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Decalogue to Own a Rustic Living Room

Connected with nature, welcoming and, of course, with great sensitivity. Discover the secrets of the father of Mediterranean, country or colonial styles.rustic living room

The rustic decoration was born to integrate in spaces surrounded by nature, and therefore is associated with tranquility and rest. Other styles, such as the Mediterranean, the country, the oriental, the Mexican or the colonial style, emerge from it. Currently, a value is added to this identity: functionality, characteristic of modern life. In the same way that today the Nordic style, with marked minimalist base, triumphs thanks to combine glamor with functionality, the rustic style is not far behind.

Recharging is therefore forbidden, but it is not for this reason that one must flee from the detail that impresses personality and makes a stay more welcoming. That is, it is better that we do not hang a Bambi head dissected on the chimney, even if it is false, however much that was a characteristic of the rustic homes of the past.

But let’s get to the point: what spaces in your house are the ones that lend themselves to becoming this style? Taking a brief look at the latest trends to check that the rustic lounges take the palm. Here are some practical ideas for your home, especially for the classroom:


Decalogue to Own a Rustic Living Room

1. The key materials

Wood (especially pine), stone, clay, bamboo, wicker and natural fibers (cotton, wool or linen) are the most defining textures of this style. In tune with these materials, craftsmanship usually triumphs in every rustic room.

2. Stone or wood to dress walls and ceilings

They dress, without more, and they look great, and they do not go out of fashion. Here we do not try to hide the organic, we potentiate it. But if you do not have these resources, do not try to supply them with a “stone carton” decoration, look for the best materials.

3. Carpets, unprinted

This 100% felted wool and knotted wool Ayush rug perfectly exemplifies what we are talking about. It does not recharge the space, but it adds personality and conveys warmth; in turn, can be combined very well with wooden floors. It is a winning bet no doubt, and we can find it in the online store Sukhi.


4. Sofa that invites to spend hours watching series

We have found this sofa with two-seater colonial style details on PortobelloStreet and we liked its mix of modern comfort and details that point to an outside piece of furniture that could be placed on a porch anywhere on the map of Louisiana. But it is better to use it for the hall, to do a marathon of the series that you like.


5. The color palette should remind you of a forest

Brown, green and blue in soft tones, not pastels. This is the bet of the rustic, which would also allow us to generate some exceptional exception with ultramarine blue if we look for a more Mediterranean point, or with intense green if we turn towards a colonial style. In summary: when values the tones that you have chosen as a whole, the sensation should refer to the natural, the forest, without in any case subtract the protagonism to the light, as we will see later.

6. Bet firmly on plants

We will bet on natural plants to have at home more rustic, but also healthier. The best are those which purify the air and release it as far as possible from unwanted substances, such as tobacco smoke. Even NASA devoted a study in 1989 to this subject and highlighted some varieties, such as the African daisy, which brings a touch of contrast in this context for its cheerful rosy hue.

7. Details yes, but with moderation

The rustic style is not minimalist, we agree, but in no case is it recharged; chaos, out. Let’s not spend with the wicker baskets, nor with the boxes of brucanter style that “colonized” the houses in the 90 (no matter how much we entertain, we do not live in an episode of Friends ); as well as with the “vintage” clocks that indicate that it is time for tea, coffee or cake somewhere. On the other hand, let’s bet for an elegant decoration, such as wooden frames with personal images or lamps that remind us of the organic, like this wicker type “bird’s nest”.

8. The chimney

We know that in all cases it will not be possible to have a fireplace, but if you can, make the most of it because a fire is like a magic spell in this case: it generates rustic style everywhere. That yes, bet on sustainability in all cases. You can find a “green” option on the ABC fireplaces, which work to make your models emit less CO2.


9. Add details with history

We complement point 7 to emphasize the question of personality, which inevitably brings an object with history; indeed, when you have guests with whom it costs the conversation to flow, this kind of sure item helps you to keep those awkward silences from lingering. The old suitcases they have in Lalithamma (Barcelona) are an excellent idea because even once they had in their catalog with one that had belonged to Jane Fonda.

10. Do not obstruct the landscape

Or put it another way: do it only if your only window in the living room faces the building opposite, where someone lives who has the habit of watching yours. If you do not live in a Hitchcock movie (hopefully), give the maximum protagonism that you can to your landscape, since it is an essential element, something similar to the fireplace.

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