends with the blue and white mix and rich hues like yellow and red also create bold contrasts.

geometric mat light in bedroom

Asides from the walls and furniture fittings, the flooring in a room is also an important element that can be made into a design. With the blue and white color scheme, adding hardwood flooring can break it up to create a perfect contrast while creating a natural feel to the bedroom. Consider using stained hardwood as they bring a sense of warmth into the room. Other shades of the hardwood flooring color can also be thrown into the room in form of furniture and rugs to add more to the natural appeal. Beige and taupe are great neutral colors to add as they also promote the elegance and charm of the bedroom.

The bed can also be made into an attractive focal point when working with blue and white bedroom color schemes. Using a wrought iron bed breaks up the space as it adds a natural feel to the room. Another contrasting bed idea is to add a magnificent four-poster bed with antiqued bedposts which also adds some beige or taupe to the color scheme. Asides from the bed, the bedding fabrics should also be considered as design items for the bedroom. White bedsheets mixed with blue duvet with some patterned white, grey, and blue pillows blend perfectly with the color scheme. You can also add bedding fabrics with prints, patterns, floral designs, brocades, and geometrical shapes to give a refreshing look in the room and also break up the plain colors.

LED lighting stripes bedroom

Lastly, the furniture fittings in the room should blend perfectly with the blue and white color scheme so they do not look out of place. Blue, black, white, beige, taupe, and grey colors all look great in this bedroom. If the room walls are painted in blue, dark grey furniture fittings will stand out and look unique while giving the room a natural feel. You can also consider painting the doors and baseboards white to break up the colors. Black and glossy night tables and chest of drawers can add more flair to the room by creating a strong contrast. Consider placing beige ottomans at the end of the bed or taupe-colored bedside drawers for an added effect. Metallic wall hangings and framed mirrors will also blend into the space by creating a subtle statement.

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