5 Factors to Consider When Choosing New Flooring Material For Your Home

It is said that flooring is the very foundation of any room and defines the tone and mood of the…

1 year ago

How to Choose Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors

Whether little or big, giving your dream home a certain feel you desire goes beyond just the curtains, furniture, runners,…

1 year ago

Is Underlayment Necessary for Laminate Flooring?

Do Laminate Floors Need Underlayment? Yes, laminate floors do need underlayment for many reasons that are mentioned below. But what exactly…

1 year ago

8 Tips For Choosing A Floor Color

One of the most challenging tasks when designing an interior is not only to make it beautiful, but also practical,…

2 years ago

Easy Tips for Choosing the Best Wall Colors for Dark Hardwood Floors

“Ah, what a beauty,” you think, looking at the samples of the dark floor in the store... ”Some of them…

2 years ago

How to paint light wooden floors: the choice of material and the procedure

Despite the abundance and variety of floor coverings, painted light wood floors are not a thing of the past. In…

3 years ago

What Makes Cork Engineered Parquet so Special?

What is actually cork parquet? Cork Prefabricated parquet is similar in structure to the laminate, which is why it is…

4 years ago

Tips to Help You Stain a Red Oak Floor

red oak floor - A naturally durable material, red oak wood is a popular choice for flooring and when properly…

6 years ago

Most Popular Types of Flooring for Open Floor Plans

A house with open floor plans -- a living, family or great room open to the kitchen and dining areas…

6 years ago

The Most Popular Types of Sustainable Flooring Options

As more people become interested in making their homes as green as possible, interest in Sustainable Flooring Options has increased…

7 years ago

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