Decoration Trends

37 Original Wall Decor Trends in 2022 for the Whole House

Some homeowners have the misconception that achieving a beautiful and luxurious interior would cost a lot of money so they…

2 years ago

Wallpaper trends for every room: a catalog of modern design techniques

In this article, you can learn how to choose the right wallpaper design for every room. Here is a catalog…

3 years ago

Hallway Wallpaper Trends: great opportunities for the execution of design ideas

Any house or apartment necessarily begins with the entrance hall, which most often does not differ in large area, although…

3 years ago

Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

The design of any room begins with the design of the walls. You can rearrange the furniture as much as…

3 years ago

Photo-Wallpaper Trends for Interior Decor: Secrets of Creation of Live Design

Wall murals in the interior are a reliable tool for creating a unique and exclusive interior, as well as a…

3 years ago

32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

Residence Decoration involves the art of beautifying and adorning your home to give it a visual appeal by the use…

4 years ago

48 Decoration And Lifestyle Trends 2021 According To Pinterest

Like every year, Pinterest unveils its ranking of the 100 trends that will mark the year, based on user searches…

4 years ago

Kitchen Tips: What Belongs In A Modern Kitchen 2021

To many homeowners, the kitchen is a power room; it is more than just a place to cook. They go…

4 years ago

Best Wooden Floors for Patios and Terraces: Trends 2021-2022

Today you will learn which is the best wooden floor for patios and terraces, Wooden floors for terraces, Deck terraces…

4 years ago

Outdoor Flower Pots and Planters Trends 2019 – Choose the Right Size and Shape

The key to setting up your potted garden is about starting with the right size and shape choices for your…

5 years ago

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