Easy Tips to Help You Design a Small Home Office

You can design and decorate a small home office in a way that best utilizes your square footage while also creating a pleasing space in which you can work. Take a minimalist approach to the room, including only those office items and furniture that you need to do your job, and clear unnecessary clutter and objects to make the room organized and efficient.

Small Office Home Office
Pink and grey office features a trellis wallpapered ceiling accented with an Oslo Chandelier hanging over am angled black desk lined with hot pink chairs

Small Office Home Office Decorating Tips

Small Home Office Layout

Decide on an overall layout for the Small Office Home Office and position furniture in a way that makes the most of the small space. Arrange the desk near a window for optimal light during the day, but avoid placing it directly across from a window to minimize glare on your computer screen during daylight hours. Utilize shelving to take advantage of wall space instead of floor space. Ensure there is adequate walking space between furniture in the room.

Fantastic home office with taupe walls and a modular style white desk with gold legs

Paint Colors


Paint the room in a light or neutral color — such as white or beige — to make the small room appear brighter while also giving the illusion of a larger space. Avoid dark colors and bold patterns on the walls, both of which make the room appear smaller. Use a neutral accent color in the room on curtains, trim and baseboards to brighten the space further.



Take a minimalist approach when selecting furniture for a Small Office Home Office to avoid overcrowding an already compact room. Select a desk that best fits the room’s dimensions — such as a long desk in a narrow room or a corner desk in a square-shaped room — along with a chair that easily rolls under the desk when not in use to save space. Install shelving along one wall or utilize a closet in the room for storage.

Cool Pottery Barn lighting Small office with built-in shelves and cabinets – white gray yellow green office colors

Storage and Organization


Use woven baskets or fabric bins for storage on the shelves in the office. Clearly label the front of each bin with the contents and store the most used items near the lower shelves for easy access. Use file folders, binders and other office supplies to organize and store documents — either in the desk drawer, a file cabinet or placed inside a basket on the shelf. Place a small waste bin underneath the desk for trash.

Additional Office Items

Hang a large bulletin board on one wall along with a dry-erase board to utilize wall space. Use the bulletin board to hang a calendar, your to-do list, and other documents to keep them off your desk top. Only keep items on your desk that you use on a regular basis — such as your computer, mousepad, notepad and pens — and store other items, such as tape, in a desk drawer or on the shelf to keep clutter to a minimum.

Fantastic white and green home office with built-in desk

Small Office Home Office

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