Ecological Living – You Should Pay Attention

“Back to the origin” is the motto in many areas of our lives. Whether in medicine, nutrition or clothing, nature is once again valued. Even in construction, more and more builders are paying attention to a sustainable and ecologically valuable construction method. For what is good for nature also does good to man. Ecological living is fully up-to-date. In our large guidebook you get a lot of important information on this topic – enjoy this special quality of life.

ecological living
For many people the ecological aspect is very important in house construction

From the first groundbreaking to ecological thinking

The earlier you choose sustainable building, the better your property can be. The planning is best if the building is not at all. Even the architecture of the rooms can save energy consumption. Look for a so-called thermal building zoning. The rooms, which are later to be warmest, such as, Such as a bedroom or living room, should be located in the center of the house. Rooms that require less heat, such as bathrooms or storage rooms, are at the edge.

ecological living house
Living in an ecologically thoughtful house

The smaller the surface, the more energy-efficient. In the case of a large house, you should therefore consider instead of expanding into the width. By aligning with the sun, you can not only reverse the heating, but also save a lot of artificial light. Daylight should follow your daily routine : in the morning you will be awakened by the sun, during the day it will appear in the kitchen in the study and in the evening you can watch from the living room from the sunset. Do not underestimate the importance of this natural light source!

Ecological building with natural building materials

When green building natural building materials and natural insulating materials are used. Many prejudices are very unsettling with regard to building biology. A wooden property, insulated by hemp fibers? This can not be stable enough! In fact, exactly the opposite is the case. The natural building materials are very robust and have a positive effect on a healthy climate in the building. Green living is not a spleen of conservationists, but a very sensible way of using raw materials.


A prerequisite for this is, however, that you only use high-quality, natural materials. For the walls are used gladly clay, brick and wood. Especially in the case of wood, you must ensure that it is in a perfect condition and suitable for house construction. Too soft wood sucks water, already damaged or modest wood will not last long and is a safety risk.

Caution ! Also during plastering and painting, you should ensure that only natural colors are used.

Well insulated is much saved

The better the thermal insulation of your home, the more you can save energy costs later. No artificial insulation material can compete with the excellent properties of hemp fibers, hay or sheep wool. The insulating materials from the nature are weather-resistant, very robust and also very favorable in the purchase.

A weak point of many already existing houses are the window openings, through which the heat can escape even in the closed state. In many old houses they are usually the first to be renovated. High heat-insulating windows are somewhat more expensive in the acquisition than “normal” window fronts, but these additional costs are quickly compensated by the savings for heating.


The dream of a passive house – no costs for electricity and hot water

It would be nice if you had to pay for electricity and hot water! More and more households in Germany know how it feels to save these considerable costs. They take care of energy production and heat generation themselves. In times of rising cost of living, this is an increasingly attractive option. Particularly common and almost natural in the country are solar systems. They belong to every passive house. Due to the constant advances in solar technology, a few solar panels are currently sufficient to provide energy to a one-family household.

ecological living
A passive house is planned

Many federal and state subsidies support the use of renewable energies with financial subsidies for the acquisition. However, you should note that the cost of solar energy has only paid for itself after approx. 20 years. This would be a quite manageable time, would not then already again maintenance work occur and the panels have to be exchanged. In ecological terms, a solar system is absolutely recommended!

Use the power of the sun for energy generation
Use the power of the sun for energy generation

A perfect addition to solar systems are photovoltaic plants. They convert the solar energy of the sun into electricity. At many locations in Germany, the solar radiation is so effective that the electricity generated from it is sufficient not only for a single household, but the surplus can be fed into the public electricity grid. As the owner of the collectors you can get a compensation from the electricity company. It is best to get information from your municipality, which operators you have to contact and whether there is even a financial subsidy from the municipality.

Geothermal energy – the most natural form of heat generation

Green living is a living in harmony with nature. You use the natural treasures without wasting them. Such a treasure is right under our feet – the geothermal energy. Why use artificially generated heat from outside, where we have natural heating?


Whether via ground water, air heat pumps, surface collectors or depth drills – geothermal energy can be made usable in various ways. Which of these is the right one depends on the future location. In every German federal state, there are own advice centers for green living, which will gladly give you more information and together with you will find the optimal heating system and energy system for you.

Because water is our most valuable asset

Once the toilet flushing has been activated, and valuable water has already been wasted again. It does not have to be. Especially in Germany, where there is sufficient rainfall, the rainwater should be used instead for such purposes. The water is collected and collected through a filter in a tank. The tank needs a lot of space, but you can save a lot of drinking water and thus also costs. Also the so-called gray water, which is already once in the household, Eg for showering or washing, can be used a second time as a service water.

A small step for humanity…

For green living you do not have to turn the whole house upside down completely and completely. Even small measures can have a big impact:

  • Turn off all electronic devices that you do not need. Also the standby mode consumes energy, which is why you should unplug the devices most completely.
  • Do not leave windows open for hours. Shock ventilation is much more effective.
  • Rotate the water tap during brushing.
  • Install an aluminum coating on the outside of the radiators. The heat is not lost to the house wall, but is radiated back into the room.
  • Collect rainwater that you can easily use for flowering or for car washing.
  • Make sure that all lights are extinguished after leaving a room and that the doors are closed.
  • The refrigerator should not be located next to the oven as it needs more energy to cool by the heat of the oven.

Ecological housing does not have to be expensive. Even with a few small measures, you can set a sign for more sustainability and the protection of the environment. Many companies already have their own eco-series or programs for ecological living. A good example of this is the  residential idea “eco? Logic! “From Knutzen, which not only offers furniture, but also plasters and care products for wooden floors.


Of course, ecological building costs more than conventional house construction. But you are not alone. More and more funding programs in Germany support building ecology. Financial grants, tax advantages and favorable loans for sustainable construction make the use of renewable energies interesting from a financial point of view. Hand the nature and put a sign!

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