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Excellent Tips for the Best French Home Decor Ideas

Although there can be a lot of overlapping among styles, the three main types of French Home Decor Ideas are modern, traditional and country.

French Home Decor Ideas
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The popularity of country French home decorating has spread worldwide as the look is one of easygoing, rustic beauty. Traditional or classic French home decor is elegant and luxurious with sophisticated furnishings. Modern French decor for homes has a fresh, bold, clean-lined appeal.

Some Tips for French Home Decor Ideas

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French modern furniture pieces are often large and straight-lined. For example, in a living room a large, a square coffee table may be placed in front of a long, armless sofa. Typically, furniture surfaces in modern French home decor are plain and smooth with accent pillows adding color and bold pattern. For instance, white throw pillows printed with a modern floral design in a bright color may accent the sofa. Kitchen cabinetry may also be in fresh white and dining chairs may be in black wrought iron to add a focal point of detail to the room.

Simple French Home Interior Decor Design Ideas

The decor colors are softer and richer in traditional or classic French homes. Gray, brown and cream are classic neutrals that may be accented with soft colors such as rose, sage or pale blue. The fabrics used in this type of elegant French Home Decor Ideas are also soft, as well as luxurious, in texture such as silk, satin, brocade, lace and velvet. Unlike modern French decor, classic styles feature a lot of embellishments and details. For instance, chair trims may be elaborately carved and fabrics may feature beautiful embroidery.


These ornate details may originate from the Baroque and Rococo periods. The overall theme is glamorous and often regal. For traditional French bedrooms, four-poster beds draped in elegant materials are a classic look. Intimate seating groups whether in bedrooms or living rooms are another popular design element in classic French home decor. Walls may be covered in either stone or delicately patterned wallpaper such as a small floral print, while small pots of flowers placed in rows may be used as a decor accent in almost any room.

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French Home Decor Ideas take its cue from the hillsides of France. The wildflower colors of lavender and gold are especially popular in this rustic, relaxed style of French home decor, but light blue, yellow and green are also common. Sometimes, touches of rose pink, saturated red or burnt orange appear as accent hues in French country decorating. The walls in this style may be white, stone or feature lettering such as words from a poem. Woods, old crockery and potted herbs or bowls of fresh fruit often accent the French country look.

French Home Decor Ideas

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