How to Accessorize a Small Modern Kitchen

Accessorizing a Small Modern Kitchen may seem like a challenging task. There’s a delicate balance between a cluttered, unattractive small kitchen and one that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A kitchen accessory is an item that adds convenience, visual appeal or a finishing touch to the room. Taking the time to plan and prioritize your kitchen accessories can help you create a more efficient and visually attractive space.

Small Modern Kitchen
Modern style small kitchen with wooden cabinets ideas

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas

Small Modern Kitchen Appliances

Space-saving appliances are designed with compact efficiency. Even though the smaller appliances don’t take up much room, avoid cluttering your countertops with them. For example, if you seldom make toast but have a daily pot of coffee brewing, situate the coffee maker on your countertop and stash the toaster inside a cabinet until you need it. Countertop corners are ideal spots for small appliances, such as blenders, mixers, coffeemakers and espresso machines. It leaves the countertop uncluttered while making good use of a corner space that’s often unused. Some toaster ovens, microwaves, can openers, coffeemakers and food processors are designed to mount to the bottom of your cabinets, helping to keep the counter space uncluttered.

Small white handleless kitchen modern kitchen design styles

Small Modern Kitchen Organizers and Countertops


Many smaller kitchens have limited counter space. Filling up your countertops with too many accessories can make them appear crowded and disorganized, while leaving little space for food preparation. Clear your countertops and position only a few items that you regularly use or enjoy on top of them. A bowl of fresh fruit, favorite espresso machine, set of canisters or a vase of fresh flowers are possible options. Use kitchen organizers to help clear the clutter and add functional convenience. Store frequently used cooking utensils in a decorative container. Hang an over-the-cabinet towel bar to store fresh dish towels. Install an overhead pot rack to hang pots and pans. Use a spice rack to help organize and arrange spices.

Small modern dark kitchen cabinets designs

Walls and Cabinetry for Small Modern Kitchen

Make use of the vertical wall space in your kitchen. Open shelves add space for storing and displaying dishes, glassware and other items. Exchange a few solid cabinet doors with clear glass replacements. The glass doors are not only a decorative accessory, but also add depth to the space. Install a glass or ceramic tile backsplash above your countertops to inject visual interest. Add new knobs and handles to your cabinet doors and drawers for an instant accessory update. Hang one or two large pieces of artwork to add visual interest, as well as to make your kitchen appear uncluttered and more spacious. Hanging an overabundance of small pictures is distracting and can make your kitchen appear disjointed and congested.

Small Kitchen with Peninsula modern kitchen designs

Small Modern Kitchen Floors, Lights and Windows

Position an area rug or runner over your kitchen floor to add cozy warmth and texture. Suspend decorative pendant lights over a kitchen bar or island to help illuminate the space. Track or recessed lighting is ideal for small kitchens with lower ceilings, while a sparkling chandelier adds a shining focal point in kitchens with higher ceilings. Install lighting under your kitchen cabinetry to help brighten dark countertops. Remove any heavy draperies from windows and add a decorative valance to add color and texture, while allowing natural light to stream inside.

Small G Shaped Kitchen modern kitchen design ideas

Small Modern Kitchen

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