Hallway Wallpaper Trends: great opportunities for the execution of design ideas

Any house or apartment necessarily begins with the entrance hall, which most often does not differ in large area, although if we are talking about a country house, it can also be a room of considerable size. In any case, regardless of the area, this room is more susceptible to dust, dirt, water spray from clothes and umbrellas more than others. Therefore, choosing wallpaper in the hallway, you need to pay attention not only to the external beauty, but also to the quality of the material.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

When choosing wallpaper in the hallway, you need to pay attention not only to the external beauty, but also to the quality of the material

Wallpaper in the hallway in the apartment: the advantages of choosing this type of decoration

In a large apartment or a small building, the design of the entrance hall should correspond to the general style of registration of the apartment. After all, it is from this room that the guests begin acquaintance with housing. The use of wallpapers, which are presented in a wide variety in shopping centers, will help to create a unique interior and even correct some of the nuances of the room.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

The design of the hallway must meet the general style of registration of the apartment


It is interesting! More recently, using wallpaper in the interior of the hallway was not considered a practical option, which was due to the low quality of the material itself. Modern manufacturers have learned how to make durable and wear-resistant wallpapers that can be washed not only with water, but also with a solution with the addition of chemicals – and this does not affect their appearance.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Some modern wallpapers are so durable that they can even be washed with a solution with the addition of chemicals

The modern hallway wallpaper is no longer afraid of constant changes in humidity and temperature. Many canvases are pretreated with chemical compounds that prevent the appearance of fungus and other parasites. The advantages include a wide range of prices, which allows you to purchase a suitable option, depending on the budget allocated for repairs. Other positive aspects that contribute to the choice of wallpaper in the hallway:Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Many types of wallpaper are pre-treated with chemicals that prevent the appearance of fungus and other parasites.

  1. A wide selection of textures and a variety of colors, shades and prints that will help create any interior.
  2. If you choose dense or textured wallpaper, you can hide the small flaws of the preparatory wall decoration.
  3. When pasting surfaces with high-quality wallpaper, it is permissible not to carry out many layers of finishing putty.
  4. Relatively cheap finish. There are very expensive products, but in general the average price for good wallpapers is low.
  5. Long life, and many types of wallpaper can be washed with cleaning products.
  6. If you choose products from the same series that differ in print, you can competently zonize the space and divide the room into functional zones.
  7. Even without the appropriate experience, you can stick the wallpaper on your own.
  8. The presence of wallpaper in the interior of the hallway does not affect its actual size, because the canvas is thin and does not take up additional space.
  9. With the right choice of print, the shape of the room is visually adjusted.
  10. There is no difficulty with dismantling the coating.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

A wide selection of textures and a variety of colors, shades and prints are offered to help create any interior.

Wallpaper in the design of the hallway is suitable for any interior, whether it is an ever-aging classic or a progressive, constantly changing, modern style. Depending on the print, you can make the room bright or restrained, but in any case cozy and comfortable.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

With the right choice of color and pattern, you can visually adjust the shape of the room

Features of the organization of small rooms: how to choose wallpaper in a small hallway

Before you understand which wallpaper to choose in the hallway, you need to take into account the general rules for organizing space in a small room. The main condition that needs to be taken into account in a small entrance hall is to fulfill the walls in light colors in order to visually increase the volume of the room. To organize the interior in a small hallway in Khrushchev or just a small apartment, the designers developed other rules:Hallway Wallpaper Trends


Textured wall coverings will also increase the size of a small room.

Wallpaper with vertical lines will help to visually increase the height of the walls.

  1. A horizontal print pushes the walls.
  2. In order not to squeeze the space even more, it is not recommended to fill the hallway with furniture – it is better to use only the basic necessary details.
  3. To expand the boundaries of the room will help the rejection of unnecessary doors, which are replaced by arched entrances.

You also need to understand that in the case of properly selected wallpaper, the hallway will look more spacious and comfortable. The main ways to expand a small narrow room:Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Properly selected wallpaper allows you to make the room visually higher

  1. Light wallpaper in the hallway for wall decoration. Bright walls with plenty of light bring a sense of airiness into the room. If at the same time the ceiling is made lighter than the flooring, then an additional volume is added.
  2. Wallpapering with a specific print. The main rule: a small pattern is used for small rooms, and a large one – for halls of a large area. This is due to the fact that a small pattern is lost in a spacious room, and a large one will visually reduce the volume of a small hallway.
  3. The use of contrasts in surface finishes. The use of contrasting colors on the walls will help beat the look of the room and make it more attractive. In the photo of wallpaper designs in the hallway in the apartment, you can often find black and white combinations that even make a small room stylish and modern.
  4. Using glossy surfaces. Gray wallpaper in a narrow hallway, which are distinguished by the presence of a mirror effect or have a metallic sheen, with proper lighting will relieve the feeling of wall pressure.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

In the case of properly selected wallpaper, the hallway will look more spacious and comfortable

Helpful advice! Designers categorically do not recommend using dark wallpaper in a small hallway (as well as wallpaper with a large print), because not only will the volume visually decrease, but the geometry of the room will be disturbed.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Designers categorically do not recommend the use of dark wallpaper in a small hallway

The use of large ornaments is permissible only in narrow rooms that have high ceilings. In this situation, the presence of a large print will help to “lower” the ceiling a little and will correct the wrong parameters, which will make the room more neat and comfortable. If the room, on the contrary, is characterized by a low ceiling, then it is important that the color of the wallpaper be several tones darker than the ceiling. Textured coatings on the walls will also allow you to enlarge a small room.


What to choose wallpaper for the hallway: photo of marked products

It doesn’t matter where the wallpaper is taken: to the hall or to a small hallway – the products must have increased wear resistance to mechanical damage, be strong and durable. Particular attention should be paid to wallpapers that are easy to keep clean without excessive effort. In addition, one must take into account the fact that most of the hallways in the apartment are enclosed spaces with no windows. Therefore, preference should be given to breathable products. Other important criteria to consider:

  1. Practicality. This applies not only to color, but also to the density of products, on which the resistance to constant friction depends. It should be borne in mind that it is easier to remove pollution from smooth wallpaper than from relief.
  2. Environmental friendliness and safety of the materials used. In enclosed spaces, it is better to choose “breathing” wallpaper. If we are talking about decorating the hallway in the house, which goes directly to the street, then you need to choose options that are resistant to temperature extremes and the appearance of mold.
  3. Universal design. Wallpaper should correspond to the overall interior design of the apartment or house, be the hallmark of the entire room.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper in the hallway should have increased wear resistance to mechanical damage, be strong and durable

When choosing a wallpaper design in the hallway, you need to pay attention to the washable types of products, because in this room there is always a chance of dirt getting on the walls from shoes, clothes or accessories. If the room goes directly to the street, then dust from the street also penetrates here. Depending on the degree of water resistance, each type of wallpaper has its own marking, which is indicated on the label:

  1. One wave. Wallpaper is not recommended to be washed, you can only wipe it with a slightly damp soft cloth, including microfiber.
  2. Two waves. Cloths are allowed to wipe with a damp cloth.
  3. Three waves. Particularly durable products that can be cleaned with cleaning products. If the brush icon is additionally indicated, sponges can be used for cleaning.

The main types of wallpaper for the hallway small or large

In shopping centers there is a large selection of different wallpaper options that differ in their characteristics, have a different color and surface texture. To make it easier to choose a wallpaper in the hallway, their main options will be considered below:Hallway Wallpaper Trends


Vinyl wallpapers are highly resistant to damage, do not crack and do not disperse even when the building shrinks

  1. Vinyl. They are characterized by increased resistance to damage, do not crack and do not disperse even when the building shrinks, they hide irregularities on the wall surface. The basis of the wallpaper is non-woven non-woven. To make the interior individual, you can additionally use interior stickers.
  2. Paper. Budget option of finishing material. For the hallway, it is recommended to select a two-layer version, which is characterized by a longer service life. A significant minus – easily susceptible to mechanical damage.
  3. Screen printing. It is considered one of the varieties of vinyl wallpaper. For the manufacture of products, a paper base is used, and the top layer is made of strong silk threads.
  4. Textile. They are produced by applying textiles to a paper base, more often cotton, linen, jute are used for these purposes. Depending on the cost of the material, either a whole canvas or threads are used. It is not recommended to glue in wet rooms, because in such a situation they quickly lose their appearance.
  5. Liquid. Either a ready-made mixture is bought, or dry, which is diluted with water at home. Apply with a spatula. The main advantages of liquid wallpaper in the hallway: antistatic coating, high heat and sound insulation, well hide bumps on the walls.
  6. Cullets. The latest material for decorating the hallway. Wallpaper is first applied, and then painted in the desired color. If desired, the color of the walls can be easily changed without dismantling the main coating. It is allowed to clean the walls with a brush.
  7. Natural materials. The most environmentally friendly and safe materials that do not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions, and also have a long service life. Easy to clean and do not attract dust particles. The main disadvantage is the high cost.

How to organically enter the murals in the hallway: the main features of the products

Wall murals in the design of the hallway have been used for a long time, but modern types of wallpaper make it possible not only to decorate the room in a more original way, but also to create spectacular compositions. Basically murals are paintings that are characterized by the presence of images and drawings applied on a different basis. The main advantages of using photo wallpaper include:

  1. The ability to correctly divide the space and visually change the parameters of the room.
  2. Adding bright colors to the design of the hallway.
  3. Providing the owner with the opportunity to express their creative impulses and make the room individual.
  4. Visual increase in the volume of the room.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Modern types of photowall-paper give the chance not only to decorate the room originally, but also to create effective compositions

If you view a selection of photo wallpaper in the hallway, you can highlight their other advantages, such as:

  • a diverse range of images and a wide color palette of drawings;
  • successful surface texture;
  • selection of subjects of the image, based on the style of the room;
  • a large assortment of canvas sizes.

When choosing photo wallpaper you need to consider the main characteristics of the premises – the height and width of the walls. In addition, you should correctly select the accent wall on which wallpapering is planned. If the hallway is overloaded with a large number of pieces of furniture, you must choose the most simple pattern.

It is interesting! The life of the photo wallpaper depends on the quality of the selected material and how to care for it. There is the possibility of an individual order of products, which will allow the canvas to fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

Types of photowall-paper are similar to types of usual wall-paper and in general coincide on characteristics. So, photo-printed murals quickly get dirty, are not designed for wet cleaning, but have a low price. These features make them a good temporary option, masking errors on the wall. Fabric, vinyl and non-woven types of products are also distinguished. The dimensions of the wallpaper are different, but the most universal parameter is considered to be 100? 270 cm, which is sufficient to finish a narrow and long hallway.

Key points of the application of photo wallpaper on the walls of hallways

The basic rules for using wallpaper in a narrow hallway and a small square room:Hallway Wallpaper Trends


Types of photowall-paper are similar to types of usual wall-paper and generally coincide in characteristics

  1. The small room does not use photo wallpaper with a large or 3D pattern.
  2. Colorful patterns are either not used, or are used with great care, subject to properly organized lighting.
  3. You should not cover all the walls with photo wallpaper, it is better to combine them with soft wallpaper that has a smooth structure.
  4. If you plan to use a large meaningful image, for which you have to use two walls, then the room should have enough free space so that the meaning of the picture is not lost.
  5. If the walls are curved, you can not use straight lines or symmetrical images – curve patterns or images of trees will help to adjust the shape of the room.
  6. If you use a drawing with a slope or perspective, it is recommended that the wallpaper be glued to the walls opposite the entrance to the hallway.
  7. To create an accent, wallpapers with the image of one object or animal are suitable.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

To adjust the shape of the room with uneven walls, curved patterns or images of trees will help

Wall mural is recommended to be used to beat the irregular or small form of the hallway. For example, a good option is to use products with a picture of a window or a picture that will create a mood, but will not take up useful area. If you design an arched entrance, you can create a three-dimensional effect of expanding space. It is especially true in a small hallway to use an unusual pattern, against which hooks for clothes are hung. The result is an original hanger in the style of a loft or minimalism.

The right choice of wall colors in the hallway: attractive options

Light color of wallpaper, a minimum of accessories and furniture are the main rules when designing a narrow hallway in Khrushchev or just a small room. When it comes to organizing a large room or hall in a private house, you can experiment with the choice of colors. The most commonly used colors are:

  1. Beige. Very popular color, calmer than white. It does not irritate the look, it looks noble and elegant. It blends especially well with the natural structure of the tree, so such wallpaper in the hallway under bright doors made of solid wood will look attractive.
  2. White. Despite the fact that the white wallpaper in the hallway seems impractical, this color brings a sense of cleanliness and space to a small room. Against the background of white walls, it is advisable to install furniture with dark facades.
  3. The black. The most dangerous wallpaper color in the hallway, which must be used with caution and only in the presence of large free areas. It is especially important to light such a room well and choose the right furniture for it.
  4. Blue. Deep and cold color of the wallpaper, which can be used in both large and small hallways. The main thing is to correctly determine the shade and complement the room with a neutral tone.
  5. Grey. Wallpaper in gray tones is considered an excellent basis for creating any interior. Light wallpapers look especially good in the hallway in gray tones, which harmoniously combine with mirrors and chrome furniture fittings.
  6. Red. Will make any large hall in the house luxurious. If the wallpaper is supplemented with gold elements, you get a great baroque hallway.
  7. Orange and yellow. Such wallpapers have a calming effect, and the hallway becomes very welcoming.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Black, the most dangerous color of wallpaper in the hallway, which must be used with caution and only in the presence of large areas

Helpful advice! Often, in order to extend the life of the wallpaper, they are combined with other more stable materials, such as brick, stone, plaster.

To adjust the size of the hallway, a combination of wallpaper by color is often used. Usually, to make the bottom part, which is most exposed to dirty splashes, choose dark wallpaper, and to design the top – products of light color. In addition to the fact that this option is considered practical, the light upper part of the wall against the background of the white ceiling visually increases the height of the room. Wallpaper under a brick in the hallway is considered a universal option, on which traces of dirt are not visible, and also on this surface scuffs will not be noticeable, especially if the hallway is made in the loft style.

Wallpaper in the hallway: features of the choice of design in accordance with the stylistic design of the interior

Among other characteristics, it is impossible not to take into account the aesthetic side of the issue, providing for the choice of wallpaper, based on the style used in the arrangement of the main part of the apartment, since acquaintance with housing begins already from the threshold.


So, the classic requires a luxurious interior and color restraint in the wallpaper. Both plain wallpapers and canvases decorated with floral, heraldic and other abstract ornaments are used. It is especially important to pay attention to the material from which the wallpaper is made. The best option is to use textile wallpaper. Relief non-woven wallpaper will look good in a classic hallway.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Brick wallpaper in the hallway is considered a universal option, but it looks best in the loft style.

Modern style. Provides a departure from the classical direction. It is important to apply monochrome wallpaper with a restrained print. Smooth lines and color purity are welcome. Popular contemporary styles include:

  1. Loft. In this case, the ideal solution in the hallway is brick wallpaper, which will have a slightly worn texture. It is also recommended to use murals imitating brick walls with the image of fallen elements.
  2. Minimalism. It is especially preferable to use a style for decorating small hallways. Wallpaper for the interior in this style can be plain or have a light, discreet print. Often you can find the use of white or light options.
  3. High tech. An ultra-modern direction, which involves the use of gray, metallized or silver tones. It is permissible to use canvases of acid color, which are combined with wallpaper made in classic calm colors.

Provence style reflects the beauty of cozy Mediterranean houses. Hallways made in this style always look hospitable and gentle. It is important to choose a wallpaper in pastel colors, on which there is the effect of a slightly burnt surface. The traditional print is small flowers or a cage.


The Scandinavian hallway is best designed with a large free area. In this case, it is advisable to use a combination of deep blue and white wallpapers. Concise patterns and canvases that imitate natural materials: wood, stone, metal or glass will look appropriate. It is better if the wallpaper will have a smooth texture.Hallway Wallpaper Trends

Provence style reflects the beauty of cozy Mediterranean houses

How to paste wallpaper beautifully: DIY repair

Before gluing the wallpaper, you need to prepare the base, because on the porous surface only liquid and glass can hold on to the pores. If the walls are uneven, then even the densest wallpapers will not be able to hide the flaws. Therefore, the most important point is a high-quality finishing.

Helpful advice! If the room has an external wall or repair is carried out in the hallway, which immediately goes outside, in addition to the surface under the wallpaper you need to apply antifungal mixtures.


If you plan independent wall pasting, you need to choose the option of self-adhesive wallpaper, which is easy to apply on the wall without having the appropriate experience. When choosing other options, you need to take into account that paper wallpapers are easily torn and in case of incorrect sticking it is impossible to fix their position on the wall. It is much easier to glue vinyl or non-woven products that can be trimmed after being applied to the wall.

The entrance hall is the first room that represents the home and the mood of its owners, so it should be designed based on your own preferences. A large selection of wallpaper options for the hallway will help to make the room exactly the way you want to see it. The main thing is not to rush when choosing, take into account the parameters of the room, the general interior of the housing and personal mood.

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