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Canopy In The Nursery As A Canopy Or Play Tent – DIY Ideas and Tips

nursery room canopyThe nursery is a very special place in the apartment, designed especially for the smallest occupants. Here is not only slept, but still played, crafted and cuddled. Therefore, the in-room decor should encourage the imagination of the little ones and contribute to their development. If you are looking for beautiful ideas for your baby or childrens room, you will find inspiration and tips for a canopy in the nursery. You can design it as a bed canopy over the cot or transform it into a dreamlike play tent. We show how to do it!

The advantages of a canopynursery room canopy

A canopy or canopy is not just great for kids. Even in the parents’ bedroom or even in the living room, a sky can be used as a dreamlike accessory. Originally the canopy comes from the tropics, where it is used as a contactor against mosquitoes and other insects. Above all, transparent mesh fabrics are used for the canopy, so that the sleeping area gets enough light and air.nursery room canopy

Bed canopies are not only a practical choice for the sleeping area, but also give the room a touch of elegance. Especially in the nursery, the canopy reminds of the room of a princess and is therefore especially popular with little girls. Canopies are typical of the Scandinavian-style décor and create a dreamy atmosphere in the room.nursery room canopy

The canopy in the nursery can be designed either as a bed canopy or as a tent for the play area. The sky over the cot creates a kind of sheltered area for falling asleep, while the play tent provides the perfect hideaway for children. Below you will find DIY ideas and tips for both variants.


Canopy in the nursery make yourselfnursery room canopy

With a canopy, the children’s room can be quickly transformed into a cozy retreat that stimulates the child’s imagination. Canopies for girls and boys can either be bought ready or put together yourself. They can usually be hung on the ceiling or possibly on the wall. An exception are four-poster beds, which already have a high frame. In this case you can hang the canopy from this frame.nursery room canopy

If you want to do a bedstead yourself, then you need the following:

  • a canopy of flowing fabric in matching color
  • Ceiling hook and cord for attachment to the ceiling
  • big hoop or hula hoops (optional)
  • Decoration of your choice, z. B. Fairy lights, garlands of fabric, bunting, etc.

nursery room canopyFor a beautiful canopy in the nursery, the selected material plays an important role. The fabric should be soft and flowing and adapted to the wall color. Contrasting colors are also a good idea if you want to put an accent in the room with the canopy. If you do not want to spend money on a finished canopy, you can make one yourself. You can even use a mosquito net for that. Another great idea would be to buy plain curtains and decorate them yourself. It’s super easy to do that with any color and sponge brush.

Make the bedstead yourself – instructionsnursery room canopy

If you have collected all the necessary materials for the canopy in the nursery, then you can get started. First, determine the location where the ceiling hook should be attached. As a rule, a canopy is hung in the middle above the head of the cot. However, if it is a small baby bed, the placement in the middle of the bed is the optically more beautiful version.nursery room canopy


To determine the right point for the ceiling hook, you can stick a long string to the ceiling as a trial. If the line falls to the desired position, then you have found the point for drilling. The canopy in the nursery must be firmly fixed to the ceiling, so be sure to make sure the ceiling hook is firmly anchored.nursery room canopy

Now we come to hang the bed sky. If you’re using a hula hoop or hoop, you’ll need to tie or simply thread the canopy around it (if the canopy is in the shape of curtains). With a fixed cord, the entire construction can now be hung on the ceiling. The bed canopy for the cot is ready.

Design a canopy in the play cornernursery room canopy

The canopy in the nursery is also perfect for a cool design of reading and cuddly corner . With the flowing fabric, you can create a fantastic play tent for your child, which is perfect for romping, playing and relaxing. In contrast to the canopy, in this case the material for the canopy should definitely have a light color and be as translucent as possible.nursery room canopy

Incidentally, a canopy can be fixed in the cozy corner as well as over the cot. First you determine the place where it is hung up and then drill the hole for the ceiling hook. To make the canopy look like a real tent, you can omit the hoop and attach the fabric directly to the ceiling hook. In rooms with a very high ceiling, the play tent can also be attached to a shelf holder on the wall.nursery room canopy


If you want to make the cuddly corner more comfortable, then you should set up the “tent” suitable. A round rug with a funny pattern, a few seat cushions with pretty motives and of course the most popular toys of the child are definitely one of them.

Decorate the canopy in the nurserynursery room canopy

Although the canopy itself looks very decorative in the nursery, it can be transformed into a beautiful eye-catcher with the appropriate decoration. With a string of lights, for example, you can make the play tent an attractive place both during the day and in the evening. Homemade pennant chains made of paper or fabric offer another great decoration idea for the bed canopy. Match the colors to the color palette in the nursery for a beautiful interior design.nursery room canopy

Despite the association with princesses, the canopy in the nursery is not just for girls. Little boys would also like to play in a play tent or sleep under the canopy. Choose a suitable color that does not look girly and create a sheltered oasis of peace or a cool space for your boy.


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