DIY Table Decorations for Christmas: Table Mats & Coasters

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas-When you think about the table setting, get a first, the tablecloth or table runner, flower arrangements and bouquets, dishes, napkins, candles and decorative figurines to mind. There are also two more elements that make themselves pretty on every festive table. The table mats and coasters are meant.

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Charming DIY Christmas Table Decoration with homemade christmas flower arrangements ideas

Today we have great DIY table decorations for Christmas ideas on this issue for you.

DIY table decorations for Christmas – Table Mats

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
white black diy table cloth decoration gold plate ideas

To create matching table mats for Christmas, you can use different materials and motifs. Choose, for example, typical colors such as red, white and green or more elegant variations in gold and silver. Santas, fir and reindeer are just perfect and snowflakes can be used throughout the winter. Here are some DIY table decoration ideas:

DIY Table Decoration – Table mat from Christmas cards

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Diy table decoration christmas card recycling paper original idea

Let’s start with a very simple idea for DIY table decoration of table mats, which is environmentally friendly. In fact, instead of throwing them away from old Christmas cards, you can create interesting and unique table mats. For this DIY table decoration, you only need glue.

DIY table decorations for Christmas with stencils – decorate table mats

Obtain ready-made table mats or sew them from any fabric and decorate them with the help of Christmas masks. Use a machine wash resistant paint. Or you use stamps. However, there is the possibility that the paint will wash out.

Chalkboard as DIY table mat

A table mat in the shape of a small chalkboard is not only rustic but can be used at any time of the year. You can always draw matching motif on it. In this example a wreath was chosen, which framed the plate beautifully.


Sewn the table decoration yourself

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Table decoration diy sewing felt green red cross stitching checkered napkin

If you want to sew, then such a table mat is great DIY table decorations for Christmas. Choose a green fabric in rectangular shape to add it red accents. Particularly attractive is the cross pattern on the side.

DIY table mat with integrated cutlery bag

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Diy table decoration table checkered santa bag cutlery

Really original is also this idea with an integrated bag for the cutlery in the form of a Santa Claus. If you do not trust sewing, you can also glue the individual elements on. Use an adhesive that is suitable for textiles.


DIY Patchwork Table Decoration

You can also create fantastic table mats from fabric residues. Even better the decoration, if the fabrics suitable for the festival also Christmas motifs possess. Otherwise, you can also create Christmas motifs with the fabrics, like a Christmas tree made of fabric strips. With the DIY table decoration you can let the imagination run wild.


DIY table decorations for Christmas – coasters

Also the coasters are an interesting element in the DIY table decorations for Christmas and are especially practical for tables with a glass or high gloss surface as edges of damp glasses are avoided. However, in addition to the useful property, they also have a decorative benefit that should in no way be underestimated.


Red-green table decoration

The coasters can be designed to fit the table mats or have a different design. This does not matter and is only determined by your preferences. Here are some ideas DIY table decoration ideas in the form of coasters to imitate.

Make hexagonal coasters by yourself

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Table decoration diy hexagonal coaster snowflake white crochet

Crochet a pretty snowflake for the DIY table decorations for Christmas and then glue it onto a felt pad. The latter can be designed around or cut out in a hexagonal form, as shown here. The color combination of red and white looks extremely pretty and fits for Christmas.


Table decoration from blackboard coasters

Suitable for the above-mentioned table-top mats as DIY table decoration, you can also design coasters. You can decorate them by Christmas decorating or stamping Christmas motifs. This is also a great idea for giving away. In this case, do not forget to add a piece of chalk.

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Funny table decoration made of Christmas motifs


Create fabric underwear with funny motifs. It is very easy to work with felt. Cut out the individual elements and then glue them onto a round or square base. You can also sew the figures.

Here you can see a variant for the DIY table decorations of snowflakes. This is easier to make since no thin ornaments have to be cut out. Also the other idea is really great. It consists of beads in Christmas colors that are threaded on cord.

DIY Table Decorations for Christmas
Table decoration diy snowflake crochet red teacup simple coaster

Crochet a coaster in the form of a snowflake. On the Internet, there are different instructions for this. The color does not matter. You can, however, look for the remaining table decoration. If you have the DIY table decorations for Christmas ideas, you can start with the crafting!

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