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How to Choose the Best Office Color Schemes

Choosing the best Office Color Schemes is usually easy to do with some thought given to the image you wish to create. In general, the less conservative of an industry a business is in, the more creative you can be in terms of colors. A good way to start the process of choosing Office Color Schemes is to work with the company’s signature hue.Office Color Schemes

Choosing Office Color Schemes

Many companies have selected a main color to use in their logos and branding. Two of the largest examples of this are the red of the Coca-Cola Company and the brown of the United Parcel Service (UPS). Even if most customers won’t see the interior offices of a company, especially a home office, being surrounded in the official company colors can help create a more cohesive, professional atmosphere. Even if this official hue is very bright or bold, it can still be used tastefully by being the accent color.

For example, if orange is the company color, you needn’t paint all of the walls in it or have orange-colored carpet. Instead, it could be used on an accent wall. Two neutral colors such as white and tan could form the rest of the office color scheme. In addition to the two neutrals being used to paint most of the walls, office furniture such as white desks and tan filing cabinets could be a part of the workspace. As an alternative to white desks in Office Color Schemes with one bright and two neutrals, wooden office furniture could be used.


In all types of color schemes for home office, wood furniture pieces should coordinate well with all of the colors. For instance, in the orange, white and tan example, wood desks could be chosen in a shade similar to the tan. A warm-colored wood with an undertone of orange would be best to create a cohesive look. If a company color is blue, orange-toned wood office furniture could still be used. A complementary appeal would be created since orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel.


For pastel company colors, one of the most common office color schemes is to include white. If you want a more dramatic office space though, black paired with a pastel can create a modern, sophisticated color scheme. For the most interesting effect for this type of office color scheme, light, medium and dark versions of the main choice can be used in wall coverings and upholstery.

Office Color Schemes

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