How to Choose the Best Modern House Plans

The minimalist style of modern house plans embraces the outdoors, bringing natural elements inside.

modern house plans
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Building a home is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks you may ever encounter. Creating your dream home begins with choosing the right plan. This will largely depend on the architectural style you choose, followed by your family size, lifestyle and geographic location. Many modern and contemporary architectural styles today incorporate elements from traditional home styles. The right modern house plans must have a combination of the aesthetics you want and the functionality you need.

Tips for Choosing modern house plans

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Characteristics of Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is based on functional design with minimalist features. Homes have open floor plans with extensive use of modern materials such as concrete, glass and metal. Large windows provide unobstructed views and an abundance of natural light. Spaces are designed to be flexible and are tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Indoor conveniences are often added to outdoor spaces, as in the case of outdoor kitchens and outdoor conversation areas that create comfortable, functional outdoor living areas.

Choosing the Architectural Style


When trying to zero in on a specific modern architectural style, think about some of the homes you have already lived in. Make a list of the things you liked or didn’t like about them. Next, make a list of some of the features you would like to have in a new home. Are there any elements of traditional style you would like to include in a modern home? Write those on your list as well. Finally, browse through online photo galleries of contemporary and modern house plans. Jot down the features you like or print out pictures of homes that appeal to you. These activities will help you narrow down your choices and bring you closer to the type of modern house plan best suited for you.

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Family Size and Lifestyle

The number of people who will live with you in the home will be an important factor when choosing the number of bedrooms and square footage needed for a comfortable home. In addition to figuring out the amount of space you’ll need, your lifestyle will be a determining factor in how your modern house plans should function. For example, someone who is passionate about food and cooking might need a state-of-the-art kitchen. A musician might need to include a music room or studio. A professional athlete or personal trainer would probably want a home gym. A family with kids might need a playroom, game room or swimming pool. A couple who entertain frequently and live in a mild climate might prefer an outdoor kitchen.

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In addition to your personal preference, your geographic location will be another important factor in choosing modern house plans. The style should not only be practical for the climate in which you live, it should also blend well with neighboring architecture. The house will need to be a good fit for the lot of land where it will be built. “Sitting” a house is a term builders use when designing a home to work with the environmental conditions of the lot. The goal is to emphasize the desirable conditions and minimize the undesirable ones. A home built in a cooler climate might need more southern exposure for help with solar heating in the winter. For example, a home built in the southwestern desert would probably benefit more from a northern exposure to help with cooling costs in the summer. A multistory home built into a natural slope could benefit from ground-level entrances on the upper levels.

Modern House Plans

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