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Cute Ways to Decorate Woman Bathroom

Give your Woman Bathroom the feel of a luxury spa with neutral tones and plush bathrobes. A Woman Bathroom can be so much more than just a room for bathing and getting ready for the beginning or end of a day. It's a potential sanctuary…

How to Remodel a Long Narrow Bathroom

A Long Narrow Bathroom is a design challenge for even the most seasoned professional. The trick is to use design principles to create the illusion of space while also developing a room that is functional. With a few tips and a little…

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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Color Ideas

Bathroom Color Ideas – The small size of most bathrooms makes them excellent areas to play with color. While a bright or dark color scheme might overwhelm a large room, the bathroom's close confines keep color under control. If you…

The Pros and Cons of Tiled Walk-In Showers

Tiled Walk-In Showers - One of the most popular materials for walk-in showers is ceramic tile. This is partly because it is considered long-lasting, and it is typically easy to replace chipped or cracked tiles. It also comes in various…

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Quick and Easy Spa Decor Ideas for Bathroom

Spa Decor Ideas for Bathroom can be very simple, but still add a great feeling of relaxation in the home. Even if you can't add a steam room or other exotic spa accents, you can still make even the tiniest bathroom feel more like a spa…

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