9 Easy Tips For Remodeling A Small L-Shaped Kitchen

If you want easy tips for remodeling a small L-shaped kitchen to make it look bigger and nicer, read on. Here you will find refreshing tips that will not only make your kitchen look more beautiful but will also improve its functionality and efficiency.

Take a look at your current kitchen and prioritize a list of items that you’d like to change. Set a budget you can live with and stick to it. Acquire cost estimates for the top items on your wish list and work your way down. Tackling all or part of the work yourself can save pricey labor costs if you have the desire and skills to do so. Below are the top 9 easiest tips to help you with your kitchen remodeling. Feel free to prioritize them according to your budget. You can even carry out the updates on stages.


Modern Small L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Make optimal use of the floor space in a small L-shaped kitchen to maximize its efficiency. A floor plan that incorporates the traditional work triangle helps create a smooth workflow that is more functional and efficient. The triangle consists of three major work areas: the refrigerator for cold food storage, the sink for food preparation and cleanup, and the stove for cooking. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that each leg of the work triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet, with no major traffic patterns crossing the triangle.


                                                                   L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Plan Model

Tip #1: Consider Changing Kitchen Appliances & Lighting

Kitchen appliances and lighting tend to have a major impact on the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Consider switching out old appliances for new replacements. Newer appliances typically are more energy-efficient and may become major focal points in small L-shaped kitchens. Determine the features you need for each appliance, and compare brands and warranties. Measure the floor space available for each appliance to ensure it properly fits. Stainless steel appliances add an instant update to any kitchen; they also provide a reflective quality, helping to make a small kitchen appear more spacious. Avoid replacing only one or two appliances, creating a mismatched group. Update old light fixtures. Track lighting is a budget-friendly choice that provides bright illumination without taking up much ceiling space. Hang pendant lights over a kitchen island to add targeted task lighting with a modern flair.

  Impact of New Kitchen Appliances & Lighting on Small L-Shaped Kitchen 


Tip #2: Paint Walls and Ceiling

Apply a fresh coat of interior latex paint to the walls and ceiling. Light, neutral paint colors — soft white, barely beige, light gray — enhance almost any decorating style and may help “open up” a small L-shaped kitchen. Use satin or semigloss paint finish to reflect natural and artificial light, making a small kitchen appear more spacious.

Tip #3: Remove Window Drapes

Remove heavy drapes from the windows to allow sunlight to stream inside. Install natural woven shades to add an earthy element, or hang white, 2-inch wooden blinds for a clean, fresh look.

Tip #4: Attend to Floor

If your budget allows, consider installing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors add an upscale look to any kitchen. Dark wood floors provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast against light-colored cabinetry. Light wood flooring, on the other hand, is a great match with dark-colored cabinets.


    Hardwood  Floors: An Upscale in the Remodeling of a Small L-shaped Kitchen

Tip #5: Consider Adding an Island

An island is an ideal addition to a small L-shaped kitchen. It can provide additional storage, food prep, and dining areas without taking up much valuable floor space. An island with a set of drawers is not only additional storage but is an aesthetic beauty too.


Tip #6: Refinish Cabinetry & Storage

Create a perception of openness by refinishing existing cabinetry in light-colored paint or stain. Glass cabinet doors and open wall shelves add visual interest and help avoid a boxy, cramped feel in a small kitchen.


Lighting, Hardware, Splashback & Countertop Together Create a Perfect Harmony in the

Remodeling of This Small L-Shaped Kitchen

Tip #7: Replace Old Kitchen Hardware

Remove old hardware from cabinet drawers and doors, and replace them with shiny chrome knobs and handles to add an updated look.


Tip #8: Update Kitchen Countertop

Install granite countertops in a coordinating color to add upscale sophistication to your small kitchen. Laminate countertops provide a durable, budget-friendly alternative to granite, and are available in assorted colors and patterns.

A Striking Contrast in the Choice of a Kitchen Splashback Makes for a Great Kitchen Remodeling Outcome


Tip #9: Pick a Modern Kitchen Splashback

Together with the countertop, kitchen splashbacks play an important role in the overall look of a kitchen. Choose a neutral-colored modern splashback to increase your kitchen’s appeal and feel.

Small L-Shaped Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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