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18 Creative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

When planning a bedroom, we often overlook one very important component. Namely, flooring.Creative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Why is he given so little attention? In the living room, we strive to impress guests, so we select the best cover that we can afford. In the hallway, kitchen and bathroom – we take care of practicality. What about the bedroom? Just a room where we wake up and fall asleep, and what’s under our feet is not so important.

And this is a completely wrong approach! Decorators are sure: the wrong floor in the bedroom can spoil the impression of even the perfect interior. And replacing the floor is much more expensive than changing fixtures, curtains or a bed.

That is why, if you are doing repairs in the bedroom, think carefully about how the floor will be there. The room where we are energized for a new day must be harmonious! Everything in it should delight the eyes and feelings.

By the way, this applies not only to those who plan to completely remodel the interior. If you want to change something in the bedroom – sometimes it’s enough to lay a new rug.


In this guide, we have compiled 18 bedroom floor trends for every taste worthy of your Dream Bedroom:

  • eight of them are about different floor coverings (wood, cork, tile, etc.);
  • and ten more – on the subject of carpet and carpets matched with imagination.

Have a nice choice and a great result!

Newest Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

1. The warmth of natureCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021


Wooden floors are an absolute favorite among those who prefer the solidity of classics or love natural materials. However, it is good in a modern interior, especially where there is a lot of white – the soft sheen of wood perfectly shades light walls and furniture.

Natural wood is an expensive pleasure. But a quality laminate looks no less noble, which means it will become an acceptable alternative. Just look at how the wood texture “insulates” any room – and you will immediately fall in love with it!

2. Light treeCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

A dark tree is not suitable for everyone, but a light tree is universal. It creates a feeling of freedom, and rooms with light wood floors seem much more voluminous than they actually are. These floors are a great choice for a small bedroom.

By the way, if you like cream and caramel tones, such a coating is what the doctor … in the sense, the designer prescribed. Take a look at the photo and see what a magnificent ensemble they can make with color or neutral accessories.


3. A raid of antiquityCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

The snow-white, slightly aged tree is an ideal basis for a bedroom with French charm.

If you want such a floor – carefully study how to prepare it. Or invite a master who will surely do everything without errors. But the result is worth it – you get a truly vintage bedroom with a touch of antiquity.

4. Bleached oakCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Despite the fact that such a shade of wood is recognized as particularly fashionable, its origins are in the classics. It looks particularly advantageous in the interiors of bedrooms with a laconic color palette and without much brightness. In addition to the obvious visual expansion of the floor area, the nobility of an old European estate appears.


5. Outdoor exoticCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

You may have seen such unusual textures on a parquet or laminate flooring, in which several shades are surprisingly combined – from light to dark. Isn’t it that exotics exudes from them?

This is another option for a creative approach to choosing the floor for the bedroom. Especially spectacular – in minimalist interiors, where all attention is drawn to such an unusual floor.

6. Natural corkCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Here one could say about the amazing softness, environmental friendliness, warmth and other advantages of this fashionable floor material today.


But we also offer to pay attention to the uniqueness of the picture – the stunning texture of cork floors is really mesmerizing.

7. Tiles on the floor in the bedroomCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Many consider this a controversial option. But some admire, and not in vain. And we will list only a few arguments “for”: a variety of textures, ease of care (especially for allergy sufferers), durability, fashionable modern look.

If you like this idea, think about pre-insulating the floor. Not necessarily with special heating, but at least a “Knauf type superfloor” (instead of a screed).

8. Natural fibersCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021


Sisal, coconut fiber, seaweed – what mats are made of, such floor coverings for the bedroom will inspire adherents of eco-style. However, if you were delighted with your last vacation at sea, and you wanted to make a bedroom in a resort style, the sisal floor is ideal.

It will be quite difficult to find the one that is comfortable to step with bare feet. However, there are additional advantages of flooring made from natural fibers – practicality and durability. However, for those who care about sensations, there is an alternative – sisal with woolen threads.

It is not recommended for bedrooms in which cats like to sleep (otherwise it will turn into a universal scratching post).

9. Tender than silkCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Silk is a noble material, a symbol of luxury and sophistication … Do you want your bedroom to look the same? Then put on the floor a silky carpet or a large carpet of soft neutral tones – gray, cream, cocoa. Of course, real silk is too expensive material, but rayon with a silk sheen is also suitable.


Such a carpet visually makes the room more expensive, and also creates a unique play of light, which the wool is not capable of. Try it and see how luxurious it is!

10. The likeness of the wallsCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

If you want the bedroom to look like a precious box, think about how to choose a carpet to match the walls. The correct option – the floor should be a couple of tones darker and differ in the picture (its visibility).

The best part is that in this case you are not limited in choosing the color of accessories – they can be either in the same palette (but brighter), or they can be more diverse, including contrasting walls and floors.

11. AccentsCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021


If the bedroom has a predominant saturated color, try repeating it in the pattern of the carpet. For example, as in one of these interiors: a rug of the “sea wave” tone helps to unite other accents. Without it, curtains, a sofa and a headboard would look like separate spots in a huge room. But the designer chose just such a carpet so that he balances everything else.

Are the same color accents prevailing in your bedroom? Then choose a carpet of the same shade – no mistake.

12. StyleCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

If you want to emphasize your favorite style in the bedroom, the floor carpet will help to gracefully shade it.

Focus on the style decor palette (as in the first interior) or on the shade of the walls, balancing it with a thin bright pattern (as in the second).


By the way, in a small bedroom this is a more reasonable move than if you choose small rugs that additionally “crush” a modest floor area.

13. White carpetCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Another controversial technique that critics consider too impractical. However, he looks royal. This floor looks especially elegant in a bedroom with colored walls, white linens with luxurious textures and white or black furniture.

14. Neutral white carpetCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

The simplest, but how useful thing! He can combine dissimilar pieces of furniture in a single ensemble. Or – designate a logical clear center of the room, if it is large.


A white carpet is a competent technique in the case when you wanted to lay a dark floor in the bedroom, but then realized that the result is not too much.

15. Cozy shaggyCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

As you know, these are recognizable white carpets with a very high pile, originally from the Moroccan style. However, they are exceptionally good for more familiar styles – like the softest cloud underfoot. Just imagine what an incredible sensation this is!

In a sleek modern bedroom, a shaggy carpet will add a variety of textures. And in the classical or colonial will enhance the impression of luxury.

Important: these carpets do not like the neighborhood with a multi-colored palette, but for neutral interiors they can be an amazing find.


16. ZigzagsCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

Have you heard about the psychological test when the subject is asked to choose one of the geometric shapes? Those who choose a zigzag are considered the most unpredictable and creative.

Do you like this amazing figure too? Then select the zigzag pattern for the carpet in the bedroom. He will diversify the dominance of strict forms and make a creative note – after all, this figure is not in vain called creative. The zigzag is perfect for minimalism and contemporary elegance.

17. Lemon zestCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

If you like to cook, you must have heard (or even tried) baking recipes and desserts with lemon zest. This small addition gives the dish a slight piquancy.

A bright rug for a bedroom in lemon or lime colors can produce a similar effect, if you combine it with gray or white furniture.

Just remember to think about how well the carpet will fit into the overall style of the room. If necessary, support it with dotted yellow accents.

18. A clear statementCreative Bedroom Floor Trends 2021

And if you are tired of boring textures that do not fit into your lifestyle at all – find a special carpet. One that fully reflects your personality. For example, like this one with an image of a postage stamp.

Your carpet can also, like a stamp on an envelope, become an illustration of your impeccable taste, outlook on the world and hobbies.

Or do you like walking on grass or soft leaves? Fancy carpets with such prints are another way to show individual taste.

The main thing – do not forget to choose the right textiles – pillows, bedding.

And now that you have learned 18 ways to choose a beautiful floor in the bedroom, we can only wish you successful finds in stores and that the effect exceeds expectations!



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