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Easy Tips to Make Comfortable and Inviting Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room design centers on simplicity, clean lines and a lack of clutter.

Minimalist Living Room
Futuristic coffee table red sofa minimalist modern living room design ideas

Many of the items found in a traditional living room will be absent in the minimalist style. Throw pillows, knick-knacks, side tables, and lamps are replaced by open spaces and a few utilitarian pieces of furniture. A living room with minimalist design is generally Spartan in style, but it can still be comfortable and inviting.

How to Design Minimalist Living Room

Custom Storage Supports Minimalist Style Living Room Design Ideas

Personal tastes dictate the degree of minimalism integrated into the living room design. One commonality among advocates of the minimalist look seems to be the desire for order. A Minimalist Living Room requires far less care than a living room found in the average home. Vacuuming is easy when only a single chair or table needs to be moved. Dusting is seldom required when numerous pieces of art and decorative accessories are eliminated.

Understatement is the hallmark of the minimalist look. Choose furniture that offers visual pleasure and comfort, but include only one or two favorite pieces. Many times a minimalist environment includes solid-colored walls and very few accents. A single rose in a small crystal vase is more fitting than a trickling fountain or revolving disco ball.

Black and White Living Room Minimalist Home Interior Designs

An advantage of the minimalist styles living room is that it suits people who might be on a budget. One or two high-quality pieces of furniture or art can be substituted for mass-produced bookcases, shelves or entertainment centers. The concept of “less is more” should always be first and foremost in the mind of a person planning a minimalist living room

Window treatments and lighting play a large role in minimalist design. Again, simplicity takes precedence over all else. Simple window coverings fashioned from natural materials will generally be preferable to elaborate, floor-length curtains with a valance and ties. Minimalist lighting is usually soft and indirect. The one exception to this rule would be a reading lamp, but even this item may feature a multiple wattage bulb.

Beautiful Minimalist Home white modern living room furniture ideas

Many people who design a Minimalist Living Room feel it provides an enhanced sense of peace and relaxation. The look is appropriate for those who wish to remove excess from their life and dispense with unwanted “stuff.” In many case, the proceeds from selling boxes of stuff at a garage sale will go far toward providing the entire budget to outfit the sparsely furnished room. A final benefit of a minimalist style living room is that clean counter space and a few tables makes it difficult to lose one’s keys or wallet.


Minimalist Living Room

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