Easy Tips to Help You Decorating Navy Blue Bathroom

Monochromatic Navy Blue Bathroom color schemes, when done correctly, can create a soothing spa-like retreat feel in your bathroom.

Navy Blue Bathroom
Decorating Ideas Nautical Navy Traditional Bathroom Color Schemes

Navy blue and turquoise conjure images of sky and tranquil tropical seas; natural blues that can blend, harmonize and contrast all at the same time. Whether you’re beginning from scratch and you plan on installing colored fixtures or tiles, or you’re working on a redecorating project that won’t break the bank, don’t be afraid to combine shades of blues in a monochromatic color scheme. Splash them around in a big way, or add them as accent and accessory pieces. Experiment with zaps of contrasting shades that can pull together the hues you choose.

How to Decorate Navy Blue Bathroom

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Navy Blue Bathroom Size

One advantage to decorating a bathroom is that a large portion of the space is occupied by the fixtures. The fixtures break up the space so the room doesn’t have large expanses of color. Overuse of dark colors can make a small room seem even smaller. A white ceiling and woodwork add a clean brightness to rich blue colors; white helps moderate intense shades of navy and turquoise and balances the resizing illusion.


Navy Blue Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Natural light plays with shades of blue as the day progresses, so plan the color placement in your bathroom by testing tile, paint and fabric swatches at different times of the day and check the same colors under artificial light as well. If you’re installing tile, experiment with different grout colors. Grout can brighten, darken, blend or accentuate different aspects of the tile. Even if the room has plenty of natural light during the day, you’ll need ample illumination at night. In addition to ambient lighting, install glare-free light fixtures over the vanity or sink. Arrange the color placement so that refracted light won’t have blue overtones that interfere with applying makeup or other tasks.

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Existing Fixtures

The most common color for existing tubs and toilets is white. Any color goes with white, so if that’s what you’re working with, plan liberal use of your blues on the walls and floor. Use related colors within the navy-to-turquoise range, including cool teals and rich peacock blue. Colored fixtures also work with navy and turquoise. Black or gray adds a functional, no-nonsense feel, while neutral browns and toned-down greens can create an earthy atmosphere. Even vintage pink fixtures from the 1960s can be highlighted with sapphire blue jewel-tone accents.

Navy Blue Bathroom Decorating Themes


Navy and turquoise shades offer the perfect combinations for a nautical or aquatic themed bathroom. As colors of the sea, they complement ocean prints that are readily available on wallpaper, borders and textile accessories. For a formal or stylized bathroom — in a home with Southwestern decor, for example — turquoise and navy are traditional colors that tie together terra-cotta, sand and wood tones. You can also use pale or dusty shades of these colors to promote relaxation in a spa-like bathroom setting, or use clear, intense shades to energize your morning routine.

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Navy Blue Bathroom

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