How to Choose the Best Creative Kitchen Curtain Ideas

When choosing the best Creative Kitchen Curtain Ideas for your home, consider characteristics such as texture, motif, color, and design.

Of course, the size and type of kitchen windows you have will be the main factor in the style as well as the material in your curtain choice. You should also think about thickness and coverage in the kitchen curtain ideas you’re considering in relation to how much light and privacy you want or need.

Choosing Creative Kitchen Curtain Ideas


Traditional drapery window treatments kitchen design ideas


For example, if your kitchen window is quite large and privacy is not much of an issue because it overlooks a private backyard, you may want to choose cafe curtains. These let the beauty of the trees and garden, as well as sunlight, show through, as cafe kitchen curtains leave a bare space of window between the upper valance and lower panels. Cafe curtains require top and middle rods or rails that stretch across the full width of the window. The top rail holds a valance or ruffle, while the middle rod is designed for two curtain panels that meet in the middle when closed, but can also be moved apart and held open with tie-backs.



Modern curtains creative kitchen home design images



Depending on your kitchen style, consider an interesting contrast between the cafe curtain rails and the material you hang on them. Thin, black wrought iron rods with white or cream lace, such as from vintage tablecloths, can create a tasteful, yet dramatic look. One of the best Creative Kitchen Curtain Ideas for the valance, or topper, for this look, is to stitch the corners of a row of lace, or lace-trimmed, cloth napkins together to create an openwork romantic style.

For a farm or country kitchen, you could choose checked or gingham cafe curtains. Any type of sheer fabric can work well for kitchen curtains, but don’t feel limited to that if you would prefer to use heavier material. If your kitchen is modern or traditional, you may want to choose solid, yet heavyweight fabric for an elegant, expensive look. Keep in mind that alternative kitchen curtain ideas, such as a roman blind or shade, may work better.


Drapes and Soft Treatments contemporary kitchen curtains ideas



Roman shades or blinds are a single panel of fabric that can be raised or lowered to allow as much daylight or privacy as you prefer. This style of Creative Kitchen Curtain Ideas works very well for streamlined, minimal room designs without a lot of detailed accent pieces. Since the Roman curtain is simple in design, you may want to choose it in either a bright color or an interesting texture to add interest, yet also a neat look, to your kitchen.

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