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Blue Kitchen Decor – A Seventh Heaven Kitchen

Blue Kitchen DecorColor of the sea but also of the sky, the blue is present all around us. Symbol of wisdom, serenity and dreams, this soothing color is one of the French favorites. A real favorite that we will also manifest by the choice of colors for the interior of our homes. In the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom but also in the kitchen, because the blue kitchen is a guarantee of conviviality, calm and heat unequaled. And depending on the hue chosen, it could take many other aspects. Which? Stay with us to see!

Why blue kitchen?

When we speak of blue, it is never a question of a single color but of a whole palette of nuances which fascinate by their richness. A diversity whose interior decoration will really benefit to create a variety of moods depending on the degree of intensity and the more or less cold color. The impressive versatility is then at the origin of the miraculous ability of the blue to find its place in any kitchen and whatever the theme chosen. The list of virtues is complemented by the very soft and peaceful character of this color and its ability to visually enlarge the space. A real asset for kitchens with limited area that will benefit from any additional m2.

What shades of blue color schemes?

  • The clear shades

Well, we convinced you to opt for blue but here at this stage, things get complicated because as we just said, you can really get lost in the maze of shades currently proposed. But do not panic especially because we are here by your side to give you a little help! On the bright side, first of all, we must start with the blue sky, which is appreciated for its freshness and timelessness. Very close to him, the pastel blue is the star of the chic country style kitchen and vintage, as it was during the 50s and 60s. And if you bet on a more vibrant atmosphere, do not hesitate to turn to the turquoise shade that will make you dream of tropical landscapes. Note that the latter combines perfectly with the orange to boost the kitchen and bring an extra exotic note.

  • Dark shades

Dark shades, moreover, are very popular lately. You can truly drown in the depths of the royal blue, marine, overseas or night – hues that are likely to remain unnoticed in a kitchen dressed in neutral. Adopted on the walls, these tones confer a theatrical atmosphere, as if one were on the stage of a show. Combined with marble and brass accents, dark blue leads to an elegant, luxurious and contemporary decor. To make it less pretentious, combine woody accents that will infuse a little heat. The duck blue, peacock and oil are other saturated tones very topical that will transport you to an island paradise but which should be used sparingly, so preferably in combination with neutrals.


How to adopt blue kitchen decor?

  • Blue wall painting

The course of choice of hue passed, we must now decide how to use color. And there is no need to mention, the total look in blue is to avoid. Same for the mural! Repainting all the walls in blue is a risky business that could result in a feeling of suffocation. It is better to opt for a single piece of wall repainted blue, with other decorative details of the same color, such as a central island of the same color.

  • Kitchen front or central island in blue

The other way is to choose furniture of this color. This is in most cases, a kitchen facade or a central island blue, the rest of the scenery being dominated by neutrals. In this case the blue takes the role of a personal accent whose role would be to restore interest and character to the kitchen. And to make even more original, we can think of a furniture low in blue, contrasting with the one from above that would be of another color (gray or white most often). The central island in blue would be a very interesting way to create a visual separation in the case of a kitchen open to the dining room or living room.

  • Credenza or tiling in blue color

The blue credence is an idea that should not be underestimated because it is probably the most creative way to invite the color in question. Better yet if you dare to resort to a game of effects. For apart from the geometric tiled repainted in blue, you could also think of a blue watercolor splash with watercolor effect or a blue splash with fish scales effect that will immerse you in the reverie of a tropical beach. Finally, a pretty blue mosaic? Why not ? Zellige or Moroccan colored earthenware is a great idea to give an oriental touch to your kitchen.

  • Camaïeu of blue or small touches of blue

The shades of blue or the combination of different shades of blue is another way to introduce blue on several levels but without doing too much. A single hue of ubiquitous blue, it may exceed the limits of what is aesthetic and pleasing to view, while varying tones, you avoid the oppressive flashy effect. Some even dare to create a kind of shaded blue, which will make the decor super chic and trendy. And then, at the other end, you will find the introduction of blue by small touches. As used sparingly, the blue would find its place in any decor and any type of interior would indeed enjoy the virtues of blue deco. A sort of boilerplate so to speak!


With which other colors marry the blue?

In terms of successful color matching with blue, there are plenty of options in front of you depending on the mood you would like to create. For a touch of pep, do not hesitate to opt for the vibrating combination blue-orange that resonates perfectly with the conviviality of the space that is cooking. The same for the yellow that will lead to the same contrasting effect but loaded with energy and vitality. The blue is still associated perfectly with the green touches to compose a tropical, urban jungle style. If you would like to play the security card however, the combination of blue, gray and white will be appropriate. As far as materials are concerned, as blue is a very present color in nature, a combination with the warmth of wood would be an excellent idea. The marble, from its ready, will bring out an elegant side, even luxurious.

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