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How to Choose Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors

Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors-Light wooden floors vary in color, contingent upon the wood species, recolor – if there is one – and sealant. Since floors and walls are two of a room’s biggest surfaces, the color of each ought to supplement the other. The way to picking a perfect Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors is figuring out if the floor color is warm or cool. Warm floors have yellow, orange or red undercurrents. Cool floors have dark or beige undercurrents.

Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
trendy living room design in Other with beige walls and light hardwood floors

Best Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors


Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
trendy open concept family room design in San Luis Obispo with white walls


Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
Modern living room idea in San Francisco with white beige walls and a ribbon fireplace

Despite the fact that immaculate white wall paint works with any light-wood floor, the search is too stark for everything except the most contemporary insides. Most white paints contain little measures of different shades. That is the reason you’ll locate various diverse white paint chips among every maker’s offerings. The extra shades result in white paint colors with either cool or warm hints. On the off chance that your wood floor has a cool wood tone, settle on white paint with cool connotations. Moreover, utilize warm white paint with warm wood floors. Matching warm white paint with cool-wood floors or the turn around can make the paint color seem dull and grimy. On the off chance that you can’t decide the paint’s undercurrent, put a sheet of white printer paper beside the paint test. Feelings seem more particular by unadulterated white.


Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
Elegant dining room photo in Grand Rapids with beige walls and medium tone hardwood floors
Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
Mid-sized trendy gender-neutral nursery photo in Montreal with gray walls and light


For adorning purposes, nonpartisan paint colors other than white incorporate dark, tans going from beige to dark chestnut, and all shades of dim. Cocoa and dark paints both come in warm and cool forms, contingent upon the shades used to make them. For light to medium-dim nonpartisan walls, pick paint with an indistinguishable suggestion from your flooring. The darkest neutrals of dark, dark chestnut and charcoal dim look hitting with both warm and cool hardwoods. On the off chance that you pick paint in an indistinguishable color palette from your flooring -, for example, tan paint with light cocoa flooring – ensure the wall color is no less than two shades lighter or darker than the flooring so they don’t seem to coordinate. Remember that a solid northern presentation makes the wall color seem darker and more blunt. A southern presentation makes the paint seem lighter.

Warm Colors

Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
scandinavian enclosed living room remodel in Moscow with a music area, gray

On the off chance that you’re flooring has warm connotations, you can utilize any warm color for the walls – the length of it generally suits your taste and decorations. Warm Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors incorporate yellows, oranges, reds and the colors made by joining them. In spite of the fact that genuine green is a cool color, it turns out to be warm when yellow is included. To match a warm wall color with light, cool floors, choose a medium-brilliant to dull paint. The lightness or murkiness of a color is its esteem. By utilizing a warm color with an extraordinary esteem, the color stays energetic regardless of the floor’s cool connotation. Pumpkin-colored wall paint joined with dark conditioned hardwoods is a decent case of a striking warm-and-cool blend.

Cool Colors


Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors
Minimalist living room photo in Calgary with beige walls, light hardwood floors

From cold pastels to the darkest qualities, cool Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors with cool suggestions. Cool colors incorporate blues, violets, genuine greens and dark greens. The unadulterated red on a color wheel is warm, yet including blue makes a cool red. Similarly as with the invert, settle on medium-splendid to-dull cool colors if your light-wood floor has warm hints. Satisfying illustrations incorporate dull violet walls with a nectar colored floor and medium water walls with orange-conditioned hardwoods.

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Best Paint Colors for Light Wood FloorsBest Paint Colors for Light Wood Floors

Today, there are many variations of finishes for carpet, parquet, linoleum. Nevertheless, the classic wooden floor is again gaining popularity in the most expensive and luxurious interiors. It should be noted that painting is one of the most practical options for finishing a wooden floor. Despite the initially high aesthetic appeal of wood, the question of what color to paint the wooden floor sounds very often. The widest palette and a huge selection of latex, water, acrylic paints allow you to create the perfect floor in any home. Depending on the style of the interior, you can make the wood floor neutral or plain, and if you want to create a bright accent, you can use the most unusual and bright colors and ornaments.


Solid wood flooring options

So, what color to paint the wooden floor? Immediately it is worth saying that if coloristic saturation of the space is necessary, then paint should be used that will withstand a single palette of floor, ceiling and walls. A plain wooden parquet will be an excellent solution in interiors with contrasting pieces of furniture and other bright accessories.

The choice of color for a wooden floor is always individual. For example, if you need to create a mood of freshness and tranquility, then there is nothing better than a noble white color – a white wooden floor will look eclectic and extravagant. White color is ideal if modern furniture is installed in the house – in this case the snow-white floor will favorably emphasize the design of the entire room.

Light wood floor color combinations

The wooden floor can be not only monophonic – color combinations, for example gray and dark red, look very unusual and expensive. The latter option is especially relevant if the interior has bright furniture and other unusual accessories.


Another popular problem is the tone in which to paint the wooden parquet if the walls of the house are clear and bright. In this case, the wooden flooring can be designed in dark colors, especially if the interior is built in the style of minimalism.

Red is a bold and bright idea for those who do not like classics. When painting a wooden floor in red, black and white accessories should be used – this is a win-win combination in almost any interior, the main thing is to observe harmony and taste.

Yellow is another modern and stylish option. Useful advice – what color to paint the wooden floor can be estimated using a special color combination card. Lime color will fill the room with majestic and beautiful shades. It should be noted that wooden parquet in green tones looks equally advantageous in both modern and stylized interiors.

Patterned colors of the wooden floor

From monophonic options we pass to more complex – patterned floors. The wooden floor can be painted white and then black stained – the result is a Dalmatian pattern. Such a spotted floor will fit perfectly into the interior if the latter is made in the spirit of minimalism.


The wooden floor will look elegant and sophisticated if you put stripes on it. Stripes can be either black and white – if you need to create a classic and strict style, or multi-colored. The latter option is especially successful for a children’s room. It should be noted that contrasting colors should be involved in the bands, they can be both very bright and neutral.

A cage is another ideal option for painting a wooden floor. A gray-white cell will create a neutral mood, and a black-wood cell will perfectly combine with light walls. A wooden floor will look stylish and unusual if you use a square pattern as an option for painting. In this case, the white color will be ideal in a duet with delicate green shades, by the way the wooden floor of light shades are in good harmony with black and white wallpaper.

Hardwood floors are a great choice for a private home. Wood brings warmth and texture to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms, and hardwood floors are easy to maintain after installation. Hardwoods do not accumulate dirt and dust, like carpeting, which makes the larch floor a more environmentally friendly option, especially if people suffering from allergies live in the house. You should find a color for the walls that will complement hardwood; the overall effect should enliven the parquet and give the interior the necessary emphasis. What color to paint the wooden floor you need to think at the very beginning of the planning of repairs.

How to choose the color of the wall based on the color of the wooden floor

If you plan to repair the room, then it’s time to go to a local retail store and look at thousands of paint samples. Playing with flowers is a fun pastime, so you need to start from the store – you can find the right color in the store. However, using this approach will limit your ability. There are thousands of paint colors available today — far more color options than flooring options, fabrics, or accessories in the store. Open the Internet – if you are looking for something unusual, then this is the best option.


Kingdom of white

Starting a search right away with paint color is not very convenient. It is much more convenient to initially build the whole room – from the bottom up. First find the color of the floor, then the furniture, and then the windows. Then you need to think about the color of the walls. By this moment, there will already be floor samples, as well as furniture fabric, curtain samples. You can choose the color of the wall so that it matches or contrasts with the tones that were chosen for the rest of the room – it’s much easier to work.

Wall paint colors that blend well with light deciduous wood floors

What color to paint the wooden floor is always an individual question, but several basic rules can be deduced. Light parquet floors are a popular choice. They hide dirt and dust, which annoy a huge number of people. If you have concerns about the dark floor, which may make the room look too gloomy, you can create a light accent directly on the ceiling to make the atmosphere of the room even brighter. There are many color options for walls. Here are some suggestions:

The color of the walls should be light and neutral. For maximum convenience, draw a wall in a graphic editor and try a variety of color combinations without leaving the box office. Draw a semi-gloss or gloss finish to match all surfaces of the room.


White paint

White looks clean and neat on the walls. If the austere white looks “clinical” to your taste, then you can slightly soften it with light shades. Gray colors are softer than just white, but they also blend well with light hardwoods – as a result, the appearance of the room will be clean and bright.

Gray paint

If the white color seems excessive, then you can try the gray color – it is also neutral. Choose the exact shade for your room. Gray can have several shades, and you need to choose the one that is most suitable for a given interior. For example, you can find paint in true gray color without any impurities. Some gray colors have a blue, pink, purple or even green hue.

To determine the shade of gray, compare it with the shades on the color chart. Choose a tone that complements the shades of wood. Spend some time carefully studying hardwood to determine its shades. If you prefer a neutral color on the walls, consider choosing a paint in the same color family as hardwood shades.


To determine the shades of hardwood, place them together to understand how the tree will look in the final interior. What color to paint the wooden floor? Is it warm or gold? Cool, gray or ashen? The answer will help determine the final color of the wall.

For cool shades, paint the walls in blue or green. Choose wall shades in such a way as to avoid the appearance of a yellow tint. If you find it difficult to find a suitable green or blue color, take a piece of your floor to the store. A paint retailer will always help you find the right shade.

For warm shades of the floor, choose yellow tones. Consider a palette that includes soft cream tones.

How to choose the color of the walls for cherry wood

Cherry wood is staggering. She is rich and attractive. Make sure that the color you choose for the walls is in harmony with the entire space. Here are some tips for choosing walls to complement the tiled floor:


  • Choose simple shapes and white color
  • A clear, clear white color will create a great contrast between white paint and dark on the floor. Look for green tones for a beautiful contrast.
  • Green is a contrasting color, so it is a natural choice and perfectly complements the rich tone of hardwood. There are several green tones that would look attractive in a room with cherry hardwoods.

Be careful when choosing a paint color – no need to take risks and add too much yellow to the green shades.

Blue paint

Choose blue tones to create a cozy and peaceful space. Blue is a popular color for walls in modern homes and, of course, you can combine it with hardwood floors. Bright blue and blue shades perfectly complement the tiled floor of hardwood, blue tones create a peaceful and attractive space. Consider this combination for a bedroom, dining room or family room.

Green paint


Consider cool blue shades for the living room, especially if your goal is to make the house a reliable fortress, where you and your family can safely take cover and relax at the end of the day. The cold color on the walls has a calming effect. What color to paint the wooden floor in this case? Show courage and use warm tones, perhaps even somewhat unexpected.

Looks great warm space with red or terracotta walls. You do not need to adhere to a cool color to make walls attractive when working with hardwood floors. Warm colors will also work well, so don’t be afraid to paint the walls red or terracotta. If you are concerned that this color may be too intense, consider painting one wall in a brighter color and the other three walls in different colors. In other words, create an accent wall. Gray or white are neutral tones that always blend perfectly with darker colors, and contrast makes darker walls even more memorable. Use an accent wall to show focus in a room, such as a fireplace, chair, or cover wall.

Colors to consider when using dark parquet floors

Dark parquet floors are a great choice if you want to decorate a large room, or your house has an open concept or open floor plan. Once the dark floor is installed, it will visually reduce the space.

Before installing a dark hardwood floor, consider the light sources in space. Does the room have a lot of natural light? If not, are there any lights? If there is no natural light, make sure that the artificial light sources provide enough light, otherwise the dark hardwood will seem too gloomy. What color to paint the wooden floor? Any dark tones and their derivatives – gray, black, cherry.

Here are some tips for choosing walls to complement dark parquet floors:

  • When choosing paint colors for dark hardwoods, look at the color tone of the floor
  • If the floor is black or almost black, then you have an elegant foundation that allows you to choose an unusual color for the walls
  • Make the wood floor neutral – this is a win-win. Pale walls combined with wooden floors look good. Perhaps you don’t want the whole white walls, then you can consider the light cream color. It will fit perfectly into the living room, dining room or bedroom. You can even choose a dark beige color to get a classic look in a room with dark wood floors. Paint the ceiling white for a clear finish.

Dark wood floor

If you prefer more color on the walls, you have several options. Black is neutral, so you can combine almost any color with it. Consider cool blue and green as colors for the walls. A dark shade on a wall with a dark floor tends to “close” in space.

Think of gray. Sometimes gray wooden floors are the best choice. The gray tone can have several different shades, although it is considered neutral. It will look beautiful next to a black or almost black floor. Depending on the shade you choose, you can introduce a subtle tone of green, blue, lilac, pink or silver into the room. You also have the opportunity to paint the walls with a true gray color, which has no other shades.

Walls of flowers that look attractive with oak hardwoods

Oak parquet floors are a great choice for a private home. They give you several options when it comes to wall colors.

Wall Paints for Red Oak

With its warm tone, you can combine red oak flooring with flowers such as yellow or apricot to create a warm effect in the room. Be brave and paint the walls red. Blue is also a great choice for red oak parquet floors. You can also consider pastels, aquamarines and darker shades. What color to paint the wooden floor? Reds and all its derivatives.

Wall color for white oak

White oak flooring may appear discolored, depending on its finish. You can paint the walls with rich charcoal or make their tone match the color of the floor to create a stylish, formal look in the living room or dining room. This flooring color also looks good with a wooden base.

How to match wall color with wood floorHow to match wall color with wood floor

The choice of materials and colors to combine wood floors and walls involves considering many factors. Don’t let a single detail escape you! In this post we show you the most contemporary and avant-garde combinations that cause anger.

Combine wood floors and walls of intense colors

When the style imposes the use of intense colors on the walls, the ideal is to create a focal point on a single wall to avoid darkness by visual effect. In the case of this all white room, an intense greenish blue was used that contrasts with the dark wood floating floors. The lighter wood on the shelves creates a transition with white. The yellow turpial shelf right in the middle imposes a contrasting note that also highlights the tones of the floor wood.

Studio apartments all light!

Monoenvironments, whether closed or open, require a lot of attention in terms of color. It is always preferable to combine floors and walls in light tones. In this example the wooden floors are of ocher and very light brown tones and the walls in a very subtle bone white. The furniture in neutral tones reflect the light coming from the large windows. The accent is made up of some very stylized pieces enameled in black and the very graphic designs of the cushions.

The opinion of the style when combining wooden floors and walls

The constructive style is also decisive when selecting materials and colors to combine floors and walls. This house of contemporary style and large proportions has been kept in a neutral black and white palette. The fluffy carpet gives warmth to white porcelain floors.

When the texture of walls and floors is everything

Another great idea to combine floors and walls is rich with visual texture. In this example, the rich shades of brown of the floor in wood tones harmonize perfectly with the preponderant gray of the walls. The central module has been covered with state -of-the-art wall coverings in the same gray tone. The excessive linear geometry rests on the sinuous lines of the furniture.

For wallpaper lovers

The wallpaper returns with modern prints to take its rightful place in interior design. Achieving harmony between the print and the environment is the main challenge when using wallpaper. These combinations do not necessarily have to be literal, in this example the gray of the vinyl floor was taken as the transition color throughout the whole. Creativity is the fundamental weapon.

The best wall color combination

Maybe you have an idea raised beforehand about what you want for your home, this idea is based on what you know so far through various means. But it is not necessary for you to “swim” in it. Find out well, look for all possible options of colors and materials for floors and walls, visit stores and ask for samples of the materials. The more you investigate, the more security you will have to have selected what really suits you.

Remember that it is not only about combining floors and walls properly, it is about creating the ideal space to inhabit. If you are in that process of choosing the finishes for floors and walls of your house, let us know how you carry it, we will be happy to know your story.

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