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Easiest Tips to Make Cheap Room Dividers for Kids

Cheap Room Dividers for Kids – Kids need privacy, but a shared bedroom makes this difficult. Don’t despair — room dividers can help to separate a single bedroom into more private areas. You can install room dividers to fit your kids’ spatial needs, as well as accommodate the available floor space. With a little design creativity and by doing the work yourself, you can make Cheap Room Dividers for Kids that are also easy on your wallet.

How to make cheap room dividers for kids


Cheap Room Dividers for Kids
Purple curtain room dividers eclectic kids room decor ideas

Economical curtain panels can help to visually separate a single room into two spaces. Install a curtain rod on sturdy brackets to hang from the ceiling in your kids’ room. Center the curtain down the middle of the room to offer equal spaces on each side. For longer rooms, you may need to use two curtain rods. Attach metal curtain rings with clips to the top of premade drapery panels. Adjust the length of the panels by folding over the top of the curtain before attaching the clip. Metal curtain rings slide easily over curtain rods, allowing kids to easily close them when they desire privacy. Use sheer curtains for limited visual privacy and heavyweight curtain panels for complete visual privacy. You can also use fabric in lieu of finished curtain panels to reduce the cost of your curtain divider.


Bookshelf room divider contemporary kids room furniture ideas

Make Cheap Room Dividers for Kids from new or used furniture pieces. For example, a double-sided bookshelf positioned in the center of a room provides a solid room partition with ample storage space for each child. For safety reasons, make sure the bookshelf is secured in place to avoid toppling over. Open-shelf bedroom dividers for kids offer an additional option for partitioning a single bedroom. It’s see-through quality provides limited visual privacy while supplying a more open, airy feel than a solid-back piece. Fill the open shelves with wire baskets and colorful plastic bins for storing electronics, art supplies, toys and other small items. Another easy way to create a room divider for kids room is through furniture arrangements. For example, place twin beds in the center of a bedroom with back-to-back headboards, offering an opposite view for each child. Add a nightstand beside each bed to create additional room separation.



Kids Craft Room transitional kids room divider ideas

Oversize artist canvases suspended from a bedroom ceiling deliver aesthetic appeal with functional room separation. Wrap a fabric with a perky print or whimsical design to completely envelope each framed artist canvas. Secure the fabric to the wooden frame with staples. Attach hurricane tape around the perimeter of each canvas frame to conceal the staples. Screw hooks into the top of each canvas and into the ceiling. Hook a chain over the ceiling and canvas hooks to suspend them at a desired height. Space the canvases to leave ample room for walking between them.

Other Cheap Room Divider Ideas

Tribeca Siblings shared room with divider ideas

Create Cheap Room Dividers for Kids by folding a piece of fabric over the top bar of a rolling garment rack. Cut the fabric to fit within a rack’s metal frame to provide visual separation for a portion of the bedroom. Use double-backed hook-and-loop tape to secure the folded fabric over the top of the garment bar. Kids can easily roll the garment rack wherever they feel the need for privacy. Colorful strands of crystal beads can also provide a room divider with a little sparkle for little cost. Hot-glue long strands of colorful beads along a dowel rod, spacing them as you desire. Wrap the ends of each dowel with craft wire and loop the ends through ceiling hooks to secure the dowels in place. Create longer room dividers with additional dowel rods, and lengthen the strands of beads by attaching two or more single strands with hot glue.

Cheap Room Dividers for Kids

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