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Easy Tips for Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen

Tips for Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen-Kitchen is a very important room in a home, this one area usually is identical with the mother, because in those places they prepare food to be serve on their families, comfort in the kitchen is a thing that needs to be in priority so we feel welcome when conducting activities in a kitchen, but sometimes it becomes a problem for some people , and one reason is the limitation of in terms of a narrow or small size, therefore you should know a few tips or troubleshooting it is important in designing a kitchen with small size.

Before you design the kitchen you should consider first what you need when cooking in the kitchen, then you can specify the theme that you want to apply to the kitchen, and in order to remain comfortable while having a narrow size you can apply the following tips.

Tips On Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen

  1. Storage areas

Add more storage space in your kitchen, so that all your cooking utensils stored with the mess, you can choose kitchen set that corresponds to the size of your kitchen, as for form and design your own kitchen set are very much but if you have limitations in terms of the place then you can use the L shape kitchen set.

  1. Utilize Empty Wall

For alternative storage you can use Wall shelves, hanging from the shelf as this overage Besides storing cooking equipment also can be used as a decorative medium in beautifying your kitchen, and certainly using this wall shelf kitchen appliances you more easily in reach when we need it.


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  1. Lighting Fixtures

Next up is to set up lighting in on your kitchen, create a window with a size that is large enough so that your kitchen look more spacious.

  1. Wall Paint Colors

And the last is by choosing the right colors for your kitchen, at this moment lots of color that you can use to coat the walls of your kitchen, but did you know that each color has its own character?, for which you can select the color white on your kitchen, it is because white color can give the impression of a wider in your kitchen.

That’s the last set of tips that you can use in designing your small kitchen, next we could listen to some examples as in the picture below.


Pictures of Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen

Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen
Craftsman u-shaped enclosed kitchen idea in Portland with a farmhouse sink
Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen
Small Kitchen Apartment Home Design
Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen
Small Kitchen Peninsula G Shaped Kitchens
Designing Comfortable Small Size Kitchen
Small Kitchen Peninsula Home Design

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How beautiful and comfortable isn’t?, maybe only that we can pass on this occasion, we wish the information about small kitchen design tips that we can inspire and pass on the benefits to you.

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