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Decorative Outdoor Handrails to Add to the Beauty of the Stairs

Decorative Outdoor Handrails – Handrails for stairs outside provide safety and protection from mishaps.

They are also a part of the decor of the house, and therefore must be in sync with home interiors and exteriors. Here we shall have a look at the different types of decorative outdoor handrails.

Decorative Outdoor Handrails
Custom Iron Railings – Porch Handrails with large scroll baluster accent, 2 inch posts

Using Decorative Outdoor Handrails only enhances the beauty of an exterior space of home. Based on the design of the exterior (for e.g. modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary) the handrail may be chosen. They must also complement the design of the specific area where they will be used (a deck, for instance), as well as provide safety when you use the stairs.

These Decorative Outdoor Handrails are likely to be exposed to sunlight, rain and snowfall, depending on the location. Hence, the durability of the material used to build handrails is an important factor that must be considered.


The difficulty level of handrail installation depends on the type of material used. It is best to get a professional to install these for you to get a clean finish and a gorgeous looking final product.

The Different Types of Decorative Outdoor Handrails

Exterior Wrought Iron Handrails Railing mediterranean house exterior decor ideas

Enduring Metal

The decorative metal outdoor stair railings are one of the most durable decorative metal handrails for outdoor steps and require the least maintenance. The metal handrails can be decorative, as they can be colored to match the color of the walls, staircase or deck. Apart from its decorative aspect, the outdoor stair rails last longer as compared to any other stair railings.


Powder coatings and faux finishes on the outdoor handrails add to the beauty of your house or garden. Aluminum, wrought iron, bronze, cast iron, copper and stainless steel are the metals used to construct the outdoor stair rails. Celtic designs and patterns can be easily made out of the metal railings.

Wooden Handrail Design

Wooden handrails are classy and render a contemporary look. However, you need to be careful while choosing the type of wood used to build the outdoor stair rails. Cedar, pine and redwood are the types of woods that can be used to make decorative outdoor handrails, as they are fairly resistant to changes in weather. Another advantage of using the wooden handrails is that they are easy to install.

The decorative wooden outdoor stair railings are available in different designs and styles as wood can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes according to your needs.

Decorative Exterior Wrought Iron Handrail Railing mediterranean porch ideas


Concrete Railing

The stone handrails are very difficult to install and usually, professional help for installation is required. Although they are the most sturdy of all the decorative outdoor handrails, their installation is quite costly. The stone handrails and balusters are available in granite and marble. Nevertheless, they possess their own classy and elegant look and are the most rugged handrails of them all.

These are the best bet, when one is looking for safety railing for Victorian steps. Such beautiful steps can only be complimented by the elegant stone handrails.

Glass Stair Railing

The modern style of stair railings is made of glass. They are usually used for stairs in the garden. The balustrades made of glass complement the decorative outdoor glass handrails very well. Glass handrails are transparent and provide a contemporary look to your stairs and railings. The glass that is used to make these handrails must be a durable one, and utmost care must be taken after the installation of the handrails. Glass handrails can be painted, designer or plain, but one thing is true for all of them. They are classy, too classy.


Cable Wire Railing

Decorative outdoor handrails made of one or more of the above materials can also look stylish and graceful. The handrails can be customized, depending on your deck railing designs and the deck lighting used. A very good idea is using cables. They are cheap and easy to install. They also give the stairs a modern look. You can also mix and match two styles, like a stone wall adorned with an iron grill, or alternating glass a wooden panels.

Anything creative could be done, as long as it fulfills your purpose. The design of the outdoor handrails should complement the decking and outdoor furniture. Even simple handrails and railings on the terrace can render a stylish look to your deck. Decorative hand railings are commonly used in libraries, churches, residences, offices, schools and other public places.

Decorative Exterior Wrought Iron Handrail Railing mediterranean house outdoor design ideas

Decorative outdoor handrails add to the beauty of the stairs. Creative designs and sturdy material can make the exterior of your house inviting for your guests, along with providing security.


Decorative Outdoor Handrails

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