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DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room: step-by-step instructions

The bar counter has long lost its narrow original purpose and is widely used not only in catering establishments, but also in residential premises. Thanks to this piece of furniture, the interior of a house or apartment will acquire an exclusive and stylish look. This article will tell you how a bar counter with your own hands will help to zon and divide the space, and step-by-step instructions will make it possible to independently create the desired model.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

It’s quite possible to make a functional and comfortable bar counter with your own hands.

Types and functions of bar counters in the kitchen: photo examples of various designs

In spacious rooms, in particular studio apartments, the use of a bar counter can be directly used as a home mini-bar. For this, the design is equipped with special holders and devices where glass devices and bottles with drinks are stored. Such a design can be part of a kitchen set or an independent structure.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

The bar counter in the form of an island is ideal for rooms with a large area


In small apartments, the kitchen bar counter performs several functions at once. It serves to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living area, at the same time plays the role of a dining table . The most common option in small rooms is a stand in the form of a small ledge or a structure located along the wall. Photos of bar counters for a small kitchen are clearly demonstrated by such examples.

Bar counters in the form of a protruding peninsula are acceptable in medium-sized kitchens. The space below is used as a cabinet, where they place a minibar or a variety of kitchen items. In such designs, chrome pipe pieces attached to the cabinet lid serve as a support for countertops.

Multilevel bar counters of the house that are multifunctional are popular. One side is used as a work surface, and the opposite – as a place for snacks and drinks.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

A correctly selected bar counter helps not only to decorate the room, but also to solve a number of functional problems


Bar counters are especially common in studio apartments, where they serve as the demarcation of different zones: they separate parts of the room according to their functional purpose. Often, such designs are a continuation of the kitchen.

Important! When choosing a bar counter model, you need to consider that it should be functional and convenient for use by all family members. The design is not created for one year, so it should be pleasing to the eye.

Kitchen equipment with a breakfast bar: photo options

Home bar can have the most unusual shape, custom sizes. The construction is quite possible to build with your own hands, using the most unexpected objects for this. This is its advantage. At the same time, in order to make a bar yourself, you need to know the unspoken classification of models, which includes three main types.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

For a studio apartment, the bar counter is ideal, it will carry out the division into functional zones


Stationary bar counter. One of the most popular bar options for a small kitchen. The maximum height of this model in mini format is 120 cm.

The design combined with the dining table also serves as the best example of a breakfast bar in a small kitchen. The table top of such a product has a height of up to 90 cm.

A two-level model is a two-part design. One is a high bar, the other is a dining table. Such bar counters in the studio are an excellent option in zoning, where the lower part is located in the kitchen area and the high part in the living room.

Photos of bar counters in the apartment clearly demonstrate many ways to implement them. It is enough to pick up an idea for certain conditions and space, create a drawing and start its implementation.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


Two-level bar counters look interesting, this solution is suitable for those who have children at home

Foldable bar counter : rational ideas for a small kitchen

The ideal way to optimize the space in a small kitchen is the transformer bar counter. There are several options for folding structures, which are distinguished by the principle of assembly. The most common – folding, retractable, swivel and folding.

A retractable stand is a retractable mechanism that hides under the work area. It can be a tabletop on a pull-out leg or a drawer where drinks, glasses and other kitchen utensils are stored. The movement of the structure is provided by a roller mechanism or simple wheels.

A folding stand is considered to be the most convenient option for a small kitchen. An additional plus is ease of manufacture. The tabletop is attached to the wall on a special bracket, with its help the rack rises and lowers if necessary.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


A swivel bar counter is a very convenient piece of kitchen furniture, the design of which often requires an individual approach

Folding rack inoperative is a small bedside table. When unfolded, it’s convenient to have breakfast or a snack behind it. For lunch, it is doubled by lifting the lower part with support on the legs or fixing on a special folding mechanism.

Useful advice! The most affordable way to build a folding bar counter yourself is to attach a small tabletop to the wall using curtains. In the same way, a wooden leg is attached to the opposite side. The design develops according to the principle of a booklet (leg – countertop – wall).

The swivel stand is designed so that part of the surface freely hides under the countertop and, if necessary, easily turns into a dining table. The design is very convenient to use and saves space. At the same time, to make it at home, you will need certain skills, tools and equipment.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


Foldable bar counter – a very convenient option, since it can significantly increase the functionality of the space

Do-it-yourself bar counter for the kitchen : stages of creation

How to make a bar counter yourself, step by step instructions will tell you. This process is not chaotic, but involves certain stages:

  • selection of a suitable model, planning;
  • taking measurements, determining future dimensions;
  • creation of drawings of the bar;
  • selection of tools, equipment and materials;
  • foundation and framework creation;
  • fixing the base to the floor, wall or stationary furniture;
  • manufacturing of countertops, its fasteners on the basis;
  • attachment of additional elements (if necessary);
  • coating the base with varnish, paint or pasting;
  • decoration with trim or additional elements.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Drawing of a bar counter for a kitchen

This is a typical instruction that is used to create any furniture with your own hands. Below we consider each of the stages. It should be noted that each individual option may have additional stages of creating bar counters in the apartment or exclude the listed ones.


Model selection, determining the dimensions of bar counters: photo

Choosing a model is one of the simplest, but at the same time crucial steps. After all, it is from the desires and the proposed design option that a somewhat expensive, time-consuming process depends.

There are no strict standards in the choice of sizes and dimensions. But there are certain recommendations, the violation of which negatively affects the final result.

Useful advice! The width of the countertop should not be less than 30 cm: even a portion plate cannot fit on such a surface, so dishes will be at risk of being broken. Sitting at such a stand is also inconvenient, since there is practically no space for placing your hands.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

The bar counter will significantly improve the functionality of the room, so it’s important to think about what it will be, making up the project


The recommended rack height is 110-120 cm. The minimum tabletop width is 30 cm, the optimal size is 50-60 cm. It is necessary to foresee the length, quantity and shape of the legs. Here regulation in size does not exist. Traditional bar counters in the kitchen provide for the installation of countertops on the tables, but simple designs are more popular, in which the countertops are attached to a long pipe located from floor to ceiling.

In the traditional form, the rack is almost never used. Owners increasingly prefer functional counterparts with additional cabinets and bedside tables.

Creation of drawings and design design of the bar

Having decided on the model and taking the necessary measurements, the proposed design must be displayed on paper. The drawing should also include the layout of the room (kitchen or living room) where the bar counter will be located. Meeting these requirements will allow you to correctly calculate the size of the furniture. In addition, the drawing will clearly demonstrate how organically the stand fits into the overall interior.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Bar design diagram


To simulate the bar structure, you can use special design programs. Most of them are freely available on the Internet. The most popular are the following: PRO100, Sweet Home 3D, pCon.planner, IKEA home planner, Astron design, Google Sketchup, Floorplan 3D, Home plan pro, Arcon project, Autodesk 3ds Max, etc.

A virtual drawing, unlike a paper drawing, allows you to see the project from different sides and allows you to immediately make the appropriate adjustments to the drawing. In addition, the computer version will make it possible to see the design in finished form.

A paper drawing does not imply a demonstration of a photorealistic image, but at the same time allows you to create the necessary working project. This is even more acceptable if an independent bar counter for the house is not a very voluminous structure.

Useful advice! The creation of any model with your own hands provides for the preliminary preparation of drawings of the bar counter. To do this, you can use a special computer program or apply the circuit to graph paper.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


Choosing a model is one of the simplest, but at the same time crucial steps in designing a bar counter

The choice of materials: value for money

In the manufacturing process of bar counters, various materials are used. The choice depends on the destination, the intended location, the interior of the entire room and the budgetary possibilities of the owners. Consider the most practical and common materials.


Plastic involves various colors, it is inexpensive and convenient, easy to process. At the same time, it is low-strength, therefore it is suitable for the manufacture of small structures or as a finishing material.

Laminated chipboards are more expensive and difficult to process, but last much longer than plastic. It comes in various colors and structures. Surfaces can imitate multi-colored stones, metal and wood.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


The material for the manufacture of the bar must be moisture resistant and strong enough to withstand everyday mechanical stress

Drywall, due to its “pliability”, is widely used to create volumetric racks. The material can be puttied, decorated and painted in various colors. Drywall bar – this is the option that allows you to create any form in accordance with different styles.

Wood. A bar made of wood, especially of valuable species, will unconditionally have a noble and expensive appearance. At the same time, it is a laborious material that requires subsequent careful processing.

Brick. At first glance, it may seem that this is non-traditional material, but it is from it that bar counters in the loft style are most often made.


For the manufacture of racks from various materials, additional parts, accessories and tools will be required. For structures made of drywall and chipboard, a frame of corners or bars is required. To make a wooden bar, certain carpentry knowledge and special equipment are required. During the construction of a brick bar counter, you will need the skills of a bricklayer, and a special solution must also be used.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Wooden racks quickly wear out and after a short time lose their presentability

For countertops, as a rule, they take materials other than those used in the manufacture of the frame. This is a separate and often independent element of a typical kitchen counter.

The frame and countertop for the bar : the nuances in the manufacture

The countertop is the most important detail that contributes to the creation of special interior accents. The manufacturing process is the basic stage of the construction of the entire structure. The material should have an attractive surface, be durable and wear-resistant.


The base plate for the countertop can be acrylic stone, a wide polished board, a piece of chipboard, which is then covered with veneer or film. With the help of a jigsaw, the base is given the necessary shape, and the places of edge cuts are carefully cleaned.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Driving countertops standard bar on the leg

Useful advice! The advantage of chipboard worktops is that you can choose any color and structure of the coating. Over time, it can even be replaced using a self-adhesive film. In addition, the finished product can be purchased in the distribution network.

Creating a framework is an equally important stage. Here you will need corners, channels, wooden bars. More specific actions at this stage are described in the instructions for manufacturing various models of racks.


DIY bar counter: step-by-step manufacturing instructions

The most popular way to create racks is the classic one, which includes the manufacture of a countertop and its further fastening from one edge to a wall or a headset, and from the other to a vertical pipe.

The countertop can be made of different materials, but it is advisable to choose a base that matches the rest of the kitchen furniture. Other parts can be purchased at the hardware store. In terms of price, in this case it is better not to save.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Diy bar counter

For example, buying a pipe that will serve as a foot for a bar counter, it is recommended to abandon inexpensive Chinese products. Such chrome products, although they cost three times cheaper, but after a while they can sprinkle with flakes. Accessories manufactured in Germany are much more expensive, but have a lifetime warranty, good quality and Polish parts.


The table top for such a bar counter can be cut out from a wide board, it will be supported on one side by a shelf attached to the wall, and on the other – an ordinary pipe. For its fastening, a hole of the corresponding diameter is drilled in the countertop, a mounting ring is put on the pipe.

Under the pipe in the body of the countertop, you must drill a hole of the required diameter. From above it is closed with a decorative cap. Using a universal mount called a thrust bearing, the bottom of the pipe is attached to the floor. The thrust bearing is used when it is necessary to attach the pipe to the ceiling, as well as for installing special bar shelves.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

It is important to choose the right materials for the countertop of the bar

If the countertop should be fixed directly to the wall, then reinforced mounting corners are ideal for this. They must be installed so that they are invisible, that is, a few centimeters from the edges.


Using special decorative brackets for shelves, you can fix a small bar counter along the wall. In order to strengthen the bearing capacity, it is better to use several pieces.

Do-it-yourself bar counter in the kitchen: photo of creating a structure with a support from a pipe

In the manufacturing process of the classic version of the rack, certain materials will be required. For the countertop, an old windowsill can serve. A part of the required size is cut out of it, the edges are rounded, polished, tinted and varnished. Additional details: bar foot, brackets and clips – can be bought at the furniture hardware store.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

The scheme is simple in the manufacture of a bar counter on a leg

Production Sequence:

  1. Fastening corners and emphasis to the countertop using self-tapping screws.
  2. Before attaching the countertop, make outlines on the wall. Using a level, check that the mount is level.
  3. Drilling holes for dowels.
  4. On the floor mark the place for fastening the pipe, where the thrust bearing is installed.
  5. Installation of the rack in place, its fastening with screws.

Important! In order to ensure moisture resistance of the structure, all wooden parts must be treated with a special corrosion agent. Most of them will help protect the rack from fire. This special treatment is primarily required by bar countertops for a wooden kitchen.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Depending on the design of the furniture, the tube for the bar counter may differ in length and number of mounting points

Instead of a pipe, as a support, you can use a special two- or three-sided pedestal with mini-shelves. Wide boards, docked at right angles, are already a finished structure that just needs to be attached to the wall. Curved lines and any non-standard approach in the manufacture of the rack will give a modern look to the product.

How to make a bar counter with your own hands from drywall

Drywall is often used to base the rack. You will need several standard plates, it is also necessary to prepare bars or profiles for the frame. The steps for creating such a model are as follows:

  1. Gathering the frame. The main thing is that an angle of 90 ° is observed between perpendicular planes, and a parallel distance between horizontal surfaces. To do this, you need a good construction level, and an ordinary cord plummet is suitable for tracking verticality.
  2. Plasterboard cladding of the assembled frame on both sides using self-tapping screws.
  3. Putty of corners, joints and traces of self-tapping screws.
  4. The finish of the product depends on the choice of owners. It can be a decorative putty for painting with an aqueous emulsion; textured paint, which is applied in a thick layer.
  5. Install countertops. It is desirable that it matches the color and structure of the remaining surfaces in the kitchen and decorative elements of furniture, provided that there is a bar in the room.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

Making a bar counter from drywall with your own hands will not be difficult, first you need to make a frame from a bar or profiles and sheathe drywall

Do-it-yourself wood bar counter : manufacturing process

To build a rack of wood, you need to prepare bars 50 × 100 mm, edged board 25 × 300 mm, MDF sheets (18 mm), skirting board, screws, varnish and paint. After creating the project, the manufacturing process has the following sequence:

  1. Layout of frame placements on the wall and floor.
  2. Fastening the beam to the floor and wall along the basting lines.
  3. Installation of pillars and cross beams for mounting countertops. Their height is determined so that the countertop is on the same level with the working area of the kitchen.
  4. Connecting racks using transverse bars or furniture corners.
  5. When the frame is assembled, it is trimmed. To do this, you can use wide sanded boards or MDF sheets.
  6. Mounting the baseboard on the border of the rack and floor.
  7. Installing countertops, which is cut from a edged board.
  8. The table top is ground and varnished.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

To build a wooden stand with your own hands, you need to have elementary carpentry skills

The gaps that form between the bar, wall and floor can be filled with acrylic sealant, and the ends of the countertops can be molded.


Useful advice! To ensure a perfectly flat surface of the bar and eliminate errors made during installation, you can use special adjustable legs for the bar.

Backlit bar : installation options and types of fixtures

In the design of the bar, lighting plays an important role. For this purpose, different types of lamps are used:

  • pendant lights, which has a suspension with the ability to adjust its length;
  • spot lights, in accordance with the name, it illuminates the area above which it is located,DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room

The backlit bar looks spectacular, and ordinary lamps of different shapes, LED lamps and ribbons, spots are used to illuminate it.

  • creating direct light;
  • spots – special halogen lamps on metal brackets used in the design of modern racks in the style of hi-tech, loft or modern.
  • Track luminaires are structures made of metal busbars that conduct current with light elements;
  • LED strip is not only a backlight, but also a decoration, it is easy to install and almost invisible inoperative.

Mobile bar table for the kitchen and living room: step by step instructions

An alternative to a bar in a small apartment can be a bar table. This piece of furniture has a diverse shape, height; Basically it is a round oversized design on one stable leg. You can create your own original model of a mobile mobile bar table-stand on wheels, and the material will be the remains of building materials, in particular, trimming water pipes. For work, you will need water pipes with appropriate connectors, a pair of boards, perforated tape, fasteners and castors.DIY bar counter for kitchen and living room


A distinctive feature of mobile bar tables is the wheels on which they ride throughout the kitchen or move to the living room if necessary

The frame of the table is assembled from water pipes, which are connected by connectors. Wooden shelves are attached to the pipes with screws or perforated steel tape. In order to make room for hanging glasses at the top of the table, it is enough to cut round holes with grooves. The mobility of the table is provided by wheels that are easily attached to the tube base. In order for nothing to fall during movement, it is necessary that the surface of the shelves be non-slip. It will be advisable to install additional sides and partitions.

The bar counter is a convenient, modern and functional piece of furniture in the kitchen or living room. With its help, it can be successfully supplemented, and in case of saving space – to replace the dining area. Using the recommendations given in the article, designs of various shapes can be easily done independently. The main conditions for successful work are a correctly selected model and materials, layout of layout and sequence in manufacturing.

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