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Corridor Designs – Ideas and Tips for Inviting Entrance Areas

corridor hallway designsThe first impression for our apartment or house is created right in the corridor, so it should on the other hand look beautiful and inviting, a lot of practical requirements. In the hallway you need necessarily enough slopes – and storage space for coats, jackets and shoes, a mirror for the mirror check before leaving the house as well as storage space for keys, cell phone etc. can with the right wall design, lighting and dressing furniture even a narrow Flur And give your guests a nice welcome. Today we will give you a few tips on the theme of the corridor, which could help you with this difficult task.

Design the corridor – the right color and wall design

soft green wall colors hallway decorSince most of the corridors have no windows and are somewhat gloomy, one has to put on bright colors. Paint the walls in white tones or pastel colors such as mint green or rosé. This allows the eye to trickle and make the floor look bigger. The wall paint should also be smear-resistant and hard-wearing, so that traces of use can be easily removed.

Use wallpaper to shape the walls in the corridor

wallpaper corridor wall decor ideasOf course you can also put an accent in the hallway with floral or geometric wallpapers, but be sure that this alternative is not very sturdy. A wall tattoo with a friendly saying can welcome your guests at the door.


Flooring in the corridor

wooden corridor flooringTiles are robust and easy to maintain – the ideal floor covering for the hallway. Coarse footwear, dirt and moisture would not impress the tiles. Light corridor tiles in Cremonae additionally support the effect of the bright wall colors and give the entrance area a friendly appearance. With the trendy floor tiles in wood and natural stone optics, not every smallest dirt bend is visible.

Anyone who decides for patchwork cement tiles in the hall needs hardly any other decoration. The colorful patterns give the entrance area a very homely character in no time. However, a small corridor with such a flooring may sometimes seem more restless.

Choose the right parlor furniture

white modern furniture for corridorCorridors are often narrow-cut, have an unfavorable floor plan and limited space. For everyday operation to function perfectly, flexible furniture and enough storage space are required in the hallway. In narrow corridors, it is very important to keep the walking paths free, so choose flooring furniture with as little depth as possible. The combination of wardrobes, drawers and open compartments is very practical at the Flurgarderobe. With these optically coordinated wardrobe sets, your hallway would look neat and tidy.


Where to go with the shoes? For a narrow corridor, it is advisable to have a locker with tipping compartments, because it has a small depth and still offers enough storage space. To put the shoes on and take off comfortably, a bench in the hallway is also ideal, especially if there is space for shoes. In houses with a large corridor you can store jackets, shoes and household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and brooms in a large floorboard with sliding doors.

Lighting in the corridor

corridor lighting fixturesA well thought-out lighting plays an important role in the design of the Flurg. Floodlights should illuminate the path well and not occupy much space. The most suitable are wall lamps and flat ceiling lamps. A great deal of flexibility is guaranteed by spotlights on cable, rod or power rail systems, which could be helpful in the case of wardrobe lighting. Targeted, they ensure sufficient light where needed. A motion detector for floor light would be a nice solution if you would like it to be quite comfortable.


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