Everything You Need To Know About Metal Building Houses

When it comes to standing the test of time, barely many structures possess the durability of metal building houses. Being in use since the 20th century, particularly during World War II, it has become more accepted.

Its benefits are numerous and the advantage in real estate investing is a clear highlight. Pre-engineered metal buildings have proven to be an excellent investment for real estate investors as most of them have seized the opportunity of “building a house in a metal building” which allows for these investors to attract wealthy tenants and more money than they would on a residential rental property. This is regarded as a major benefit of real estate investors choosing to construct metal buildings.

With products and design capabilities, computer-aided design software, and improved materials, the range of applications of metal building houses has greatly expanded over the years.


Metal Building House Designs

  • Quonset Hut

This is an all-purpose lightweight structure easily transported and constructed with many skill requirements. It has an arch or a dome shape design which contributes to its strength, durability, and sturdiness enabling it to withstand certain conditions. With only basic maintenance, this structure could last for many decades meanwhile it is much cheaper than other metal buildings.

  • Rigid frame

This is more aesthetically pleasing than the Quonset other than that, they share similar features with Quonset even with relation to cost.

  • Open Web Truss

This design offers an exceptional extent of flexibility. It is lightweight with strong framing systems. With large clear spans, it offers versatility.

  • Clear Span

This makes use of tapered columns and rafters. It has a column-free interior space which is ideal for use as an auditorium, gymnasium, and aircraft hangar.

•  Multi-Span


An economical design practical for office, warehouse, commercial and industrial use which has interior columns and possesses greater width.

  • Lean To

This is basically an extension. It serves as an economical way of increasing or expanding the width of a new or already existing metal building house.

Metal Building House plans


Just like several other constructions, there are a number of floor plans with shops that reflect choices of designs and desired structure. “Building a house inside a metal building” reflects the intent and use as metal building plans with shops can serve the purpose of a home and a work environment.

These house plans include:

– Open Concept



-Ranch style

– 5 bedroom metal building house plan with shop


– 30×70 metal building house plans

-60×80 metal building house plans

-LTH027 metal building house plans


-Vicksburg metal house plan

-High-resolution metal building home plan

– 40×60 home floor plan


Pre-Engineered Building Accessories/Kits

These include everything except the roof, structure, and foundation. Examples are;

  • Doors for framed openings
  • Walk- doors
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Finishes
  • Gutters and downspouts

Advantages Of Metal Building Houses

1. Cost-Saving Benefits


•Speed of occupancy; after preparations must have been made, it takes about 2- 30 days to complete a pre-engineered building Do – it- yourself (DIY) project. This is way much sooner compared to the 1-6 months construction time for a traditional house.

Since the building is already pre-configured, it arrives on site ready to be assembled. Spending less time on this project saves costs because time obviously is money.

•Lower construction cost; since components have been prepped for use and are engineered to fit together easily, costs of achieving a metal building house are significantly reduced(by about 60%) The skill level required is lower so it’s easily a DIY project.


•Do-it-yourself construction; about 5000 feet of pre-cut metal buildings can come in DIY kits.

•Building accuracy; this is due to the design and drafting technology in factories, the building components are built and designed accurately for the first time this helps to get rid of or avoid unexpected costs.

•Energy savings; the windows and doors fit tightly which ensures that cold or warm air doesn’t escape the metal building house. The high maintenance paint finishing of this structure reflects up to about 70% of the sun’s rays. As a result, the cost of heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) stays down.


•Insurance saving; another beautiful feature of this house is definitely its fire-resistant properties which keep insurance premiums up to 40% less.

•Reduced maintenance costs; with a 30 – 40 year warranty against cracking, peeling, and chipping, the prefabricated metal buildings are made to last with high performance and rust-resistant paint finishing.

2. Safety Benefits


• Strength and durability; improved quality of metal buildings ensures that the structure withstands harsh weather and natural disasters. Metal building houses are usually designed to withstand peak winds of up to 180 miles per hour.

•Dimensional stability; metal buildings secured with rust-resistant bolts will not contract any moisture levels which also offers protection against molds and certain pests.

•Fire containment; a metal building has the ability to contain flames and avoid them spreading to other buildings and/ or surrounding areas due to the inherent flame retardant attribute.


•Reduced risk of fire; this flame retardant property also offers certain measures of safety against fire outbreaks reducing the possibility of occurrence.

3. Environmental Benefits

•Low toxicity; due to durability of metal building houses, they do not require chemical treatments, unlike wooden structures.


•Recyclable; metals can be recycled a hundred percent. They show lower negative environmental impact and are sustainable for long periods and years.

•Reduced waste; after fabrication and construction of metal buildings, less waste material can be found which is the exact opposite of typical traditional buildings.

4. Flexibility


•Unlimited architectural possibility; there is an abundance of materials, a variety of roofing and wall panel options available to achieve the desired metal building house.

•Relocation; with excellent resale values, the property can be disassembled, sold, and easily moved to a different area.

•Expansion; metal building houses can easily be reconstructed and extended by the addition of clear span sections.


Disadvantages of Metal Building Houses

1. Heat conductivity; metals conduct more heat than wood.

2. Corrosion; faulty designs can cause rust of metal buildings.

3. A metal building house can bend in fires.



  • Storage space for business materials
  • Private hangar
  • Paddock
  • Recreational area
  • Warehouse

Construction Process Of Metal Building Houses

  • Planning; this includes deciding the use of the structure, how big it will be, where certain features would be placed before proceeding to architectural drawings. Where the building will be erected, building style, accessories and finishes are all part of this first step.
  • Engineering; this involves graphic design after concluding what you want for your building. At this stage, you would have to choose a building manufacturer to work with. All available manufacturers have engineers on staff who achieve the design and customization of your desired structure.
  • Ordering; after deciding the manufacturer to work with and having your design approved, you are required to make an order and place a deposit.

Afterward, plans and erection diagrams may be sent which allows you to prepare the construction site ahead of time.

  • Manufacturing; while you’re preparing the site for construction, the manufacturers will be fabricating the components necessary for installation.
  • Site preparation; unless you’re purchasing an already prepared site, the purchase of a metal building doesn’t include site preparation which means the manufacturers can only be responsible for installing your metal building house. Site preparation includes survey, evacuation, grading, and tree removal.
  • Delivery; once the installation site is ready, delivery of pre- fabricated materials follows and you are responsible for the receipt of your order.
  • Erection; general erections consist of columns, installation of purlins and girts and the attachment of the roof and wall sheeting.
  • Construction; after erection is complete “building of a house inside a metal home” begins. This includes addition of insulation, rough-in plumbing, electricity, heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), installation of doors, windows, interior walls and ceilings.
  • Finishing; interior and exterior finishing includes laying of floors, painting of walls and ceilings, plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • Walkthrough; projects would have to pass through inspections before construction progresses and after completion as well for a final examination with a local building inspector. Afterwards, a certificate of occupancy is issued which allows you to make use of your new structure.

This walkthrough process is also done with the contractor to ensure your satisfaction.


Practical and Legal Requirements Of Metal Building Houses

Although different designs have specific considerations, below are some general requirements for a metal building house;

-Natural draining system


-Access to utilities

-Firm and level ground

-Ease of access


-Room for possible expansion

-Building codes

– Energy codes


-Local zoning laws

Building a house inside a metal building could simply mean the creation or construction of interior rooms and living spaces inside a metal building which offers many purposeful choices. It could also relate to the generation of income by real estate investors off metal building properties. This goes further to show how purposeful a metal building house is.


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